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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

From the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

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Monday, April 18, 2005

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·         Four gunmen reported killed, 11 arrested south of Baghdad
·         US forces fire "live bullets" to disperse protests over wages - TV
·         Al-Iraqiyah TV broadcasts more 'confessions'
·         Confusion over security forces assault on reported hostage-takers
·         Iraqi major shot in western Baghdad
·         Details emerge of police officer shooting
·         Al-Sharq al-Awsat
·         Al-Bayyinah
·         Al-Adalah
·         Al-Mada
·         Al-Sharq al-Awsat [From commentary by Jabir Habib Jabir]:
·         Al-Bayyinah [From editorial]:
·         Al-Adalah [From commentary by Hamzah al-Shamkhi]:
·         Programme summary of Al-Sharqiyah TV news 17 April 05
·         Programme summary of Al-Iraqiyah TV news 17 April 05
·         www.peyamner.com
·         Kurdistani Nwe, daily newspaper issued in Sulaymanya by PUK
·         Khabat daily issued in Erbil by the KDP
·         KurdistanObserver.com

IRAQI NEWS, 17 April 05
Four gunmen reported killed, 11 arrested south of Baghdad
US and Iraqi forces have killed four gunmen and arrested 11 others during raids in towns south of Baghdad, Al-Sharqiyah TV reported on 17 April. An Iraqi army source said that a joint US-Iraqi force, backed by tanks and helicopters, raided seven areas in the towns of Jurf al-Sakhr and Al-Iskandariyah in Babil Governorate, south of Baghdad and seized a number of light and medium weapons. A number of houses used by gunmen were destroyed. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 17 Apr 05)
US forces fire "live bullets" to disperse protests over wages - TV
US forces on 17 April fired live bullets and tear gas at a crowd gathering in front of the Al-Anbar Police Directorate in Al-Ramadi to demand payment of salary arrears, Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 17 Apr 05)
Al-Iraqiyah TV broadcasts more 'confessions'
Al-Iraqiyah TV on 17 April broadcast what it said were confessions made by a group of Iraqi insurgents. One of the insurgents - who were shown sitting against a poster carrying the name of the Diala police department - gave an account of how members of his group, Ansar al-Sunna, killed an Iraqi officer and an election official. The interrogator lambasted him for killing Iraqis serving their country under the false pretence of jihad. (Al-Iraqiyah TV, Baghdad, in Arabic 17 April 05)
Confusion over security forces assault on reported hostage-takers
Iraqi security forces said they had surrounded the town of Mada'in, south of Baghdad, following reports that armed Sunni Muslims had kidnapped Shi'i families and threatened to kill them, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported on 17 April. The caretaker prime minister, Iyad Allawi, appealed for calm, and officials said Iraqi troops were searching the town for militants and hostages. (Al-Sharqiyah 17 Apr 05)
Qasim Dawud, outgoing minister of state, said in an interview on Qatari Al-Jazeera TV that the situation was under the control of Iraqi and multinational troops, and denied that hostages had been taken. (Al-Jazeera)
AFP news agency, however, reported a defence ministry official as saying that police forces, backed by coalition forces, had entered the town at 0900 local time (0500 gmt) and encountered "severe resistance from the terrorists". The same source said that 10 to 15 families held hostage by the gunmen had been freed in the operation and that the clashes were continuing. The agency reported Capt Haitham Mohammad of the Iraqi army as saying that the Sunnis had detained more than 80 people, including women and children, and they are threatening to kill them unless the Shias leave the town. (AFP)
Iraqi major shot in western Baghdad
In Baghdad, Maj Amar Hasan from the Iraqi police special forces was killed by unidentified gunmen in the Al-Iskan district in western Baghdad, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. (Al-Sharqiyah 17 Apr 05)
Details emerge of police officer shooting
Gunmen attacked and killed an Iraqi police officer in Mosul early on 17 April, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. Policeman Maj Muhammad Fathi said that Col Yunus Mahmud al-Jawari was killed by gunmen who were driving in a civilian car as he was leaving his house for work. (Al-Sharqiyah TV 17 Apr 05)

Al-Sharq al-Awsat
Al-Sharq al-Awsat [Baghdad edition of London-based independent daily newspaper, Saudi-owned]:

·         UN: Iraq turned into centre for drug trafficking destined for Gulf, Europe
·         Iraqi Interior Ministry sends in commandos to rescue hostages held in Al-Mada'in
·         In agreement with Washington and pending Baghdad's approval, EU planning to organize international conference on Iraq in June (AFP- Quoted)
·         Citing detention of over 100 clerics and preachers, Association of Muslim Scholars accuses police of apprehending clerics of Sunni mosques (AFP- Quoted)
·         Allawi's list demanding veto right, its participation in government ruled out by 'alliance'
·         US military recaptures ten out of eleven escapees from US-run prison in Um-Qasr [Camp Bucca].
Al-Bayyinah [Baghdad, general cultural and political weekly newspaper published by the Hezbollah Movement in Iraq]:

