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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Israel is in possession of a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons: Iran

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

New Delhi, May 27, IRNA -- Israel is in possession of a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons but nobody talks about the nuclear arsenal of Israel, said the Press Section of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in New Delhi.

“The US-led Western Power speak fluently about the nuclear program of Iran, who is enriching uranium for medical and peaceful purposes and not for making bomb. But the same powers do not talk about the nuclear stockpile possessed by Israel regime,” the embassy said in an article published in Afro-Asian Business Chronicle.

This was in response to the article “What if Gaddafi had gone nuclear?” by Michael Oren in fortnightly “AfroAsian Business Chronicle”.

The embassy in response said, 'The article, by Michael Oren, is full of lies and baseless assumptions. The charge that Iran sponsors terror in the world is merely a propaganda of the illegal Zionist regime of Israel which is facing difficulties in implementing its policies of subjugating the Palestinians and its agenda in the Middle East because of Iran.

'Iran has never posed any danger to any Western or pro-Western government. Rather, it is the West which has been creating all kinds of economic, military, diplomatic and cyber difficulties for Iran and imposing countless sanctions against it.

Iran itself has been a victim of terrorism and has never supported it. Moreover, Iran has always demanded that the term ‘terrorism’ should be defined and terrorism and terrorists should not be dealt with on selective basis. Iran insists that those defending their just rights in the face of aggression should not be termed as terrorists.

'It should not be forgotten that a covert war has already been launched against Iran by its foes, particularly Israel. Several of Iran’s nuclear scientists have been the target of attacks and assassinated. Iran has been the target of cyber warfare. The Stuxnet malware could have resulted in extensive loss of men and material. Fortunately it was neutralized by the Iranian computer experts.

This virus had its origins in Israel. All of these activities can be categorized as terrorism. Moreover, the world TVs regularly show the crimes Israel routinely commits against the defenseless and innocent people of Palestine during the last six decades.

'Iran is the biggest democratic country in the Middle East. During the last 32 years more than thirty various elections have been held in the country. In the last presidential election about 85 per cent eligible voters cast their votes. Controversies often arise in all democratic countries of the world in the wake of elections. In some democratic countries of Asia, extensive armed militant movements are going on. Sometimes the governments are forced to act against them. But because of such movements and the government action against them these countries do not cease to be democratic as democracy in no way means anarchy and playing to the tunes of foreign powers.

'But the main problem is that the definition of democracy for some Western powers and Israel is different. Democracy is acceptable for them only when it suits their interests or at least it does not harm them. For the same reason, the victory of Hamas was not recognized. Many Western countries who claim to support democracy have always been the supporters of the Apartheid system and dictatorial regimes of the world. The Shah of Iran was their friend and so was Hosni Mubarak. There are still many more Mubaraks around who are their close friends. The Western forces have entered Libya on the pretext of helping the people and the democracy but are silent about the massacre of the oppressed and defenseless people of Bahrain.

Iran has repeatedly said that it does not intend to build the nuclear weapons. The religious scholars of the country have declared the nuclear bomb to be haram (forbidden). All nuclear activities of Iran are being performed under the full supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The international inspectors have several times inspected the Iranian nuclear facilities and till now nothing incriminating has been found about the Iranian nuclear activities.

'The writer, quoting the International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Yukiya Amano, writes that Iran is enriching uranium “steadily, constantly”. He wants to give the impression that enrichment means making bomb which is obviously an attempt to mislead the readers. Iran is of course enriching uranium for medical and peaceful purposes and not for making bomb.

The writer of the article speaks so fluently about the nuclear program of Iran but has not said anything about the nuclear stockpile possessed by Israel regime. It is really strange that nobody talks about the nuclear arsenal of Israel. The writer seems to be much worried about ‘transforming the entire region in to a tinder box.’ If the worry in this regard is genuine, why Israel does not give up its own nuclear weapons? Moreover, Iran has always supported the proposal for creating the Nuclear Free Middle East.

'And the weapons, nuclear or otherwise, do not stop the march of democracy. It has happened in Iran during the Shah regime and it happened recently in Egypt that the army refused to act against its own people.

'The writer asks, “does anybody in Tehran believe that all options are truly on the table today”?

He replies, “…the answer appears to be no.” To this we wish to add that not only in Iran but even in the US no right thinking person thinks that war against Iran is a realistic option. It is only wishful thinking of the Israelis that they can defeat Iran in the battlefield.

The chant that ‘all options are on the table’ is nothing short an attempt to terrorize a country, a whole nation and, in fact, is a kind of terrorism itself. It is a brazen attempt to persuade a country or a group of countries to attack another country. Such an effort violates all norms of international conduct of diplomacy. But then one should know what to expect from an envoy of an illegitimate and usurper regime. This shows that these people do not respect logic and always prefer to speak the language of power.

'The Gaddafi episode is a warning to the world in the context of Israel. The whole world knows that Israel is in possession of a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons. If like Gaddafi, the dangerous regime of Israel is surrounded from all sides and its allies leave it due to any reason, will it not push the nuclear button? And should the world not do something for that eventuality?

'That Iran is building or intends to build nuclear weapons is a big lie like the claim of the weapons of mass destruction of Iraq. Iraq was attacked on this pretext but nothing was found in the end. Israel wants a repetition of Iraq in Iran. But it should very well know that Iran is not Iraq.'

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