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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

February 2015 - South Korea Special Weapons News

  • Seoul Rejects US Reports on North Korea's Nuclear Stockpile Sputnik 26 Feb 2015 -- South Korea's Defense Ministry expressed doubts regarding Pyongyang's ability to create miniaturized nuclear warheads which would fit the state's ballistic missiles anytime soon, and denounced the ongoing hysteria surrounding North Korea's nuclear program as a 'presumption without any evidence.'
  • Exploratory N Korean Nuclear Talks Possible, Seoul Official Says VOA 25 Feb 2015 -- South Korea's top nuclear envoy said Wednesday that participants in the North Korean nuclear talks, except the government in Pyongyang, had reached a consensus to hold exploratory talks before any resumption of formal six-party discussions.
  • US, South Korea Announce Massive Annual War Games Sputnik 24 Feb 2015 -- Washington and Seoul have announced that they plan to kick off their annual joint winter war games, codenamed Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, in South Korea on March 2, sources said.
  • US Marines operate ROK weapons USMC News 24 Feb 2015 -- Marines step forward onto the firing range, leveling their sites on their targets, they await the command to fire. The command is given and the sound of gunfire rings in nearby ears as targets fall hundreds of meters out.
  • Seoul Reportedly Plans to Buy US' Osprey V-22 Aircraft Sputnik 23 Feb 2015 -- Seoul is mulling over the purchase of a batch of Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft that can fly like planes but take off and land like helicopters, the Korean Journal of Defense Analysis reports.
  • South Korea to Beef Up Its Submarine Force Sputnik 12 Feb 2015 -- The South Korean military is mulling a comprehensive operation plan on submarine capabilities to better deter potential threats by North Korea and other neighboring countries.
  • South Korea, US Conduct Naval Drills Near North Korea Sputnik 10 Feb 2015 -- About 200 South Korean troops along some 20 US personnel stationed at Okinawa in Japan took part in the exercise. The drills took place near Ganghwa Island in the Yellow Sea, close to the North Korean coast.
  • ROK, U.S. Marines exchange combat maneuver tactics USMC News 10 Feb 2015 -- Republic of Korea and U.S. Marines exchanged combat maneuvers and tactics during Korean Marine Exchange Program 15-4 at the Pyeongchang Winter Training Facility, Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea.
  • Rappel, climb, patrol, repeat: ROK, U.S. Marines train for mountain warfare USMC News 10 Feb 2015 -- Republic of Korea and U.S. Marines train for mountain warfare during Korean Marine Exchange Program 15-17 Feb. 8 at the Minam-ri Mountain Warfare Training Facility, Pohang Republic of Korea.
  • South Korea Pledges Response to North's Missile Launches Sputnik 09 Feb 2015 -- South Korea will 'sternly deal' with Pyongyang's provocations and will monitor the changes in North Korea's and policy, the spokesman said, Xinhua news agency reported.
  • South Korea, China to Establish Military Hotline VOA 05 Feb 2015 -- South Korea and China have agreed to set up a military hotline between the two defense ministries.
  • US, South Korea strengthen bonds at exercise Buddy Wing AFNS 05 Feb 2015 -- Airmen from the 8th Fighter Wing sharpened combat skills and gained insight from their South Korean air force counterparts during exercise Buddy Wing 15-2 Feb. 3-6, at Daegu Air Base, South Korea.
  • US to Begin Delivering Global Hawks to Republic of Korea in 2018 Sputnik 03 Feb 2015 -- The United States will start delivering Global Hawk long-range unmanned aircrafts for the Republic of Korea's Air Force in 2018, according to the statement by the defense contractor Northrop Grumman released on Monday.

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