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IRI Embassy denounces British accusations on Iran's interference in Iraq

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

London, Oct 6, IRNA
IRI Embassy-British Accusations
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in London denounced certain new accusations published in some British press against Iran on interference in southern part of Iraq.

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has in its response to those phony accusations stressed that Iran has always maintained a status against aggressive moves in Iraq.

Some British dailies have in their Wednesday edition quoted a high ranking British official as saying that the Iranians have been involved in recent explosions in southern parts of Iraq.

The British official, whose name and position is not revealed, has apparently in a meeting with a number of reporters claimed that the technology employed by the group that has launched those explosions is exclusively at disposal of Iranians.

Iran has categorically denied the strange accusation.

Even the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said Wednesday that while Tehran-London ties move toward freezing, the British politicians seem to assume they will not lose any more interests by accusing Iran of interference in Iraq war.

The British Press Association, too, quoting the above mentioned anonymous official added, "Iran's interference (in Iraq) might be a warning issues by Tehran in response to London's stand towards Iran's nuclear program."
The official is further quoted as saying, "It is natural for the Iranians to intend to convey a message to London, yet the method of conveying their message should not exceed the barriers of diplomatic norms."
It is stressed in Islamic Republic of Iran's response to such new accusations, "It is noteworthy that London's new accusations are made at a time when Iran has, relying on authentic proof, protested against interference of undercover British agents' involvements in the past few months' explosions in southern parts of Iran."
On the contrary, the British have presented no proof for their new accusations against Iran, adds the embassy communique.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi, too, here Wednesday called Britain's claims on Iran's involvement in attacks to British soldiers in south of Iraq and weapon smuggling to that country a 'lie.'
According to Foreign Ministry Media Department, Asefi said, "Britain's conspiracies have been revealed and its scandals in Iraq have made London make up this lie."
Asefi asked the British to present their documents if they have any, adding," for sure there is no document because the British themselves are the cause of continuation of insecurity and instability in Iraq and a source of crisis in that country and are trying to blame others for what they do"
Foreign ministry spokesman stressed that Iran's policy toward Iraq is positive and all Iraqi officials have admitted Iran's constructive role there.


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