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Pakistan frees all political prisoners: spokesman

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad, Nov 27, IRNA
Pakistan-Political Prisoners
Pakistan government has freed more than 5,000 political prisoners and lawyers who were arrested after President General Pervez Musharraf imposed emergency on November 3, the Interior Ministry said Tuesday.

The Interior Ministry Spokesman Brig (retd) Javed Iqbal Cheema said only thirty-seven people still under detention will face courts proceedings to answer to some charges.

Addressing weekly press briefing newsmen in Islamabad he said that 5,748 detainees have been released and 37 are still in detention.

The spokesman said that all political parties will be allowed to freely take part in the election campaign, saying that the government does not in any manner want to impede political activities but has to take all necessary measures to minimize the threat posed by extremist forces.

Referring to security code of conduct prepared by the Interior Ministry and sent to political parties and Election Commission, he said, processions and rallies may be banned under the code.

He said it is recommended in the security code of conduct that only gatherings may be allowed at specified places.

Answering a question, the spokesman said there will be no change in the policy of war on terror after president doffs his uniform. He said, "Terrorism is very serious threat to our internal security and the efforts will continue to rid the country of terrorism." He said out of forty-five suicide bomb incidents, twenty-six have been worked out indicating a success of sixty percent. Remaining nineteen are under investigation and would be completed as soon as possible.

SWAT OPERATION: About Swat operation, the spokesman said that the security forces are consolidating their positions and people of the area are whole-heartedly cooperating with the government in its efforts to eliminate terrorists from the Valley.

He said since the start of the operation over two hundred militants have been killed through forces operations. He said top militant leader Khan Khatab was killed by the local people yesterday.


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