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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

January 2015 - Libya Special Weapons News

  • What Next For Libya? IRIN 29 Jan 2015 -- If any further evidence was needed of the importance of ending the power struggle that has plunged Libya into chaos since last summer, it was the reminder this week that sympathisers of the so-called Islamic State (IS) are keen to exploit the resulting power vacuum. In a 27 January attack claimed by IS, gunmen stormed a luxury Tripoli hotel popular with UN officials and diplomats, killing at least nine people, among them five foreigners. It was the deadliest in a series of incidents, which suggest that IS supporters in Libya are growing more assertive as the country's political crisis continues.
  • MI5 secret docs expose failure in Libya Iran Press TV 29 Jan 2015 -- UK security service MI5 said on Thursday that a secret UK-Libyan rendition program in which two Libyan opposition leaders were kidnapped and flown to Tripoli along with their families had eventually proved counterproductive.
  • Parties agree 'in principle' to move UN-mediated political talks to Libya UN News Centre 29 Jan 2015 -- Participants in the United Nations-facilitated Libyan political dialogue in discussions in Geneva this week have agreed "on the principle" of convening future dialogue sessions in Libya, provided that logistical and security conditions are available.
  • Libya: UN Secretary General condemns 'in the strongest terms' attack on hotel in Tripoli UN News Centre 28 Jan 2015 -- The United Nations Secretary-General has condemned today, in the strongest terms, the attack that took place at the Corinthia Hotel, in Tripoli yesterday.
  • Security Council strongly condemns terrorist attack on hotel in Libyan capital UN News Centre 27 Jan 2015 -- The United Nations Security Council today condemned in the strongest terms the deadly terrorist attack against the Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli, Libya, and underlined the need to bring the perpetrators, financiers and sponsors of such "reprehensible" acts to justice.
  • Inside Libya's ghost town IRIN 27 Jan 2015 -- Six weeks ago, Bin Jawad was a sleepy coastal town, home to a community of oil workers, shepherds and fishermen.
  • Militant attack on luxury Tripoli hotel claims eight lives Iran Press TV 27 Jan 2015 -- At least eight people, including five foreigners, have been killed when gunmen stormed a luxury hotel in Libya's capital, Tripoli, as the North African country is beleaguered by fighting between rival militant groups.
  • Libya: latest round of UN-mediated peace talks kick-off in Geneva UN News Centre 26 Jan 2015 -- Libyan parties have gathered in Geneva, Switzerland, today for a new round of United Nations-facilitated talks aimed at resolving the North African nation's political crisis.
  • Unknown gunmen kidnap Libyan deputy FM in al-Bayda Iran Press TV 25 Jan 2015 -- The deputy foreign minister of Libya's internationally-recognized government has been kidnapped in the eastern city of al-Bayda.
  • UN Libya Mission deplores deadly shooting in Tripoli UN News Centre 24 Jan 2015 -- The top United Nations official in Libya, Bernardino Léon, has condemned a fatal shooting incident outside a UN facility in the capital, Tripoli, as tensions continue to simmer across the war-torn country.
  • UN Libya Mission condemns attack against Central Bank in Benghazi UN News Centre 22 Jan 2015 -- The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) today condemned the reported armed attack against the country's Central Bank branch in the eastern city of Benghazi.
  • Libya govt. calls ceasefire after militants announce truce Iran Press TV 18 Jan 2015 -- Libya's internationally recognized government has called a ceasefire following an earlier announcement by the country's militants to stop the deadly clashes.
  • Libya: UN Mission welcomes ceasefire announcements, commitment to dialogue process UN News Centre 18 Jan 2015 -- Three days after the end of the first round of talks under the Libyan political dialogue process, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has today welcomed the unilateral announcements by the parties in Libya of a ceasefire in order to resolve the conflict peacefully through dialogue.
  • Security Council welcomes first round of Libyan talks, commends participants in dialogue UN News Centre 17 Jan 2015 -- The United Nations Security Council has today commended participants in the Libyan dialogue, which aims to find ways to end the political, security and institutional crisis in the country.
  • UN-facilitated Libyan political dialogue concludes first round in Geneva UN News Centre 16 Jan 2015 -- Two days of intensive United Nations-led political talks aimed at finding ways to end Libya's political, security and institutional crisis came to an end in Geneva yesterday, with stakeholders expressing their unequivocal commitment to a united and democratic Libya governed by the rule of law and respect for human rights.
  • Libya: UN-mediated peace talks resume in Geneva as parties seek political settlement UN News Centre 15 Jan 2015 -- The new round of United Nations-led political talks aimed at easing the deepening political and security crisis afflicting Libya continued into its second day of dialogue today as national stakeholders and the United Nations Support Mission (UNSMIL) in the North African country resumed their meetings in Geneva amid encouraging developments.
