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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

S. Korea's Moves to Dispatch Troops to Iraq Assailed


    Pyongyang, February 6 (KCNA) -- The south Korean authorities are working to railroad the "motion on troop dispatch to Iraq" through the "National Assembly" in a bid to take an active part in the U.S. war against Iraq, says Minju Joson Friday in a signed commentary. The commentary goes on:
    The south Korean Defense Ministry has already set to work for dispatching an advance unit while stepping up in the final stage the formation of units to be dispatched to Iraq.
    The south Korean authorities' scheme to dispatch troops to Iraq, yielding to the U.S. pressure, means cooperating with the U.S. and involving themselves in the unjustifiable war, the war of injustice and the war for aggression. It is preposterous for the south Korean military to assert that it is possible to maintain the security of the Korean peninsula and pep up economy only when south Korean troops are sent to Iraq.
    The U.S. has grown so arrogant through the Iraqi war that it is now carrying on intensive training to apply to the projected Korean war the tactics based on the experience it gained in the Iraqi war after shipping into south Korea lethal weapons it tested in the actual war in Iraq, while openly crying that north Korea is the next target. It is the unanimous view of foreign military experts that the U.S. would start a war in Korea after fully pacifying Iraq.
    The U.S. is interested neither in peace nor in security on the Korean peninsula. Troop dispatch to Iraq would bring dark clouds of war over Korea at added pace.
    The south Korean military's assertion that troop dispatch to Iraq would revive the economy of south Korea does not stand to reason.
    The U.S. has nothing to bring to south Korea. It is its true intention to meet its own interests at the sacrifice of the south Korean economy. It is a gross mistake to think that the U.S. would offer something to south Korea in reward for troop dispatch to Iraq.
    Woefully serious will be the consequences to be entailed by the dispatch of south Korean troops to Iraq, warns the commentary, adding: The south Koreans will never pardon the authorities if they send troops to Iraq to drive them to death.

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