·         Alliance threatening, demanding Al-Sistani edict in favour of the poor and the aggrieved majority Plan to boost Talabani, contain, marginalize Barzani to ward off his anti-alliance conspiracies In the run-up to forming a new government, terrorist scheme to foment civil war by resorting to random killing Despite US and sectarian pressures, alliance wrests interior portfolio for Bayan Jabr Jalal Talabani to visit Syria soon to put an end to terrorist infiltration, remind Bashar of [his father] Hafiz Al-Asad's stances Al-Ja'fari to visit Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Emirates soon Leader of commando forces vows to weed out terrorists from Al-Dawrah, Al-Saydiyah, Al-Ghazaliyah Al-Hillah massacre costs Jordanian government's head.
Al-Adalah [Baghdad, general political daily newspaper published by the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq]:
·         National Assembly Speaker says cabinet line-up not on agenda for today's session (AFP- Quoted)
·         Al-Bayati: Statements by Sharif Ali Bin-al-Husayn premature (Agencies- Quoted) ..
·         IAEA calls for reviewing sites in Iraq (Reuters- Quoted)
·         Iraqi Army detains group of terrorists north of Ba'qubah (AFP- Quoted).
Al-Mada [Baghdad, political daily newspaper published by Al-Mada Corporation for Media, Culture and Art]:

·         Intensive security efforts in Mosul in anticipation of second week of violence following upsurge involving 14 car bombings, ten mine blasts, with toll of 53 dead, wounded Following successful ambush in Al-Yusufiyah, Iraqi military task force kills Ansar al-Sunnah group leader in Al-Latifiyah Terrorist killed, eight others captured after clashes with police south east of Aziziyah New terms regulating entry of foreigners into Iraq.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat [From commentary by Jabir Habib Jabir]:
"Strongly as one would wish it were otherwise, the commotion engulfing the Iraqi political scene seems to be no more than a struggle for power. The strange thing is to have so much wrangling over positions in a transient government that is scheduled to be superseded by another only in a few months' time - a government whose very ephemeral nature makes it especially ill-positioned to tackle the daunting challenges ahead."
Al-Bayyinah [From editorial]:
"What is going on in Iraq? Are we witnessing the implementation of an US deal with Iraqi sectarians backed up by regional Arab powers at the expense of the majority of Iraqis with the aim of dissipating the latter's political victory? Or is it that Washington has finally come against the terms of the Iraqi street power and its supreme religious authority incarnated in Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani?"
Al-Adalah [From commentary by Hamzah al-Shamkhi]:
"We are beginning to hear of new additions to the Iraqi political lexicon these days, like the now much used term 'honest resistance'. But, where is this 'honest resistance', may we ask? Where are its leaders and what exactly is their political agenda? Who are their guardians and why do they not have an official spokesman to speak for them? Why is it that they refuse to denounce terrorism and why is it that they lack public support? Amnesty for criminals involved in atrocities against the public is something for Iraqi courts to decide. It cannot be sought through political statements and public speeches as in the bad old days under the former dictator."
Programme summary of Al-Sharqiyah TV news 17 April 05
·         US base near Al-Ramadi comes under attack, Iraqi police conduct raid in the town in response to the attack ...
·         Iraqi assembly holds session, first half of session discusses lack of security in Iraq; video shows footage from the session ...
·         Traffic jams in Baghdad as a result of tight security measures, US forces visible around green zone; video shows clogged streets, heavy traffic ...
·         Iraqi list says it has not received any guarantees on several key cabinet posts ...
·         Outgoing Prime Minister Iyad Allawi warns against attacks on civilians in Al-Mada'in, calls for an end to all violence there ...
·         US and Iraqi forces begin operation to restore stability to Al-Mada'in ...
·         Turkey says meeting of foreign ministers of Iraq's neighbours to be postponed until the end of the month, Iraqi foreign minister says Iraq's neighbours not doing enough to secure their borders to prevent the infiltration of terrorists into Iraq ...
·         Iraqi education ministry announces the hiring of 95,000 new teachers; ministry aims to build 500 new schools this year ...
·         US forces disperse demonstration by police forces calling for their salaries to be paid ...
·         The Philippines to investigate the sending of workers to Iraq despite the government ban
·         A centre to be established to deal with the issue of terrorism in Iraq; video report on the conference, political and religious figures take part in the discussion ...
·         Unknown group assassinates police official in Al-Anbar province, police officer in Mosul assassinated, other developments around Iraq ...
·         US, Iraqi forces kill three armed men in raids south of Baghdad ...
·         Bodies of 19 unidentified people discovered south of Baghdad ...
·         Iranian official says situation tense in the Ahvaz region, Arab citizens angry over killing of three Arab protesters by Iranian security forces.
Programme summary of Al-Iraqiyah TV news 17 April 05
·         Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi warns Mada'in terrorists. (0:28)
·         National Assembly votes on proposal on Mada'in hostage crisis. Video report covers assembly sitting, proposal on setting up committee to monitor situation in Mada'in. (1:32)
·         Report highlights Mada'in crisis as focus of assembly meeting. (1:48)
·         Raid to free Mada'in hostages. Video report covers offensive, hostage crisis. (1:49)
·         Iraqis condemn attempt to undermine national unity. Video report covers reactions.
·         Studio interview with member of assembly, Mariam al-Ra'is. She speaks about discussion in assembly of Mada'in stand-off. (3:13)
·         Tight security measures in Baghdad during parliament meeting. Video report shows security force deployed in city. (1:46)
·         Key terror suspect arrested in Salah-al-Din. (0:26)
·         Eleven runaway inmates re-arrested. (0:24)
·         Six policemen killed in separate attacks in Iraq. Nineteen bodies found in Baghdad.
·         Three multinational soldiers killed in Rammadi. (1:14)
·         Iraqis in south mourn victims of uprising crushed by former regime. Video report (2:43)
·         British Secretary of State Jack Straw says UK troops to pull out of Iraq within two years.
·         Report highlights rise in number of Iraqis wanting to join army. (2:12)
·         Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Taki al-Mudarisi office holds forum on role of Islam in writing of constitution. Video report covers discussion, national unity as focus of forum and importance of constitution representing all Iraqis. (2:53)
·         Report on conference held in Baghdad on terrorism. (2:00)
·         University of Mustansiriyah holds photo exhibition of atrocities of former regime. Video report
·         Academics discuss role of civil society. Video report
·         Mini cabinet to be formed in Lebanon. Video report
·         Indian-Pakistani summit discusses Kahmir. Video report
·         President of Palestinian Authority Mahmud Abbas calls for co-ordination with Israel on Gaza withdrawal)
·         Cardinals meet behind closed door to elect successor of Pope. Video report
·         Japan foreign minister in Beijing to defuse crisis with China. Video report (1:27)
·         Soyuz spaceship docks with ISS. Video report
·         Business bulletin. Projects to improve services in Iraq. Water pipelines upgraded across Iraq. Ziqar river cleared by Iraqi experts.
Updates from the Kurdish Press, 17 April 2005
www.peyamner.com <http://www.peyamner.com>      

