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MP: Attack on Iran's consulate in Arbil obvious violation of int'l laws

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Semnan, Jan 14, IRNA
MP from Semnan, Abdolreza Torabi, here Sunday said that the recent attack on Iranian Consulate in the Iraqi city of Arbil is a clear violation of international laws.

He told IRNA that such a measure was against international laws and is not approved by any of the countries, which are committed to principles and regulations, adding that China and Russia are among he countries severely condemning the move.

"People's representatives to Majlis have condemned the hostile measure and call for a severe approach to those responsible for the move by the government and Foreign Ministry.

"Meanwhile, they expect quick measures to be taken in this regard to determine the destiny of the kidnapped Iranian diplomats," he added.

Turning to the US failure in its challenge against Iran ever since the victory of Islamic Revolution, he said that Iran's achievements in the nuclear field forced the US to antagonize Iran by resorting to pressure.

Saying that by such a move the US aims to cause challenge in the Iran's relations with Iraqi government and create chaos in the country, adding that the US intends to show off its power in the Middle East region.

Torabi pointed to the trade relations between Iran's Kurdestan and Iraq's Kurdistan, he said, "Iraqi Kurdistan's border is most appropriate for such trade exchanges, but the US is attempting to sow seed of discord and cause conflict in the region."

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