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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

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DTG:  28***** Feb 91
SUBJECT:  Suspected Chemical/biological weapons storage sites in the KTO prior to the ground war.
1. (U) Priority:  IU
2.  (U) Need no later than:  041200C Mar 91
3.  (U)  Requestor:  CENTCOM/*******/ JIO DOJ2
4.  Justification:  The threat of special munitions may still pose a hazard to coalition 
forces and access to suspected chemical/biological (CW/BW) sites may offer an opportunity 
to clarify the extent of the Iraqi CW/BW capability.
5.  Information requested:  Request that ARCENT survey the following locations to determine 
if they do or do not contain possible chemical/biological weapons.  These sites were suspected 
to have possibly contained special munitions prior to the ground war.  A brief description follows
3056**N 04065**E		Tallil Airfiled
300700N 0471000E		Ammo Dump-** trucks ********** at storage site
3006**N 04713**E		3 Ammo bunkers, 30 supply bunkers, 400 revetted trucks, 800 vehicle
				revetments unoccupied, and 400 hardened bunkers.
301800N 0473000E		Ammo site:  50 ammo storage revetments 23 occupied.
294500N 0465000E		Ammo storage site
294600N 0464900			Ammo storage site
294600N 0465200E		127 trucks, 16 occupied, fence secured revetments.
302600N 0471400E		Rumaylah ammo storage area southwest - Jan had suffered damage to 145
				revetments.  10 occupied intact and 10 revetted trucks
302600N 0472500E		Rumaylah ammo storage area 1
				130 trucks
302900N 047380E			Ash Shuaybah ammo storage depot northwest damaged by explosion, still
				active 17 underground storage bunkers, 12 bermed storage buildings in use
303200N 0465200E		Al Jazair ammo storage area.  Approximately 86 KM west of Al Basrah. 
				23 AAA positions, each with 37-MM AAA guns in each site.
301600N 0474100E		** Underground storage bunkers.
302500N 0474200E 		Ash Shuaybah ammo storage east permanent ammo storage area 
				consisting of 11 revetted storage buildings and 2 ammo storage
302600N 0473700E		Ammo site - 12 earthern storage (86 revetments and 10 ammo storage
				buildings, 1 revetment has bomb damage.
3046**N 04525**E		Tall Al Lahm ammunition storage depot south:  100 occupied
				This *** logistic site covers the following area
				041****N/04627*****E to
				3045****N/04627****E to
				3045****N/04824****E to
				3045****N/04823****E to close.
3057**N 04610**E		An Nasiriyah ammunition storage depot - 6 storage bunkers destroyed 
				the main storage facility.
304700N 0462800E		Tall Al Lahm ammunition storage 42 of 88 ammunition storage
				buildings destroyed and another 10 damaged.  Across the major
				highway in the vicinity of 304200N 0462500E are 950 to 1000
				revetments.  over 500 revetments are occupied with material and

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