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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

March 2014 - Libya Special Weapons News

  • 27 killed in nine days of Lebanon's Tripoli clashes Iran Press TV 22 Mar 2014 -- The death toll from the latest clashes in the Lebanese city of Tripoli has risen to 27 following nine days of fighting between supporters and opponents of the Syrian government.
  • Libya government says firm in battle against terrorism Iran Press TV 20 Mar 2014 -- The Libyan government has expressed determination to continue with its battle against 'terrorist groups' in the country.
  • U.S. Personnel Remain Aboard as Seized Tanker Returns to Libya AFPS 19 Mar 2014 -- Twenty-five Navy personnel remain aboard the oil tanker Morning Glory after a team of Navy SEALs boarded and took control of the ship March 17, Army Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, said today.
  • UN approves sanctions against Libyan oil smuggling Iran Press TV 19 Mar 2014 -- The United Nations Security Council has adopted a resolution authorizing sanctions against illegal crude exports from Libya's militant-controlled oil facilities.
  • Security Council imposes sanctions on illicit crude oil exports from Libya UN News Centre 19 Mar 2014 -- The Security Council today unanimously adopted a resolution condemning attempts to illicitly export crude oil from Libya and imposing sanctions on vessels involved in such efforts.
  • Deploring attack against military, UN urges Libyans to rally around national institutions UN News Centre 18 Mar 2014 -- The United Nations mission in Libya has strongly condemned the terrorist bombing in Benghazi on Monday that targeted members of the military, and called on the country's citizens to rally around their national institutions.
  • US Navy Seals seize North Korean oil tanker VoR 17 Mar 2014 -- US Navy Seals boarded and took control of a North Korea-flagged tanker that had loaded crude oil at a port held by rebels in eastern Libya, the Pentagon said on Monday. No one was hurt 'when US forces, at the request of both the Libyan and Cypriot governments, boarded and took control of the commercial tanker Morning Glory, a stateless vessel seized earlier this month by three armed Libyans,' Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby said in a statement.
  • Libya still in chaos three years after Gaddafi VoR 16 Mar 2014 -- Libya's former PM left the country last week after Parliament voted him out of office. A North Korean-flagged oil tanker, the Morning Glory, illegally took a cargo of crude from rebels in the east of the country and safely left the port, ignoring a government minister's threat that the vessel would be " turned into a pile of metal" if the cargo ship sailed away. Militias based in Misrata in northwestern Libya, known for their violence and independence, have launched an offensive against the eastern rebels which could be regarded as the beginning of a civil war between western and eastern Libya.
  • Libya rebels ready to talk if Tripoli cancels offensive Iran Press TV 15 Mar 2014 -- The Libyan rebels, who control three oil export ports, say they are ready to negotiate with the central government if Tripoli's plans for a military offensive are scrapped.
  • Security Council extends UN Libya mission through 2015 UN News Centre 14 Mar 2014 -- The Security Council today extended for another year the United Nations mission assisting Libya, as preparations in the North African country turn to upcoming parliamentary elections due to be held in June.
  • Spokesman for Maritime Administration of DPRK on 'Oil Tanker Incident' in Libya KCNA 12 Mar 2014 -- A spokesman for the Maritime Administration of the DPRK Wednesday gave the following answer to the question raised by KCNA in connection with the recent DPRK-flagged 'oil tanker incident' which occurred in Libya:
  • N Korea denies any responsibility for tanker loaded with crude at rebel-held Libya port VoR 13 Mar 2014 -- North Korea denied on Thursday any responsibility for an oil tanker that loaded crude from a Libyan rebel-held port and fled the OPEC member state's attempt to seize it, saying the vessel that carried its flag was operated by an Egyptian firm.
  • Tanker With Libyan 'Rebel' Oil Heads to Sea VOA 11 Mar 2014 -- A North Korean-flagged tanker that illegally loaded crude oil at a rebel-held port in Libya is reportedly in international waters.
  • Libyan Prime Minister Sacked VOA 11 Mar 2014 -- Libya's interim national assembly has approved a vote of no-confidence in Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, naming the current defense minister to replace him on an interim basis.
  • Libya became primary source of illegal arms trade in 14 countries around world – UN VoR 11 Mar 2014 -- Tripoli has become a source of the illicit weapons trade that is fueling conflicts in 14 countries around the world, Rwanda's UN envoy said in a briefing to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Monday.
  • North Korean ship slips away from Libyan military Iran Press TV 11 Mar 2014 -- A North Korean-flagged oil tanker loaded with crude oil from a rebel-held port in eastern Libya has escaped the Libyan military forces to the open sea, officials say.
