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Pak president vows to solve Kashmir issue in his tenure

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad, May 21, IRNA
Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf said here Friday that the resolution of the long standing Kashmir dispute cannot be awaited indefinitely.

"We must seize the fleeting movement and resolve the lingering dispute for the benefit of the people of region," he said, addressing the South Asian Parliamentary Forum in Islamabad on Friday.

He said that the opportunity to resolve the decades old dispute must be availed in his and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh tenures.

"I informed the Indian prime minister during my recent visit to India that it needs courage and sincerity for the resolution of this outstanding dispute."
In the past, "we had so many declarations and joint statements but all resulted in other conflicts", he said, "It all happened because the intentions were not there for conflict resolutions and disputes were brushed under the carpet".

"The declarations meant nothing. They were only aimed at dispute nagement saying that we only managed ed to reach peace without addressing the root cause."
"We do understand the Indian sensitivities of their secular credentials, therefore it (solution) cannot be on any religious basis" Gen. Musharraf said.

He spoke almost for two hours and interacted with parliamentarians from India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries at the end of onference parliamentarians organised by South Asian Free Media.

"Therefore it should on a people basis and on a regional basis," he said.

"To identify a region, allow maximum self governance to the people, de-militarize and take some actions to make border irrelevant.

I am confident that a solution could be reached on Kashmir that satisfied India, Pakistan and people of Kashmir."
"A solution has to be found from within stand of India's insistence of no re-drawing of borders, Pakistan' stand of LOC cannot be a permanent border and boundaries becoming irrelevant," he added.

"They are conflicting statements. The solution exactly lies somewhere in a compromise of the three. In fact it lies in the third statement, that is boundaries becoming irrelevant. We need to find (a solution) via media," said Pakistani president.

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