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Lincoln Group stories examples

The Lincoln Group

On November 30, 2005, the Los Angeles Times reported that the U.S. military in Iraq was conducting information operations involving secret payments to Iraqi media outlets in exchange for the publication of articles and stories written by US troops. According to the same report, in order to mask the original source of the stories, the Lincoln Group, a US defense contractor, would then be used as an intermediary to translate and then plant the articles in various Iraqi newspapers.

Below are six examples of stories reportedly planted in Iraqi newspapers by the Lincoln Group. These were obtained by The Independent Newspaper.

Story #1

Al-Qaeda Threatens All Iraqis
24 Oct 05
  The chief murderer of Al-Qaeda in Iraq has declared war against all Iraqis.  They have also lamely attempted to justify the murder and specific targeting of innocent civilians. Some violence-driven websites featured the Jordanian Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi’s praise of his heathen deeds. The people of Iraq have had enough.
  “These thugs clearly hate us; they do not share in our national pride or our belief in a unified Iraq,” said one Iraqi. “They only wish to kill our women, our children, our future. We must not and will not let them.”
  Horror stories are told in homes and shops of friends and family members casually murdered while going about their daily business. These people have nothing to do with the war or the epic struggle to defeat the terrorist insurgency. They are simple folk trying to make the best of their lives. How many more suicide bombs have to go off before al-Qaida realizes that there is no room for them in the land of the two rivers? In one particular attack, terrorists had murdered a young boy and stuffed his body full of explosives in an attempt to lure security forces into an ambush. Is this the only future terrorism has to offer?
  Al Qaeda has continued to attack women and children despite growing Iraqi anger over their vile methods. One official said he expects them to continue attacking and killing the innocent because they cannot stand face-to-face against the strengthening Iraqi security forces.
  “Al Qaeda are cowards,” the official stated. “They cannot defeat the ISF, therefore they continue to attack and kill innocent women and children. We will hunt them down like dogs; we will not rest until they are removed from our sacred land. No amount of rhetoric will cool our fury over al-Qaeda. They are the true infidel.”
  The recent success of the referendum vote has shown these self-serving murderers that the democratic process cannot be stopped by vile threats and dark deeds. Try though they may with wanton violence and a hatred for everything good and righteous, al-Qaeda will never break the spirit of the Iraqi people.

Story #2

With the people’s approval of the constitution, Iraqi is well on its way to forming a permanent government. Meanwhile, the under-handed forces of al-Qa’ida remain bent on halting progress and inciting a civil war. The honest citizens of Iraq, however, need not fear these criminals and terrorists. The brave warriors of the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) are hard at work stopping al-Qa’ida’s attacks before they occur.
   Soldiers were conducting a routine patrol in Baghdad on October 24th when they spotted an artillery round encased in concrete. The patrol did a thorough sweep of the area and discovered a terrorist who was in the act of constructing a second bomb. They promptly took the bomber into custody and also confiscated two assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. The troops then cleared the area of civilian bystanders and disarmed the roadside bomb before it could detonate.
   On October 24th, soldiers near Taji received a reliable report that terrorists were stockpiling a cache of dangerous weapons. The troops rushed to the suspected site and secured the scene. After conducting a thorough investigation, the soldiers found over 150 tank and artillery rounds. These munitions are similar to the ones that al-Qa’ida bomb-makers often use to construct their deadly car and roadside bombs. The troops safely destroyed every last round, ensuring that they will never be used in attacks against the Iraqi people.
   Three al-Qa’ida mercenaries in Baqubah were planning to conduct a suicide vest attack on the 25th. Officers of the Iraqi Police Service (IPS), however, spotted them as they drove towards their target. But then something happened. The would-be murderer lost his faith and leapt from the moving vehicle, leaving his comrades alone. The intended suicide bomber panicked and detonated his vest while still inside the car, instantly killing himself and another accomplice. The IPS then chased down and arrested the surviving terrorist. Iraqi firefighters rushed to the scene to extinguish the blaze and clean up what little remained of the bumbling bombers.
   The ISF are a potent fighting force. Day by day, their ranks swell with motivated recruits who are determined to protect their families and neighbors from al-Qa’ida. With each successful mission, they become more proficient and identifying and stopping terrorists. It will not be long before the violence of al-Qa’ida, like the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, is a distant memory.

