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No deal on foreign suspects` registration: Pak tribal commander

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad, May 9, IRNA -- A Pakistani tribesman who signed a peace 
deal with the military last month to end fighting in the country`s 
tribal region, said on Sunday registration of foreign militants, 
believed to be hiding there, is not part of the deal. 
"Registration of foreigners was not part of the deal and if the 
government claims so, it should make the deal public," commander Nek 
Muhammad told a western radio service in an interview. 
The last month deal between the army and the five wanted tribesmen
brought to and end the months of fighting in South Waziristan, which 
had killed about 100 troops and militants. 
"We will honor the agreement but if the government violates and 
launches operation, then we will have to defend and fight back," 
Muhammad said. 
"There is no foreigner or terrorist in our area and reports about 
their presence are not correct. The people who make such claims do not
have evidence," the commander said. 
President General Pervez Musharraf said in Peshawar two months ago
that some 500 to 600 foreign militants are hiding in South Waziristan,
offering them amnesty if they surrendered to Pakistani authorities. 
The military offered them last month amnesty to stay in Waziristan
in peace if they registered themselves with the authorities and that 
the local tribesmen should guarantee that they will not act against 
Pakistan and Afghanistan. 
Nek Muhammad said he and his four other colleagues signed deal 
with the army in the presence of thousands of tribesmen and everyone 
knows that there is no word about the registration of foreigners. 
Nek Muhammad`s comments came one day ahead of the expiry of a 
deadline to the foreigners to get themselves registered with the local
The deadlines had to be extended till May 10 (Monday) as no 
foreigners turned up for registration on two previous deadlines dates.
Nek Muhammad`s statements has led to the apprehensions about a new
military operation as several government officials have indicated 
action if the foreigners failed to register themselves. 

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