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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Two top Al Qaeda militants killed by US missile: reports

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

slamabad, Nov 21, IRNA
The alleged mastermind of a 2006 transatlantic airplane bombing plot was killed in a US missile attack in northwest Pakistan early on Saturday, officials said.

The transatlantic bombing plot alleged mastermind Rahsid Rauf was killed along with an Egyptian Al-Qaeda operative in the US missile strike in North Waziristan early Saturday, a senior security official told IRNA.

Intelligence officials named the dead Egyptian as Abu Zubair al-Masri. Rashid Rauf escaped in 2007 from Pakistani police custody.

The strike by the US drone killed at least five militants in the North Waziristan tribal district along the largely ungoverned Pak-Afghan border, Reuters reported.

"According to our information two missiles were fired by the drone on a house," an intelligence officer in the region said. Another officer said three missiles were fired.

According to AP, the house belonged to a man named Khaliq Noor, who often sheltered foreign militants. Out of the five men killed, four were militants foreign to Pakistan and the fifth was a local facilitator.

The attack on the house in Alikhel near the town of Mir Ali came just two days after Pakistan lodged a protest with the US ambassador over missile attacks on its territory.

Yesterday, Taliban militants warned of reprisal attacks across Pakistan if there were more suspected strikes by the US.

Villages around Mir Ali have been targeted by missile attacks several times, and Taliban and al Qaeda activity in the area has been traced before.


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