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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iran Press TV

Iraq's latest gains over ISIL herald more: Cmdr.

Iran Press TV

Fri May 29, 2015 9:49AM

The secretary general of Iraq's Asaib Ahl al-Haq volunteer forces says the recent army victories against the ISIL in the northern province of Salahuddin herald the liberation of more neighboring areas from the Takfiri terrorists, Press TV reports.

"After breaking the siege of Baiji refinery, we began pushing for the liberation of regions which lay north of Tikrit and west of Salahuddin province," Qais al-Khazali told Press TV on Thursday, adding, "Our next operation will be in the northeast of Anbar."

The commander hailed the remarkable contributions of the volunteer forces, also known as Popular Mobilization Units, to the anti-ISIL operations.

"We have said it before and I repeat that victory is inevitable if the resistance forces of the Popular Mobilization Units take part in the fighting, especially with support of the Iraqi army and air force," he went on to say.

Khazali also lashed out at the United States and its allies for their "lack of seriousness" in the anti-ISIL campaign, saying they have no credit in the eyes of the Iraqi people.

"Our main condition to take part in military operations was the exclusion of the US-led coalition from the battle. We reject the US-led airstrikes because the Iraqi people are well aware of the lack of seriousness and use of these airstrikes especially as they have not backed the advance of the Iraqi resistance forces on the ground," he stated.

The remarks came a day after Iraqi forces brought under their full control the strategic village of Sayed Gharib in the Dujail district of Salahuddin, flushing Takfiri elements out of their stronghold.

On May 21, the Iraqi army, backed by volunteer forces, also managed to break the siege on the embattled Baiji refinery some 40 kilometers north of the city of Tikrit, the provincial capital of Salahuddin.

The ISIL terrorist group launched its campaign of terror in the north and west of the Arab country in June 2014. Since then, the Iraqi armed forces, joined by Shia, Sunni and Kurdish volunteers, have tried to retake the occupied areas from the Takfiri militants.


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