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Pakistan army probing US spy plane crash

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad, Aug 26, IRNA -- Pakistan army says that investigation into the crash of a US spy aircraft in southwestern Balochisran has been started to determine its mission.

The US spy plane crashed in the Pakistani border town of Chaman Thursday night, the military said.

The aircraft, which entered Pakistani airspace from neighbouring Afghanistan, came down near Frontier Corps (FC) Fort, a senior official of the FC told reporters.

'The US URV Eagle spy drone crossed Pak-Afghan border from Afghanistan side and it was flying over FC Fort inside Pakistani territory when it crashed near the fort because of some technical fault,' the senior official of FC said.

The spy drone was not fired upon and it crashed due to some technical fault in its system, the official said.

He said that the small plane was equipped with two cameras and other latest spying technology. He said that the drone had the capability to take pictures and make movie and save them on its hard disk.

The official said that the plane was being controlled by a computerized control room, he added.

The FC personnel have taken the wreckage of the drone into their custody and are investigating the matter.

An army statement said the US unmanned spy aircraft entered two kilometers into Pakistan. It said the army has started investigation into the incident and has collected the wreckage for this purpose.

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