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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

2001 Japan Special Weapons News

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  • JAPAN/SPACE PROGRAM VOA 31 Aug 2001-- Japan's successful launch of a new rocket this week has raised hopes for building a Japanese space industry for both commercial and intelligence gathering purposes.
  • JAPAN/SPACE VOA 27 Aug 2001-- Japan plans to launch an H-2-A rocket Wednesday, in what is viewed as a last ditch effort to fulfill Tokyo's hopes of having a successful space program
  • JAPAN/WAR SHRINE VOA 11 Aug 2001-- In Japan, pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to cancel a planned visit to a war shrine that honors fallen soldiers, including convicted war criminals. A protest Saturday by a group of relatives of Koreans conscripted by the Japanese army in World War Two came a day after Mr. Koizumi met with key members of his coalition to discuss whether he should go ahead with the planned visit
  • NAGASAKI ANNIVERSARY VOA 09 Aug 2001-- The Japanese city of Nagasaki is holding an international conference on nuclear disarmament - coinciding with the 56th anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city at the end of World War Two
  • HIROSHIMA ANNIVERSARY VOA 06 Aug 2001-- The city of Hiroshima has marked the 56th anniversary of the world's first atomic bombing. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, who attended the memorial, reaffirmed Japan's commitment to a nuclear free world


  • JAPAN / U-S MILITARY VOA 10 Jul 2001-- A Japanese parliamentary committee has passed a resolution demanding a review of the agreement covering U-S troops based in the country. The move follows the arrest of a U-S Air Force sergeant on rape charges that was delayed for days as U-S officials hesitated to turn him over







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