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Iran Press TV

Iraq forces thwart Daesh attack in Ramadi

Iran Press TV

Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:16AM

Iraq's army, police, and Popular Mobilization forces have foiled a push by the Takfiri terrorist group of Daesh to stage a comeback in Ramadi, the capital of the western Iraq Anbar Province.

Halaf al-Jalibawi, the head of the popular forces in the sprawling province, said on Wednesday that the terrorists had launched the attack from Ramadi's Attaash area, which they already had under control, Iraq's al-Sumariah news network reported. He said the combined forces not only foiled the offensive but also managed to fully liberate Attaash.

The terrorists had used 20 vehicles to launch a strike against the so-called Five Kilo, Seven Kilo, and al-Jame'eh areas in western Ramadi.

The Iraqi forces forced the Daeshi terrorists out of all those areas.

Twenty terrorists were killed and 33 civilians were injured during the confrontation.

Daesh started its terror campaign in Iraq in 2014. It soon overran vast expanses of the country's soil.

The country enlisted the assistance of Shia-dominated popular fighters to push back against the terrorists. The joint forces retook Ramadi from Daesh back in December the next year, in the most decisive victory against the terrorists until that date.

Ever since, Daesh has been losing more of the territory that it had overrun in Iraq.

Most notably, it lost the northern city of Mosul in July. It had seized the city shortly after taking on Iraq, and had named it as its so-called headquarters.

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