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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

August 2010 - South Korea Special Weapons News

  • Lee Myung Bak's "Three-phase Unification Proposal" KCNA 30 Aug 2010 -- The "three-phase unification proposal" spelled out by Lee Myung Bak is a combination of the "proposal for unifying the Korean community" and "no nukes, opening and 3000 dollars".
  • KCNA and Lee Myung Bak on Futenma KCNA 30 Aug 2010 -- Lee Myung Bak reportedly made such remarks that south Korea would like to "host base."
  • S. Korean War Maneuvers KCNA 30 Aug 2010 -- The "Metropolitan Garrison Command" of the south Korean army announced that it would stage the mobile exercise of tanks and armored cars.
  • Korean Peninsula Marks 100th Anniversary of Annexation by Japan VOA 29 Aug 2010 -- The annexation completed a years-long process by the Japanese effectively making the Korean peninsula a colony. In Seoul people still harbor strong resentment about their one-time colonial masters a century after the event.
  • Death List of Koreans Drafted to Japan Opened to Public KCNA 29 Aug 2010 -- The death list of Koreans who were forcibly drafted by the Japanese imperialists in the past was opened to the public.
  • S. Korean Puppet Unification Minister's Anti-DPRK Rhetoric Rebuked KCNA 28 Aug 2010 -- Hyon In Thaek, minister of Unification of South Korea: "Peaceful community" and the "economic community" mean the process of stepping up "denuclearization.
  • Traitor Lee Myung Bak Accused of His Disgusting Behavior KCNA 28 Aug 2010 -- Disclosed that Lee Myung Bak made proposal expressing the intention of South Korea to host US military base.
  • International coast guard drills to be held in Sea of Japan RIA Novosti 24 Aug 2010 -- Russian, Chinese and South Korean coast guards will hold joint anti-piracy and anti-terrorism drills in the Sea of Japan on Tuesday, a Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) border guard spokeswoman has said.
  • South Korea Considers Rice Aid for North VOA 23 Aug 2010 -- South Korea's ruling party says Seoul is considering resuming food aid to North Korea, but the government's main arm for handling relations with North Korea is denying any plans to do so.
  • US, S. Korea Continue Military Maneuvers KCNA 20 Aug 2010 -- A tough-and-go situation has persisted on the Korean peninsula with the U.S. imperialists and the Lee Myung Bak puppet regime of south Korea stubbornly resorting to military threat against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  • US, South Korea to Stage War Games in September VOA 20 Aug 2010 -- The United States and South Korea plan a second combined naval exercise meant to send a message to North Korea. But these maneuvers, to be held in the Yellow Sea closer to China, will not involve a U.S. aircraft carrier.
  • South Korean Boat Intercepted KCNA 19 Aug 2010 -- A south Korean fishing boat was intercepted by navy men of the Korean People's Army on their routine maritime guard duty at around 10:15 on August 8 when it was engaged in a fishing operation in the economic waters of the East Sea of the DPRK.
  • U.S., South Korea Announce Yellow Sea Exercise AFPS 18 Aug 2010 -- The United States and South Korea announced a new set of military exercises that will be held in the Yellow Sea early next month, a Pentagon official said here today.
  • Dangerous Saber-rattling of Warmongers Blasted KCNA 17 Aug 2010 -- Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises are a test nuclear war aimed at mounting a surprise preemptive strike at the DPRK from the sky, land and seas, to all intents and purposes, as they were kicked off in the wake of the frantic south Korea-U.S. joint naval exercises and the anti-submarine drill of the south Korean puppet army in the East and West Seas of Korea, says Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in a signed article.
  • S. Korean Minister of Unification's Reckless Remarks Blasted KCNA 17 Aug 2010 -- South Korean puppet Minister of Unification Hyon In Thaek at a recent seminar talked nonsense that "the north is standing at the crossroads of change and option," vociferating about someone's "provocations" and "the act of inviting self-isolation." Making malignant accusations against the DPRK over the warship "Cheonan" case, he presumptuously cried out for "putting the situation under control".
  • KCNA Warns US and S. Korea Military Maneuvers KCNA 16 Aug 2010 -- A grave situation prevailing on the Korean Peninsula due to the U.S. reckless military adventure is now inching close to the point of explosion.
  • US and S. Korea Military Exercises Blasted KCNA 16 Aug 2010 -- The south Korean puppet warmongers recently announced that they would stage Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises with the U.S. from August 16 to 26. This is one more grave military provocation to wreck peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and the rest of Northeast Asia and ignite a nuclear war. Rodong Sinmun Monday says this in a signed commentary.
