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Pakistan conveys concern to Afghanistan over attack

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad, June 2, IRNA -- Pakistan has conveyed to Afghan ambassador strong concern on the cross-border attack launched from the territory of Afghanistan which killed 27 security men and four civilians, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Pakistani officials said that hundreds of armed militants entered Pakistan's Dir district on Wednesday and attacked a border checkpoint.

A Foreign Ministry statement said that some 300-400 militants also attacked villages and burnt schools.

'The Foreign Secretary stressed the need for stern action by the Afghan Army, US and NATO/ISAF forces in the area against militants and their hideouts in Afghanistan and against organized support for the militants,' a statement said.

Pakistan's concerns are also being brought to the attention of the US and NATO, the statement said.

There was no reaction to Pakistan's concern by the Afghan embassy.

Pakistani officials earlier said that the militants, wearing military uniform, had crossed into Pakistani territory from Afghanistan's eastern Kunar province.

A spokesman for Pakistani Taliban Omar Hasan claimed responsibility for the deadly attack. He said that only one fighter was killed and two were injured in the fighting.

Officials said that 27 Pakistani security men and four civilians were killed in the attack and a security official claimed that 43 militants were also killed in retaliation by the Pakistani forces.

Both sides exchanged heavy fire and gunship helicopters were also called to help the ground forces, officials said.

District Coordination Officer, Ghulam Muhammad said that bodies of the slain security men were recovered and sent to their home towns for burial.

Taliban militants had been active in the mountainous area of Upper Dir and they also attacked a Pakistani checkpoint two months ago killing 13 soldiers.

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