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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

DIA Chronology of Events Dealing with the
Subject: DIA Chronology of Events Dealing with the
Czech Reports of Chemical Detection During
During DESERT STORM intelligence reporting was received 
concerning Czech Chemical Warfare detection. These reports 
were discounted at that time for two reasons. First, CENTCOM 
had dispatched two FOX reconnaissance vehicles to confirm/deny 
these reports; the results were negative. Second, these 
reports were categorized as two of the many Chemical Warfare 
false alarms occurring during that time frame.
In July, 1993, the Czech open press carried articles 
concerning Chemical Warfare detection by Czech forces during 
DESERT STORM. It appeared at that time that these were the 
same false reports which had been previously discounted during 
the DESERT STORM time frame.
2 September 1993
OSD/Legislative Affairs received the First inquiry from 
Congressman Collins, subject: DESERT STORM Mystery Illness.
3 September 1993
OSD tasked the Joint Staff (JS) to reply to Congressman 
Collins' request for information.
Director, Joint Staff selected J4 as single JS Point of 
Contact on this issue.
8 September 1993
[    b.2.    ]
 OSD assumed lead on this and [   (b)(6)   ] was appointed 
point man with DIA to provide intelligence support.
9 September 1993
J4 requests DIA to provide classified and unclassified 
assessment to respond to Congressman Collins' inquiry.
10 September 1993
Joint Staff provides answer with DIA input for Congressman 
13 September 1993
DIA briefs Congressman Collins. After reviewing with [   
(b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4)   ] restated the Intelligence Community 
position that there was no confirmed use of chemical agents 
14 September 1993
OSD requests the Joint Staff to provide a brief to Senator 
Shelby. OSD forms a briefing/task group under leadership of 
OSD (Health Affairs)/Army (as DoD Executive Agent).
20 September 1993
Per Joint Staff tasker of 15 September DIA briefed Senator 
23-29 September 1993
On 23 September OSD receives request from Reps. Dellums, 
Kennedy, Schroeder, Evans and Browder to provide a briefing 
concerning Iraqi use of Chemical Warfare/and the Czech 
detection reports. On 29 September DIA provided a briefing.
Representative Browder requested an official copy of the Czech 
MoD report directly from the Czechs. Representative Kennedy 
took issue with DIA for not being proactive and aggressively 
pursuing this report.
30 September 1993
DIA made a request for the Defense Attache in Prague to obtain 
a copy of the Czech report directly from MoD. Reviewed 
possibility of an expert visit to Prague to review all 
pertinent data.
4 October 1993
[   (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4)   ]
12 October 1993
DCJCS Memo to DEPSECDEF requesting that he designate a single 
office to represent DoD for all inquiries, investigations and 
oversight of the DoD response to Operation DESERT 
SHIELD/DESERT STORM mysterious illness.
[      (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4)    ]
17 October 1993
[      (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4)    ] The assessment was that the 
Czech equipment/personnel were better than they had expected. 
The equipment was very sensitive and the team concluded that 
the Czech claims were valid.
20 October 1993
DIA, OSD, JCS and Army Legislative Affairs met at DIA's 
request to discuss the team report. DIA urged OSD to bring 
this issue to the policy level in DoD immediately. DIA briefed 
DATSD/PA on issue and provided a draft trip reports to OSD.
21 October 1993
JCS J-4 holds meeting with DIA. DIA starts preparation of two 
trip reports (classified and unclassified). DIA accompanied 
OSD to brief [   (b)(6)   ].
22 October 1993
DIA draft reports delivered to OCJCS Legislative Affairs, 
Public Affairs and J4.
23 October 1993
DIA provides copies of classified and unclassified reports to 
[   (b)(6)   ].
25 October 1993
DIA hosted a Chemical Warfare Community meeting to review all 
elements to include Order of Battle, Battle Damage Assessment, 
meteorlogic data, petrochemical facilities, and other possibly 
related factors pertinent to the Czech Chemical Warfare 
detections. Participating in the discussions were 
representatives from [   (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4)   ] consensus 
was that the Czech detections were not the result of Iraqi or 
Coalition hostile action(s).
26 October 1993
SECDEF and [   (b)(6)   ] an update and briefed on the results 
of the Czech trip.
27 October 1993
On 27 October, DIA met with [   (b)(6)   ]meeting the results 
of the community meeting on the 25th of October were 
discussed, and the map of the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations 
(KTO) during DESERT STORM with all pertinent data was 
Copies of classified DIA analysis of the Czech report and 
associated intelligence reports were provided to OSD. A copy 
was provided to Dr. Perry by OSD Legislative Affairs.
28 October 1993
On 28 October, DIA again met with the Joint Staff members and 
numerous other representatives, including [   (b)(6)   ].Once 
again, DIA findings pertaining to the Czech chemical detection 
incidents were discussed and the map presented.
At the request of OSD-, DIA briefed Representatives Kennedy, 
Evans, and Browder on the findings and results [      (b)(1) 
sec 1.3(a)(4)    ]. The position that the Czech chemical 
detection incidents were not the result of Iraqi or Coalition 
hostile action(s) was presented.
30 October 1993
Based on a 30 October Washington Post article a briefing for 
the Senate Armed Service Committee is scheduled for 1 
November. Participants include OSD and DIA.

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