  • UN envoy says Libya talks will 'take time' to end fighting, agree political settlement UN News Centre 14 Jan 2015 -- The top United Nations official in Libya, Bernardino Léon, has said today that a new round of UN-led political talks in Geneva to bring peace to the country represent the start of a "long process", aimed at bringing an end to fighting in the country and to reach a political settlement.
  • UN-hosted Libya political talks to open tomorrow in Geneva UN News Centre 13 Jan 2015 -- The United Nations is gearing up to kick-start a new round of political talks this week aimed at easing the deepening political and security crisis afflicting Libya, the UN Mission in the strife-torn country has announced.
  • Libya urges intl. community to help in fighting militants Iran Press TV 12 Jan 2015 -- Libya's internationally-recognized prime minister has urged world leaders to provide his government with more help in the battle against militants or the country will turn into a safe haven for terrorists.
  • UN Mediates Libya Peace Talks VOA 12 Jan 2015 -- U.N.-mediated Libya peace talks aimed at reaching a political solution to end the fighting in the conflict-ridden country are expected to get underway this week at U.N. headquarters in Geneva.
  • UN to host new round of talks among Libyan parties with view to ending crisis UN News Centre 10 Jan 2015 -- Libyan parties have agreed to hold in Geneva next week a new round of United Nations-facilitated political talks aimed at helping all sides reach "common ground" to end the current political and security crisis, the UN Mission in the strife-torn country announced today.
  • Libya's Factions Agree to New Talks in Geneva Next Week VOA 10 Jan 2015 -- The United Nations' top envoy to Libya said Saturday that rival factions in the war-torn North African country had agreed to hold talks in the coming days, in a push to end a deadly four-year security crisis.
  • Libya Becoming Hot Spot for Foreign Fighters VOA 09 Jan 2015 -- Efforts by the Islamic State group to make its presence felt in Libya came as no surprise to the United States, with military officials warning last month that fighters are training at IS camps there. Intelligence officials say there's been no letup, but they caution it doesn't mean the jihadist group sees Libya as part of its expanding caliphate — at least not yet.
  • UN envoy meets with Libya militant commanders, urges freeze of clashes Iran Press TV 09 Jan 2015 -- The United Nations' special envoy to Libya has met with the leaders of different warring factions in an attempt to end the bloody conflict in the North African country.
  • Senior UN envoy meets with Libyan stakeholders, warns 'time running out' to resolve crisis UN News Centre 09 Jan 2015 -- The top United Nations official in Libya, in discussions with the strife-torn North African nation's leaders and stakeholders, has warned that time may be running out to put an end to the political and security crisis, stressing that it is extremely important to 'freeze fire" so that political dialogue can begin.
  • Malian Foreign Minister Says Libya Crisis Destabilizing Mali Sputnik 07 Jan 2015 -- The crisis in Libya triggered destabilization and continues to worsen the situation Mali, the country's Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop said at the UN headquarters.
  • Libya Seeks Arab Help as Terrorism Concerns Grow VOA 06 Jan 2015 -- As Libya's official government asks for military help to tackle rival militias, analysts warn the country is on the verge of breaking apart. There are also fears over Libya's role as an exporter of terror, amid reports of growing links between Islamist militants in the country and the Islamic State group.
  • Libya rejects Western military intervention in North African country Iran Press TV 05 Jan 2015 -- A high-ranking Libyan official says the country's internationally recognized government denounces any Western military intervention in the North African country.
  • UN-brokered Libya peace talks delayed Iran Press TV 05 Jan 2015 -- A new round of negotiations brokered by the United Nations (UN) and aimed at easing tensions between different warring sides in the North African country of Libya has been delayed.
  • Libyan Air Force Strikes 'Suspicious' Oil Tanker Killing Two on Board Sputnik 05 Jan 2015 -- Libya's air force, loyal to the internationally recognized government of Abdullah al-Thani, launched airstrikes at a 'suspicious' oil tanker at the port of Derna, controlled by Islamists, AFP reports.
  • Hollande: France Will Not Intervene in Libya Sputnik 05 Jan 2015 -- On Monday, French President Francois Hollande ruled out France's unilateral intervention in Libya, calling for the international community to make every effort to resolve the crisis situation in the country.
  • Arab League Calls for Action, Dialogue in Libya VOA 05 Jan 2015 -- The Arab League is calling for both 'action' and 'dialogue' to prevent the chaotic situation in Libya from getting worse. Libya's representative to the League urged the world to help arm the Libyan Army, while the country's parliament speaker called for help in protecting the country's oil infrastructure.
  • Firefighters extinguish blaze at Libyan oil port Iran Press TV 02 Jan 2015 -- Firefighters have extinguished a blaze at Libya's largest oil port, al-Sidra, after a week, officials say.
  • Fire Put Out at Main Oil Terminal in Libya: Reports Sputnik 02 Jan 2015 -- Firefighters and employees of local oil companies managed to extinguish a fire that spread to seven of 19 storage tanks at the al-Sidra oil terminal, AFP reports, citing local officials.

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