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Iraq criticizes Saudi foreign minister statements on Iran

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Baghdad, Sept 29, IRNA
Deputy Iraqi prime minister in reactions to statements by the Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal claiming that Iran meddles in Iraqi Internal affairs said here Wednesday such assertions are "untrue" and "tension-laden." The Iraqi state Television quoted Ahmad Chalabi as saying that the statements by Faisal not only do not reflect reality they could further stir tension in Iraq.

"We call on all Saudis including the foreign minister to instead of uttering such claims, assist Iraqis in establishing stability and security in the country," Chalabi retorted.

He also said the Iraqi government, in order to mop-up the areas of Alanbar, Mousel and Salahuddin from terrorists, has entered into talks with the local people and leaders.

He said that the government will opt for dialogue at first, but, "if we feel that there is no alternatives, will use force to carry out our objectives."
This is indicative that the Iraqi government is preparing for attacks on the three provinces.

Faisal had said during a visit to the US that Iran is intervening in Iraq while the US and British forces stand by.

Saudi Foreign Minister also warned top US government officials that Iraq is rapidly heading towards disintegration and there is a risk of a regional war.

Faisal blamed much of Iraq's ills on US decisions such as designating "every Sunni as a Baathist criminal," he added.

"What I am trying do is say that unless something is done to bring Iraqis together, elections alone won't do it. A constitution alone won't do it," he said.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi said on Saturday that statement of Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal implicating Iran in Iraq unrest was surprising and illogical.

He said that Iran expects its friendly nations not to make such illogical statements.

"We believe when suspicious hands are at work to sow factional and ethnic discord among Muslims in Iraq and the entire region, we should not do in a such way as to enable enemies of Islam to take advantage of differences," Asefi said.


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