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US uses Pakistan as scapegoat for Afghanistan failure: Musharraf

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad, Oct 2, IRNA -- Pakistan’s former President Pervez Musharraf has accused the United States of using Pakistan as a scapegoat for its failure in Afghanistan.

Musharraf dismissed as irresponsible the recent statements by former US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen that Pakistan's spy agency was supporting the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network.

Talking to Express television, Musharraf called on the US to stop the blame game adding that Pakistan and the US need to come onto the same page against a common enemy.

He said that the world needs to understand the stances of Pakistan, and unless the US stops violating Pakistani interests, there would be no more alliance. Musharraf also said that the US was responsible for controlling Haqqani activity on the Afghan side of the border.

Musharraf rejected the impression that he had allowed the US drone attacks on the tribal regions under a deal and said that only logistic support for unarmed drones had been extended. He went on to say that during his time in office there had been a total of nine drone strikes while these had exponentially increased during the term of the current government.

He pointed out that India was being accorded space in the Afghan peace process at the cost of Pakistan. 'Any result of a peace process in favor of India would not be acceptable to Pakistan and the US must understand this.'

Musharraf said that Pakistan must use all media sources (internal and external) to project Pakistan’s interests and reasoning in Afghanistan.

Musharraf also reminded the US that it was the Pakistan army which had conducted a successful operation in the Swat valley against the Tehrik-e-Taliban of Pakistan.

Musharraf said that Pakistan’s greatest desire is a stable and peaceful Afghanistan.

For this reason Pakistan was supporting the peace talks which were led by Burhanuddin Rabbani.

'Pakistan will be the loser if there is no peace and stability in Afghanistan,' he said.

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