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KCNA Commentary Slams Japan for Its Bid to Grab Other's Territory

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, May 9 (KCNA) -- Japan's shameless moves to grab territory of Korea are touching off bitter anger among the Koreans.

The Japanese government on April 26 lodged a protest with the Dow-Jones Company publishing the Wall Street Journal against the use of the name of the East Sea of Korea and Tok Islets as they are.

This was a revelation of Japan's cunning trick to make the international community believe that the above-said sea and islets had belonged to Japan from the time immemorial but they are marked as other's sea and part of other's territory against its will. It was a plot to realize its ambition for aggression.

The East Sea of Korea has belonged to Korea and the Tok Islets have remained part of its territory as its inviolable sovereignty has been exercised over them generation after generation.

From the remote ages, the early period of human civilization, Korean ancestors advanced en masse into the Japanese archipelago, exploring the East Sea of Korea. They set up the Usan State, establishing its rule over Ullung Island and Tok Islets.

This helped them have a profound knowledge and understanding of the east sea and became the first to name the sea the East Sea of Korea.

Geographical documents and maps of different countries marked the east sea where Tok Islets are situated as the Sea of Korea, not Japan Sea.

The atlas for young people "Asian Map" issued by Peterburg Scientific Academia in 1737 marked the sea as Korean Sea and the Russian atlas issued by the academia in 1745 also marked it as Korean Sea.

After fabricating the "Ulsa Five-point Treaty" in 1905 the Japanese imperialists began wrongly marking the Korean Sea as "Japan Sea" in the Japanese maps. They became ever more undisguised in marking the sea as "Japan Sea" after their occupation of Korea.

The historical facts clearly prove that the name of "Japan Sea" was a criminal designation of the sea used in the days of the Japanese imperialists' military occupation of Korea after their aggression and it was a product of their militarist policy for territorial expansion. "Japan Sea" is a false name as it lacks any historical legitimacy and origin.

The above-said protest made by the Japanese government is a clear example showing how despicable Japan has become in its ambition to grab other country's sea and land under the absurd pretext that they belong to it.

At a time when Japan is now undergoing the worst disaster in the history, the international community including its neighboring countries is sending unsparing help to it in the hope that it would heal the wounds as early as possible. Even those countries that have the relations of acute confrontation with Japan over the territorial issue are taking the lead in the humanitarian aid, putting aside differences.

Japan is disclosing such dirty territorial ambition despite the above-said disaster. This cannot be interpreted otherwise than a shameless behavior ignoring even the elementary sense of obligation to be observed in the international relations.

The Korean nation will never allow the foolish attempt of Japan to make the international community officially recognize the wrongly designated "Japan Sea" and preserve it.

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