Story #3

Terrorist attacks often result in damage to Iraq’s infrastructure, but the Ministry of Defense is determined to provide enough security to keep that from continuing. The brave men of the Iraqi Marines are one step closer to take the lead for the security mission at the Al Basrah and Khawr Al Amaya Oil Terminals.
   Recently, soldiers from the 6th Platoon Iraqi Marines completed the oil platform defense training at the Al Basrah Oil Terminal. They are the third Iraqi Marine Platoon to successfully complete this type of training. Their main focus was to acquire the necessary skills to effectively protect the oil terminals. The students trained up to three to four times a day, working closely with the instructors. The intense training they received included how to stand a proper watch, how to work and fight as a team, and how to defend against terrorist attacks on the terminals. When these soldiers assume control of security on the terminal, they will ensure the safety and stability of the maritime environment. These operations compliment counterterrorism and security efforts as well as deny international terrorists use of the waterways as an avenue of attack or to transport illegal weapons into Iraq.
   Oil is the most abundant natural resource in Iraq. The Oil reserve here is the second largest reserve in the world, and thus the foundation of the Iraqi economy. The oil infrastructure sector is unique in that it is the only sector in which every dollar invested, either directly or indirectly, provides direct revenue to Iraq for future reconstruction which helps to build a stronger economy. It is for this reason that terrorists target Iraq’s oil in their desperate bid to destabilize the nation. The Iraqi Marines, however, refuse to let this happen. These troops are eager to take on the responsibility protecting Iraq’s most valuable resource and will not let the enemy take away from the nation’s lifeblood.

Story #4

In conjunction with operation El-Sitar Elfulathi in Husaybah and Karabilah, Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) are sweeping across Iraq in a series of continuous operations aimed at disrupting  insurgent activity. Through diligent patrols, organized raids and searches, vehicle checkpoints and interaction with the Iraqi people, Iraqi Army (IA) units have taken down terror cells and removed dangerous criminals from Iraq’s streets.
   In Baghdad, a quick response to a terror attack led to the arrest of the culprit. On Nov 10th, terrorists detonated a car bomb in eastern Baghdad wounding three Iraqi women. Immediately the ISF responded, securing the area and treating and evacuating the injured. The soldiers quickly examined the site of the bombing discovering evidence that led them to the arrest of the suspected bomber. Because of their quick reaction, there was no loss of innocent life and another terrorist is in prison and awaiting his trial.
   The ISF has quickly developed into a viable fighting force capable of defending the people of Iraq against the cowards who hide away launching their attacks on innocent people. During several raids, terrorists, including several foreign fighters, have been detained and evidence confiscated that has disrupted their plans to carry out more attacks against the Iraqi people. Day by day the terrorist organizations are being reduced. As the people and the ISF working together, Iraq will finally drive terrorism out of Iraq for good.

Story #5
Many facilities were badly neglected during the Saddam Hussein Regime and are in dire need of improvements. The Ministry of Health is providing funds to improve Health Care throughout the nation. In the past two months, Iraqi contractors have completed construction on several Health Care clinics and renovations on many others. Though these clinics are now in full operation, more clinics are still needed to provide the best health care possible to all citizens. The MOH is constantly planning and beginning new projects, the latest of which is the Al Razi Primary Healthcare Center in Tikrit.
   Iraqi workers recently began construction on the Al Razi Primary Healthcare Center project. This project represents a 1,029,700,000 dinar-investment into the well-being of the Iraqi people. Once the project is completed, the clinic will provide the most advanced care available to the residents of Salah Al Din Province.
   In addition to the Al Razi Primary Healthcare Center, the MOH has 167 health clinic projects scheduled for construction throughout Iraq and Iraqi contractors have already begun work on over 145 of these clinics. Just recently, two notable facilities opened their doors to the people. On July 25th, the people of Fallujah celebrated the opening of the Janabi Hospital and on June 27th, city officials in Owja hosted the grand opening of the Owja Hospital. Once Saddam Hussein’s personal health care center, this facility is now open to all Iraqi citizens.
    Ongoing projects throughout Iraq will give health care personnel the quality facilities that they need to treat their patients. The Iraqi government is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all of its citizens.  The Al Razi Primary Healthcare Center  and similar projects serve as testimony to their efforts.

Story #6

Border security is an important topic, especially now with the focus of the nation on the upcoming national government elections. Military operations have stepped up the pressure on the foreign terrorists hiding in Iraq’s deserts. In fact, since Sept 28, over 700 terrorists and foreign fighters have been killed and another 1,500 captured across the country. While the majority of this has been happening along the lengthy border with Syria, the Iraqi government and the Department of Border Enforcement are now turning their sights on the rugged mountains separating Iran and Iraq.
  Elements of the 5th Iraqi Army Division are in the process of securing a stretch of highway running from al- Khalis, north of Baquba, to the Iranian border town of Inganna. The success of this mission will further deter the terrorists ability to attack military convoys and civilian cars. The established presence of the Iraqi Army in the area will also drastically reduce the terrorists from illegally crossing in to Iraq.
  The Iraqi Army has consistently proven that it is a strong and viable force that has become the model of the security forces of Iraq.  With their credibility established in both the eyes of the Iraqi citizens and the Iraqi government, the soldiers have well earned their title of defenders of the land of two rivers.

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