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KCNA Commentary Slams Japanese Reactionaries' Visits to Yasukuni Shrine

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, October 30 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries have frequently paid visits to the Yasukuni Shrine amid the mounting atmosphere of turning Japan to the right.

President of the Japan Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Abe and Japanese dietmen including Cabinet ministers paid group visit to the shrine and justified their visit in a press conference.

After the visit, Minister of National Land and Communications Hata said he visited the shrine in his mind to keep peace of Japan as dietman. Minister for Privatization of Postal Service Shimoji said that the political circumstances which make it difficult to visit the shrine in the present post should be settled in the near future.

Former Secretary General of the LDP Koga made such a provocative remark that it is natural for Japanese to show respects to the war dead, adding he can not understand the sensitive reaction to the visit by neighboring countries.

Abe, during the LDP presidential election in September, said that it was very regretful that he failed to visit the shrine during his office as prime minister.

This is the true picture of Japan today.

The Japanese politicians' visit to the shrine and their remarks show the reckless actions of the Japanese reactionaries obsessed by the militarist ambition of reinvasion. The visit to the shrine, in which mortuary tablets of top-class war criminals who ignited a war against Asian countries in the past and killed many people are kept, can not just be a matter of traditional ritual. It shows Japan's attitude to the people of those countries which suffered a lot by the Japanese imperialists and its stand on the past history.

It is precisely for this reason that the international community is sensitively reacting to Japanese politicians' visit to the Yasukuni Shrine.

Japan's supra-partisan dietmen and top officials of LDP openly visited the shrine challenging the world justice and human conscience and even spoke aloud of justness of their acts. This is a height of shamelessness.

Japan is becoming a theatre of ultra-right elements who are openly agitating for the revival of militarism.

Such militaristic organizations as the Association of Dietmen for Visiting Yasukuni Shrine are active in both houses of the Diet.

Japan is mulling regularizing and generalizing the politicians' visit to the shrine on major occasions such as the anniversary of Japanese imperialists' defeat and grand religious services in spring and autumn every year and making it national ceremony.

Japan has history textbooks for the high schools carried distorted contents of the Japanese imperialists' history of aggression and lays shameless territorial claim to other country's land.

Besides the reinvasion moves, the Japanese reactionaries are working hard for the revival of fascism that had been used as a means of ideological domination, mode of ruling and a means for overseas aggression by the Japanese militarists in the past. The Yasukuni Shrine serves as a center for it.

By taking the lead in the visit to the shrine for eulogizing the war criminals, the Japanese reactionaries are imbuing local people with the idea of advocating the history of aggression, not guilty conscience in a bid to create the social atmosphere for militarization and reinvasion.

It is a serious matter that can not be overlooked that there is an increase in the fever for the visit and in the official number of visitors.

This reflects the extreme militaristic trend that pervades Japanese society, not just individual ultra-nationalists.

The so-called Yasukuni culture of Japan precisely means the revival of fascism.

The ultra-right conservative forces' desperate moves to reverse the trend of history and agitate a war will further becloud the prospect of Japan.

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