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Iraqi Prime Minister Says Foreign Ground Forces Not Involved in Mosul Operation

Sputnik News

15:01 20.10.2016

The ground forces participating in the operation to liberate the Iraqi city of Mosul comprise only nationals of the country, foreign troops exclusively provide air cover, training and logistical support, Haider Abadi, Iraq's prime minister, said on Thursday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Abadi added that the Mosul offensive had shown the unity of the Iraqi people in all its factions, with the Kurdish Peshmerga forces fighting alongside with the Iraqy army.

"All forces fighting on the ground in Mosul are exclusive Iraqi forces, and any friendly foreign forces on the ground are non fighting forces, they just provide training, logistical support and air cover for the Iraqi forces," Abadi said in a video conference call from Baghdad addressing participants of the meeting in Paris where diplomats from several Western and Middle Eastern countries gathered to discuss post-Islamic State relief for those affected by the operation.

On Monday, Abadi announced the start of the military operation to retake Mosul from Daesh, which is outlawed in many countries, including Russia and the United States. According to local media, about 30,000 Iraqi soldiers and 4,000 Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are taking part in the operation, backed by air strikes carried out by the US-led international coalition.


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