  • Warfighting Exercise Focuses on South Korean Defense AFPS 16 Aug 2010 -- A 10-day warfighting exercise kicked off today to improve allied capabilities to deter and, if necessary, counter aggression against South Korea.
  • KPA Warning on US-S. Korea War Maneuvers KCNA 15 Aug 2010 -- A spokesman for the General Staff of the Korean People's Army Sunday released a statement in connection with the fact that the provocative joint naval exercises staged by the U.S. imperialist warmongers and the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors in the East and West Seas of Korea is to be led to all-out war maneuvers codenamed Ulji Freedom Guardian to be launched from August 16 to 26.
  • US, South Korea to Stage Another Military Exercise VOA 15 Aug 2010 -- The United States and South Korea will hold a massive joint military exercise this week aimed, at deterring aggression.
  • South Korea proposes three-stage reunification with Communist North RIA Novosti 15 Aug 2010 -- South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has proposed a three-stage reunification with North Korea, Chinese news agency Xinhua reported on Sunday.
  • South Korean President Proposes 'Unification Tax' VOA 15 Aug 2010 -- The South Korean president has made specific comments on ways to achieve re-unification with the North. It is the first time the president has commented on the subject since the sinking of one of his navy's warships in late March.
  • South Korea Warns North Over Artillery Barrage VOA 10 Aug 2010 -- South Korea is accusing North Korea of violating the armistice between them with an artillery barrage into South Korean waters.
  • Japan Apologizes Directly to Koreans for Annexing Country a Century Ago VOA 10 Aug 2010 -- Japan's Cabinet endorsed the statement 19 days before the 100th anniversary of the formal Japanese annexation of Korea.
  • Unity of S. Korean Progressive Forces Called for KCNA 09 Aug 2010 -- The progressive forces of south Korea aspiring after social progress, the improved inter-Korean relations and the country's reunification should unite.
  • South Korea Says North Seizes Fishing Boat VOA 08 Aug 2010 -- Officials in Seoul say N. Korea has seized a S. Korean fishing boat that was operating in the East Sea (Sea of Japan) off the eastern coast of Korea.
  • KCNA and S. Korea's Exercises KCNA 07 Aug 2010 -- The anti-submarine exercises being staged by South Korean forces in the West Sea of Korea are acts of aggression aimed to provoke a war.
  • S. Korea Accused of Its Dependence on Foreign Forces KCNA 07 Aug 2010 -- The south Korean conservative authorities' policy of dependence on foreign forces is the root cause of bringing disaster to this land.
  • KCNA and South Korea KCNA 06 Aug 2010 -- The south Korea is escalating confrontation between the north and south and the tension on the Korean Peninsula.
  • US Aircraft Carrier to Exercise in Yellow Sea VOA 05 Aug 2010 -- The Pentagon announced that the US aircraft carrier George Washington will participate in planned exercises with South Korean forces in the Yellow Sea.
  • South Korea begins naval exercises in Yellow Sea RIA Novosti 05 Aug 2010 -- South Korea has begun naval exercises in the Yellow Sea despite North Korea's threat of a "counterattack."
  • Large-scale S. Korean Naval Exercises Staged in West Sea KCNA 05 Aug 2010 -- The south Korean forces kicked off large-scale joint naval war exercises in the West Sea of Korea.
  • N. Korea threatens 'physical counter attack' to S. Korean naval exercise RIA Novosti 03 Aug 2010 -- North Korea has threatened a "physical counter attack" to the South Korean naval drills due to be held this week in the Yellow Sea, North Korean media said.
  • Newspapers Attack US-S. Korean Naval Exercises KCNA 01 Aug 2010 -- Leading newspapers here on Sunday run signed commentaries branding the large-scale joint naval exercises staged by the south Korean puppet warmongers and the U.S. in the East Sea of Korea as an undisguised military provocation to the DPRK and an unpardonable treacherous crime that brings the situation of the Korean Peninsula to the phase of a war.
  • S. Korean Puppet FM Rebuked for Inciting Confrontation KCNA 01 Aug 2010 -- Some days ago, Ryu Myong Hwan, puppet minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of south Korea, appeared in a press conference at the end of a meeting held overseas to talk rubbish over the June "elections to local self-governing bodies" in south Korea. Complaining that young people of south Korea were taken in by the assertion that voting for the "Grand National Party" would bring about a war, he said that they may go to the north if they like.

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