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Al-Qaeda rendered 'ineffective' in Pakistan: Musharraf

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad, July 30, IRNA
President General Pervez Musharraf said here Friday Pakistan should not be blamed for the terrorist acts in different parts of the world since it has dismantled the command and control system and communication network of Al-Qaeda rendering it ineffective.

"Al-Qaeda has become an international phenomenon and terrorist acts being committed in various parts of the word are being named after some branches of the terror network," President Musharraf told journalists.

He added that Pakistan "is serious and committed to the fight against terrorism", stressing that Pakistani society was vastly moderate but religious.

There is only a small extremist group which was strongly controled by the government, stressed the president noting that there was a need to steer the society towards moderation and harmony.

However, Musharraf emphasized that one must "differentiate between terrorism and extremism."
No banned organizations are allowed to operate in any form or name in Pakistan and their leaders would be arrested and tried under the anti-terrorist act, President Musharraf said.

He strongly condemned the terrorist acts in London and Sharm el-Sheikh and referred to their perpetrators as those who "need to be eliminated as they are not human beings".

Noting that Pakistani intelligence agencies were sharing their information with their British counterparts, Musharraf called for further cooperation in intelligence sharing in order to prevent similar terrorist incidents in the future.

President Musharraf emphasized that resolution of the lingering political disputes which according to him are the roots of extremism and terrorism was a must to solve the complicated problem of extremism and terrorism worlwide.

As for Inida-Pakistan peace process, President Musharraf said it would continue its move forward "despite some rhetoric by Indian leadership in Washington".

"The peace process will continue but we need to take some corrective actions on the rhetorics. However the peace process is very much on track," said the president.

President Musharraf said that he was also looking forward to meet Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New York during the UN General Assembly.


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