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Iran criticizes US for scapegoating others for Iraq policy failure

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

New York, April 29, IRNA
Iran-US-Security Council
Iranian Ambassador to United Nations dismissed "certain baseless allegations" made by representative of the United States at the Security Council meeting against Iran on April 28.

In a letter to President of the Security Council Mr. Dumisani Shadrack Kumalo, Mehdi Danesh-Yazdi said, "I would be grateful if you could bring the content of the letter and its annex to the attention of the members of the council, and to circulate it as a document of the Security Council."

Danesh-Yazdi said in his letter: "The Security Council heard, today, certain unfounded allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran by the representative of the United States. Since the format of the meeting of the Security Council did not allow us to express our views on the said allegations through making a statement in the Council's meeting.

"We reject the groundless allegations made against Iran by the US representative in today's meeting of the Council. It is not the first time that the international community is witness to the United States baseless allegations and even its fabrication of so-called evidences against other nations, in order to pursue certain ill-intended and politically motivated national goals.

"To date the United States has not ever come up with any single reliable evidence that would corroborate its claims against Iran - simply because there are not any such evidences and because these allegations are totally unfounded.

"Iran has, time and again, condemned all acts of violence and terrorism in Iraq. It has strongly condemned the attacks on the Green Zone where the Iraqi government's offices and diplomatic missions are located, as it has condemned the attacks on residential areas in Iraq, including those in Sadr city and Basra.

"Iran has also unambiguously supported the Iraqi Government's efforts against outlaw gangs in the country. Iran has itself been subject to terrorism and suffered from terrorist acts committed in and originated from Iraq, due to the tacit and explicit support extended by the US governments to certain terrorist groups stationed and operating in Iraq.

"Undoubtedly, as an immediate neighbor, Iran stands to highly benefit from stability, security and prosperity in Iraq, as it will immensely suffer from insecurity and instability in that country.

Iran's best interest lies in a democratic and prosperous Iraq at peace with itself and with its neighbors. The Islamic Republic of Iran has taken significant steps at the highest level to strengthen partnership and cooperation with Iraq. As it is mentioned in the latest report of the Secretary General, Iran's President has been the highest ranking official from the region who has visited Iraq to promote the friendly and brotherly relations that so happily exists between our two countries. We have already implemented many short term and long term programs aimed at promoting economic cooperation between the two countries in various areas such as development, energy, education, health, industry, transportation, investment, trade, tourism, financing and many other areas, and are actively in the process of implementing more such projects.

"Iran has also pledged $10 million to Iraq's Reconstruction Fund, while a line of credit of one billion dollars has also been allocated to cover the implementation of economic plans.

Iran's support to the Iraqi political process and its efforts to assist Iraqis in their quest for peace, national harmony and reconstruction has been unabated and will remain unreserved.

In view of the above and given Iran's constructive and transparent policies and practices towards Iraq, it is ridiculously false to suggest that the Islamic Republic of Iran would take any steps that would contribute to the insecurity in Iraq.

It is not the first time that the US Government maliciously insists on demonizing Iran for Iraq 's problems through a futile effort to obfuscate the real sources of the instability in Iraq -- that is the continuation of foreign occupation and certain wrong policies and practices on the part of the occupying forces.

Instead of scapegoating others for US's policy failures in Iraq, the US Government should address its own wrong policies and practices in the country in an honest and sincere manner, and desist from deceiving its own public opinion and that of the international community, the letter said.


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