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Police recruits reach record number in Ramadi

RAMADI, Iraq (Army News Service, Aug. 22, 2006) – A record-setting 395 Iraqis answered the call at a recent recruiting drive for Iraqi police in Ramadi.

The recruiting drives are jointly hosted by the Iraqi army, Iraqi police, and units of the 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division.

“The tremendous success of the August recruiting drive demonstrates that the people of Ramadi are committed to their own security. We have rounded a corner in creating a stable and secure Ramadi,” said Lt. Col. James Lechner, deputy commander of the 1st AD’s 1st Bde.

To join the Iraqi police, recruits must pass a physical fitness test, medical exam, interview and background check.

Almost 140 of the new recruits recently arrived at the Jordan International Police Training College for eight weeks of training. The remaining recruits will train at the Baghdad Police College. The entry-level training concentrates on such fundamentals as basic searches, community relations, arrest procedures and rifle marksmanship.

Word-of-mouth has boosted recruiting efforts, according to the chief of Jezeera police. Iraq police are increasingly recruiting their family, friends and neighbors, he said, and most recruits request to work in the areas where they live.

In addition to assisting Iraqi and coalition forces, Iraqi police fight criminal activity.

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