  • UN envoy stresses need for support as Libya risks facing 'unprecedented violence' UN News Centre 10 Mar 2014 -- International and well-coordinated support is vital to helping Libya through its democratic transition, a United Nations envoy told the Security Council today, as he described the recent polarization in the country, a dramatic increase in violence, including attacks on the media, as well as difficulties in strengthening the security sector.
  • Officials: Libyan Navy Seizes Tanker at Rebel-Held Port VOA 10 Mar 2014 -- Libyan officials say government forces have seized a tanker loaded with crude oil that a separatist militia was attempting to export in defiance of the country's central authorities.
  • Libyan forces surround N Korean-flagged oil tanker Iran Press TV 10 Mar 2014 -- Libyan military forces have surrounded a North Korean-flagged oil tanker carrying oil sold without Tripoli's permission in the east of Libya.
  • Libya orders military offensives against militias Iran Press TV 10 Mar 2014 -- Libya's parliament orders military operations to liberate militia-held oil ports as insecurity continues to grow across the North African country.
  • US Says Oil in Libyan Port Stolen, Warns of Sanctions VOA 10 Mar 2014 -- The United States is warning of consequences related to any unauthorized sales of oil that militia members have loaded onto a North Korean-flagged tanker in a Libyan port.
  • US threatens Libyan militias with sanctions for unauthorized oil sales VoR 10 Mar 2014 -- The United States has threatened Libyan militias with sanctions for attempts to illegally sell the oil that belongs to the Libyan National Oil Corporation and its partners, including US companies.
  • Libyan government forces seize tanker at rebel-held port - officials VoR 10 Mar 2014 -- Libyan government forces on Monday seized a tanker that had loaded crude at a port under the control of rebels who plan to sell oil independently of the Tripoli government, state-owned National Oil Corp (NOC) said.
  • Libya militants start exporting crude oil Iran Press TV 08 Mar 2014 -- Demanding a share of Libya's oil revenues, the militants controlling oil ports in the eastern part of the country say they have begun exporting crude oil in defiance of the central government.
  • Libya threatens to bomb North Korean oil tanker Iran Press TV 08 Mar 2014 -- Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has warned that Tripoli will bomb a North Korean-flagged tanker which is illegally loading crude oil from an eastern port in the country.
  • N Korean ship loads oil at Libyan port: Report Iran Press TV 08 Mar 2014 -- A North Korean-flagged tanker has begun loading oil at a rebel-controlled Libyan port in the east of the country, a report says.
  • Threat Issued in Libyan Oil Export Dispute VOA 08 Mar 2014 -- Leaders of eastern Libya's self-declared autonomous region of Barqa declared Saturday that they had begun exporting oil from the port of Sidra and would share revenues with the central government in accordance with a 1951 constitution. Prime Minister Ali Zeidan told journalists later that government authorities have warned a North Korean-flagged oil tanker to leave Libyan waters or face attack.
  • Libya threatening to bomb N Korea tanker if its ships oil from rebel-held port VoR 08 Mar 2014 -- Libya threatened on Saturday to bomb a North Korean-flagged tanker if it tried to ship oil from a rebel-controlled port, in a major escalation of a standoff over the country's petroleum wealth. The rebels, who have seized three major Libyan ports since August to press their demands for more autonomy, warned Tripoli against staging an attack to halt the oil sale after the tanker docked at Es Sider export terminal, one of the country's biggest. A local television station controlled by protesters showed footage of pro-autonomy rebels holding a lengthy ceremony and slaughtering a camel to celebrate their first oil shipment.
  • NATO reaffirms commitment to assist Libya at Rome Conference NATO 06 Mar 2014 -- The Alliance stands ready to help advise Libyan authorities in developing a national security strategy and strengthening their defence institutions, NATO Deputy Secretary General Ambassador Alexander Vershbow said Thursday's (6 March 2014) at the Ministerial Conference on Libya in Rome.
  • UN mission deplores attack against Libya's lawmakers, parliament building UN News Centre 03 Mar 2014 -- The United Nations mission in Libya has strongly condemned the attack that took place on Sunday against the country's parliament and its members, and stressed the need for respecting state institutions and rejecting violence.
  • Protesters raid Libya parl., demand its dissolution Iran Press TV 02 Mar 2014 -- Dozens of protesters have stormed Libya's interim parliament building in Tripoli, with some of them rampaging through the building, witnesses have said.
  • Buffeted by Chaos, Libya Faces Energy, Budget Crunches VOA 02 Mar 2014 -- Already buffeted by lawlessness and seemingly unending political turmoil Libya is now facing budgetary and energy crunches, say top officials.

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