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Hosseini calls for US to change attitude for useful Iran-US talks

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, May 27, IRNA
Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said Sunday the two parties can be hopeful about outcome of upcoming Iran-US talks on Iraq security if the US shifts attitude.

Hosseini was addressing domestic and foreign reporters at his weekly press conference on talks planned to be held between Iran and the US on Iraq security in Baghdad on May 28.

"If the US has necessary determination and political will, accepts its responsibilities and make shift from its previous attitude, we can be hopeful about outcome of talks to be held on Iraq," he said.

"We should not forget that talks will be held about security in Iraq at the request of Iraqi officials.

"Iran accepted the US formal request for talks on Iraq security due to its sense of responsibility to stop the alarming bloodbath and ease pains of the Iraqi people," he added.

The spokesman stated, "We cannot put certain facts together and claim no step can be taken."

He said that it was not right to speculate over the outcome of upcoming talks on Iraq security.


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