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Pakistan bans three groups, places one on watch list


Islamabad, Nov 16, IRNA - Pakistan on Saturday banned three groups 
under the Anti-Terrorist Act, saying they had renamed themselves after
being outlawed under their original titles, the official media 
The groups are now called the Shiite Tehreek-i-Islami Pakistan, 
the Sunni Millat-e-Islami and the Khudam-ul Islam, according to a 
report by the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP). 
The first two have been accused of sectarian violence in the 
Khudam-ul-Islam has been accused of sending militants into 
Indian-controlled Kashmir to fight for independence there. 
A fourth militant group, Jama-ul-Dawa, was placed on a watch list 
under the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1997, which is aimed at reducing 
religious violence in this Muslim country. 
President General Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Mir 
Zafarullah Khan Jamali called for evolving a comprehensive strategy to
address issues pertaining to the improvement and maintenance of law 
and order in the country, the state-run television reported. 
The meeting took stock of the state of law and order in the 
country with a view to streamline short, medium and long term measures
for improving the overall security environment, a PTV report said. 
The finance and interior ministers, the governor Northwest 
Frontier Province, chief ministers of all the four provinces and 
senior officials attended the meeting. 
The president and the prime minister underlined that the provinces
have a basic responsibility in maintaining law and order and assured 
them of full support by the federal government in this regard. 
"The president emphasized that Pakistan is at crossroads where, 
after having reached an elevated international status and improved 
economy, it is poised to march ahead on the path of progress," the 
PTV said. 
However, he said there was a need for improvement in law and order
in the attainment of these objectives. 
He said although a lot of effort was being made to achieve the 
avowed objectives, it was imperative that the outside world perceived 
a visible improvement in Pakistan`s environment for realizing its 
potential as a regional economic hub. 
The prime minister said the government attached great importance 
to good governance, in which maintenance of law and provision of 
security to the common man was accorded top priority. He said the 
government was committed to sustaining a congenial and friendly 
environment for both local and foreign investment. 
Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat presented a detailed briefing
about the state of law and order in the country. 
The NWFP Governor Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah briefed the meeting 
about the measures taken for the maintenance of security in the tribal
Meanwhile, the law enforcing agencies have been directed to seal 
off offices of the banned organizations across the country. 

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