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KCNA Calls for Checking Japan's Moves for Space Militarization

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, January 21 (KCNA) -- The Japan Defense Ministry reportedly made public a basic policy on the development and use of space on Jan. 16.

The policy deals with the development of radio wave information gathering satellite, launch of smaller satellite by use of airplane and other issues with main emphasis on the development of an early warning satellite.

Japan's hasty development of an early warning satellite system, which has been pursued only by a few military powers, means that its scheme for space militarization has entered a new phase.

Such moves of Japan are prompted by its aggressive ambition to hold a military edge in space and thus realize its overseas expansion.

By zealously stepping up the moves for space militarization Japan threw away the principle of "peaceful use of space" which it has advocated in name only.

Generally, the budget for science development showed just one percent yearly increase in Japan but the approximate demand for the 2009 budget for space development swelled 29 percent. This clearly proves Japan's ambition to put space under its control.

Japan adopted it as its state policy and strategic goal to realize space militarization.

A link in the whole chain of such moves is the final adoption of "basic law on space" at the Diet in May last year which allows the use of space for a military purpose.

The enactment of the law helped Japan secure a legal groundwork on which to develop and possess independent ultra-modern satellites for a military use including the early warning satellite, a basic element for launching a high-performance spy satellite of the "Self-Defense Forces" and establishing a missile defense system, and buckle down to developing space military technology including intelligence-gathering satellite.

Japan expanded the scope of application of the principle of peaceful use of space, originally restricted to the non-military field, to the military field under the pretext of "defense purpose" and set up the strategic headquarters for space development with the prime minister as its chief.

It was adopted as a state policy that the domestic satellite network and its relevant facilities can be used for building a missile shield under the pretext of "state security", and the development and launch of satellites for a military purpose through the introduction of ultra modern technology are now under going in a legitimate manner.

Japan has already test-fired aboard a warship SM-3 capable of intercepting missiles in the outer space, thus fully establishing an independent missile defense system made up of SM-3s and PAC-3s.

It also launched H-2A to put an information-gathering satellite on the orbit, thus rounding off worldwide information-gathering satellite system.

Militarization is the cherished desire of the Japanese reactionaries seeking to realize the old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere." Their desire for it finds expression in their bid for space militarization.

At present Japan does not hide its ambition to hold space hegemony.

Japan's reckless moves for space militarization have become a basic factor of sparking a fresh arms race.

Prompted by the desire to outpace big powers in the field of space military technology, Japan is squandering a stupendous amount of fund for military use, triggering off a worldwide arms race.

To escalate such space arms race and convert peaceful space into a theatre of war is a serious criminal act of threatening human existence, the development of human civilization and world peace and security.

It is necessary to check Japan's reckless moves for space militarization.

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