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April 2014 - Iraq Special Weapons News

  • Security Council welcomes timely, peaceful parliamentary elections in Iraq UN News Centre 30 Apr 2014 -- The United Nations Security Council today welcomed the timely holding of parliamentary elections in Iraq, and, looking forward to the certification of the results by national electoral officials, called on the country's leaders "to engage, as quickly as possible, to form a Government that represents the will and sovereignty of the Iraqi people."
  • Iraqis Vote Amidst Violence VOA 30 Apr 2014 -- Ballot counting began immediately at polling stations across Iraq after voting ended Wednesday. Electoral officials say more than 50 percent of registered voters turned out, despite a series of election day attacks that left at least 12 dead.
  • Iraqis Vote In Landmark Parliamentary Elections RFE/RL 30 Apr 2014 -- Polls have closed in the first parliamentary election in Iraq since U.S. forces withdrew from the country in 2011.e
  • Iraqis Vote in Parliamentary Election VOA 30 Apr 2014 -- Voting got under way across Iraq Wednesday morning in the country's general elections, amid tight security and a ban on vehicular traffic to prevent possible attacks. There were small incidents of scattered violence, including several mortar rounds, although voting appears to be going ahead smoothly in most places.
  • Upcoming national elections 'important milestone' for Iraq, Ban says ahead of polls UN News Centre 29 Apr 2014 -- Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has highlighted the importance of Wednesday's national elections for peace and stability in Iraq and called for creating the necessary conditions to enable all citizens to participate in the polls.
  • Analysis: Is Iraq really sliding back to civil war? IRIN 28 Apr 2014 -- As Iraq prepares to hold its first election since the withdrawal of US troops in late 2011, the country is struggling to contain increasing sectarian violence which some fear could push it back down the road towards civil war.
  • Iraq army targets militant convoy on Syria soil Iran Press TV 27 Apr 2014 -- Iraqi army helicopters have attacked a terrorist convoy inside Syria as it sought to come near the border, an Interior Ministry spokesman says.
  • Iraqi Elections Coming Amid Surge of Violence VOA 25 Apr 2014 -- On April 30, Iraq will hold its first national election since U.S. military forces withdrew from the country in 2011. The voting will take place amid a surge of bloody violence and sectarian strife that has claimed thousands of lives.
  • Iraqi Premier Accuses Saudi Arabia of Supporting Terrorism RIA Novosti 22 Apr 2014 -- Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has slammed Saudi Arabia for supporting Middle Eastern terrorists, saying the policy has exacerbated the problems faced by Baghdad.
  • Iraqi premier accuses Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorism VoR 22 Apr 2014 -- Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has slammed Saudi Arabia for supporting Middle Eastern terrorists, saying the policy has exacerbated the problems faced by Baghdad. Speaking in an interview with al-Manar TV on Monday, the politician stressed that Saudi Arabia's cherished dream to topple the regimes in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon will never come true.
  • Dozens of people killed in Iraq bombings, clashes Iran Press TV 19 Apr 2014 -- Dozens of people have been killed in Iraq as the country is hit by a fresh wave of bomb explosions coupled with clashes in the western province of Anbar.
  • Iraqi authorities close down Abu Ghraib prison Iran Press TV 15 Apr 2014 -- The Iraqi justice minister has announced the closure of a prison in west of the capital Baghdad, and evacuation of all inmates over security concerns.
  • Iraq closes infamous prison in Abu Ghraib VoR 15 Apr 2014 -- Iraq's notorious prison Abu Ghraib, infamous for torture and abuse of prisoners, has been closed, Justice Minister Hassan al-Shimmari announced on Tuesday. 'The Ministry of Justice has completed the evacuation of 2,400 prisoners from the facility. They are convicted of terrorism and will be transferred to prisons located in central and north provinces,' Iraqi media cited al-Shimmari as saying.
  • Lack of funding threatens aid response in Iraq's Anbar Province IRIN 09 Apr 2014 -- Funding shortages are threatening relief operations in Iraq's troubled Anbar Province, where violent clashes have led to the displacement of more than 400,000 people in three months, aid agencies warn.

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