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Pakistan Navy to get first P-3C Orion on January 18: Naval Chief

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad, Jan 13, IRNA
Pakistan-US Aircraft
Pakistan Navy (PN) will get the first of eight American-made long-range maritime surveillance aircraft P-3C Orion on January 18, Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Afzal Tahir said on Saturday.

He was addressing the Annual Efficiency Competition Parade and Awards Ceremony 200 of Pakistan Navy Fleet here, a Navy statement said.

He said the first aircraft will land at Naval Air base Karachi.

An extremely versatile aircraft, the Orion performs well in a multitude of roles including anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface (ship) warfare, maritime surveillance, naval fleet support, search and survivor supply .

Induction of this all weather aircraft will enhance Navy's reconnaissance, anti submarine and anti-surface vessel operation capabilities, Admiral Muhammad Afzal Tahir said.

Reports says that the aircraft will be received under first part of US$ 1.2 billion arms package deal.

The package, announced late 2005, includes eight P-3C Orion naval surveillance aircraft, six Phalanx close in weapons systems and an ammunition complement of 2,000 TOW-2A missiles and 14 TOW-2A Fly-to-Buy missiles.

This was the first major sale of US military hardware to Pakistan.

the US lifted sanctions and named Islamabad a major non-NATO ally in 2004.

The U.S had announced to give Pakistan a $3-billion aid for five years, halved for military purchases and non-military purposes.


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