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US problems no to be solved by accusing Iran: Ambassador

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Baghdad, Oct 14, IRNA


Iran's ambassador to Iraq, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, on Tuesday criticized US for anti-Iran propaganda in Iraq saying Washington's problems in Iraq could not be solved by accusing others.

Qomi said that the trend of US anti-Iran propaganda in Iraq is against national interest of the Iraqi nation and government.

"Americans have faced serious failures in Iraq as far as they neglected the country's national interest as well as cultural features of the region," said the ambassador.

He added that US officials were to distort the image of Iran among Iraqi people, on one hand, and put the blame on Iran for their failures in that country, on the other.

"Whenever US faces a new challenge or deadlock in carrying out its plans in Iraq, like what is happening now in case of the deadlock over the security agreement with the Iraqi officials, it resorts to its failed policy of scapegoating others," he said.

Qomi made the remarks commenting on US latest wave of propaganda campaign in Iraq alleging that Iran is behind refusal of the Iraqi government to sign security accord with Washington.

"Major regional media have recently disclosed that Pentagon has allocated a 300-million-dollar budget to tarnish Iran's image in Iraq," the ambassador said.

He added that four major companies were working on the Pentagon plan to destroy Iran's image in Iraq's public opinion by publishing insulting pictures and installing them on giant billboards and by forcing Iraqi media to broadcast fake movies against Iran.

Asked if Iraq's official media were under the US influence, Qomi said both Iraqi government and its public opinion were aware of US plan to destroy Iran's image in Iraq.

However, added the diplomat, "Tehran has voiced its protest in this connection to Baghdad stressing that continuation of those moves would be against national interest of both Iranian and Iraqi people and their governments."

Qomi said that Iran expected Iraq to take measures to maintain valuable achievements made in the field of Iran-Iraq relations.

"The people and government of Iraq have consistently emphasized Iran's positive role in restoring peace and stability to Iraq," said the ambassador.

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