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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Strategic Missile Force Being Maintained on `Old Reserves'

Moscow Ostankino Television First Channel Network 9 Dec 94
[From the "Novosti" newscast: Video report by M. Zotov, identified by caption]

[181430 thru 181447 introductory remarks about meeting held at Missile Force Academy on 35th anniversary of strategic missile forces omitted] [181448] [Zotov to camera against backdrop of Missile Force Academy and truck-based SS25s] Zotov: Military experts claim that Russia's Strategic Missile Forces are the cheapest component of the Armed Forces, consuming only 5-6 percent of the military budget.

However, not even these sums of money are reaching the missile forces. In 1994, for example, Russia's nuclear forces received less than half of the requisite resources -- which almost put an end to the program for converting the truck-mounted Topol nuclear system into a universal one when only 37 percent of the requisite funds were allocated to this program. According to Igor Sergeyev, commander in chief of the Missile Forces, Russia's nuclear shield remains intact only thanks to old reserves. At the same time, in accordance with a presidential decree, a new, silo-based [shakhtnyy] version of the renowned Topol is in preparation.

I. Sergeyev, commander in chief, Strategic Missile Forces, identified by caption: Everything possible and even impossible is being done to implement the presidential decree. We are well aware that, unless we implement this decree, Russia's position will become more and more difficult. We must seek to maintain at least the quota assigned to us under the treaties.

Zotov: In 1994 it is 35 years since the nuclear umbrella was opened above Russia. Today specialists are concerned with only one question. Who, in the upper echellons of power, will assume responsibility for closing it in 1995. [181558] [video shows SS25's being maneuvered, Sergeyev speaking, more SS25's]

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