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US drones kill 31 in Pakistan tribal areas

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad, July 13, IRNA -- US spy planes Tuesday rained missiles into Pakistan’s Waziristan tribal regions and killed at least 31 people, local media reported.

US pilotless aircraft targeted houses and vehicles in South and North Waziristan regions in stepped up attacks on the hideouts of suspected militants.

Tribesmen said that civilians were among the victims.

In a fresh and third attack on a single day on Tuesday, eight people were killed in North Waziristan near the Afghan border.

The strike took place in New Adda area, 35 kilometres west of Miranshah, center of North Waziristan tribal region.

US drones fired four missiles targeting a vehicle and an adjacent compound, residents said.

The death toll in three US drone strikes both in North and South Waziristan has reached 31.

Earlier US drones struck a house and vehicle in North Waziristan and killed 15 people, correspondents in the region said. The attack was carried out at Darai Neshtar area.

The area is under the control of a Taliban group led Hafiz Gul Bahadar, who is also accused by the US to plan cross border attacks into Afghanistan.

Few hours earlier, US unmanned aircraft targeted a vehicle at Bermal area of South Waziristan, killing 8 people. Five others were injured.

Residents said they had seen four US aircraft before the fired missiles. They said the spy planes were also flying over the area after the strike.

Locals said they could not go to the strike site fearing another attack as the US had in the past also fired missiles on the people who carry out rescue and relief activities.

It was not clear as to who were targeted. The area is controlled by Taliban faction led by Mulla Nazir, who has a peace deal with the government. The US believes that Mulla Nazir shelters foreign militants and send them across the border into Afghanistan.

Also on Monday, US pilotless aircraft fired three missiles on a house and a vehicle in North Waziristan tribal area and killed 10 people.

US frequently fire missiles into Pakistani tribal regions to what they claim targeting suspected al-Qaeda and Taliban militants.

Pakistan publicly opposes US strikes and describes it as counterproductive but the US says it will continue.

The fresh strike came a day after the US blocked $800 million military aid for Pakistan's military as a protest against Pakistan's expulsion of US intelligence agents and military trainers.

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