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Minju Joson Terms "2012 White Paper on Unification" Hypocritical

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, April 3 (KCNA) -- The south Korean "Ministry of Unification" recently issued "2012 white paper on unification" in which it claimed it has consistently pursued "the policy towards the north on its principle" and implemented its "flexibility step," adding that "the north was to blame for the stalemate of south-north dialogue".

Minju Joson Tuesday observes in a bylined commentary in this regard:

The "white paper" is a deceptive document to whitewash the south Korean regime's anti-reunification policy of confrontation and shift the responsibility for the deteriorated relations between the north and the south onto the north with lies and fabrications, the commentary says, and goes on:

The "policy towards the north" is aimed to antagonize the fellow countrymen in the north and do harm to them.

Two years ago, the puppet regime brought the north-south relations to collapse under the pretext of the warship sinking case, a hideous farce, and pushed the situation to the brink of war while refusing to receive an investigation group of the DPRK National Defence Commission. It went the lengths of recklessly firing shells into territorial waters of the north from the area of Yonphyong Island despite its repeated warnings but had to pay a dear price for its preemptive shelling.

In stead of drawing a due lesson from it, the regime caused cases of firing bullets and shells at targets and putting up slogans to hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK, further escalating the confrontation with compatriots.

During the mourning period Ryu U Ik and other minions of the "Ministry of Unification" barred south Koreans in the Kaesong Industrial Zone from expressing condolences and snatched condolence messages sent by south Koreans to the DPRK and deleted all the expressions "demise, sorrow and condolences" from them, bringing to light their hypocritical nature of the "flexibility step".

Those who derailed the north-south dialogue are now working hard to shift the blame for it onto the other. This reminds one of a thief crying "Stop the thief!"

The above-said white paper is aimed to calm down the south Korean people who have turned out in a mass struggle to judge the group of traitors with the "National Assembly" election as an occasion.

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