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South Korean People's Actions against Troop Dispatch to Iraq Supported


    Pyongyang, February 25 (KCNA) -- Minju Joson today in a signed commentary terms the strong actions of people of various circles in south Korea against the additional troop dispatch to Iraq righteous ones to defend the dignity of the nation and save the lives of young south Koreans. It goes on:
    The decision of the south Korean authorities to additionally dispatch troops to Iraq yielding to the arbitrary practice and pressure of the United States is a pro-U.S. traitorous action to infringe upon the dignity and sovereignty of the nation and threaten the Koreans' right to existence and security.
    This troop dispatch will only increase the danger of U.S. war of aggression on the north. Lurking behind the U.S. pressure upon south Korea for additional troop dispatch is a strategic aim to draw south Korea into Iraq in a bid to settle the situation there as early as possible and then ignite a war against the north.
    If a war breaks out on the Korean peninsula, only Koreans in the north and the south will suffer disasters. It is, therefore, quite natural for the south Korean people from all walks of life and all other Koreans to take strong actions for the withdrawal of the "motion on additional troop dispatch to Iraq".

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