About 86% of Kurdistan people OK Massoud Barzani's presidency over Kurdistan Region. The website conducted a poll in Erbil, Sulaymanya and neighboring towns last week. 1,631 citizens, including university students, policemen, civil servants, shopkeepers and unemployed people, were asked if they considered Barzani's nomination for Kurdistan presidency a good choice. About 3% were not ready to answer the question. 11% said Barzani should refrain from taking this position and 86% answered he was well qualified.


With the participation of 300 Kurds, who converted from Islam to Christianity anew, the Kurdzman Church of Christ held its 3-day conference in Ainkawa north to Erbil. As the first church in Kurdish language all over the world, the Church was established in year 2000 and licensed by KRG in 2003. It held its first conference In Koya town last year. .on the difference between this church and others in the area, preacher Dlear Abdulkarim, says; ``There is only one difference; our church is 5 years old while the others date back to thousand s of years.'' He also thanked the KRG for allowing them to prey for God in their mother tongue. ``All the believers at this church are Kurds. We want to tell the world that there are Kurds who believe in Christ,'' Abdulkarim added. ``The KRG stand was positive. Nowhere in the Arab world license is given to a church whose believers converted from Islam,'' he concluded.
¾         A source from Jalawla town police of Dyala governorate announced last night's capture of 3 Afghanis who had maps of the area and $300,000 at their disposal at the time of the arrest. The arrestees confessed they were affiliated to Ansar-ul-Islam and infiltrated into Iraq through Iran. In Duzkhurmatu town south of Kirkuk, the police arrested last night two Syrian Arabs who confessed they were providing financial resources for terrorist groups. Additionally, the police and the MNFI arrested 9 Arabs in different raids downtown Kirkuk last night on grounds of possible links to terrorist groups. Unidentified gunmen in Daquq town between Kirkuk and Duzkhurmatu abducted a Kurdish taxi driver from Khanaqeen.

Kurdistani Nwe, daily newspaper issued in Sulaymanya by PUK

A ``special source'' from the Iraqi Health Ministry disclosed to the paper that a number of AIDS cases were reported in Iraq and the patients were being monitored and treated. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the ``source'' assured that the number of the cases was limited, and the situation was controllable with an awareness campaign underway. The ``source'' further explained that the disease was transmitted through people with HIV positive coming from abroad while others developed the case from local people.


Friday's assassination of the PUK's Kirkuk TV journalist Saman Abdulla attracts wide condemnation and protests. PUK politburo member Jalal Jawher and other senior cadres of the party's Kirkuk Center participated in his burial. Jalal Talabani's special assistant for social affairs sent a condolence telegram. Many people from Kirkuk, Sulaymanya and Erbil attended his funeral ceremony.
¾         The Iraqi Human Rights Minister Bakhtyar Ameen requested the forthcoming Government to allocate 5% of the oil revenues for compensating the victims of Saddam's ousted regime and terrorism. The Minister also requested the establishment of a special fund for the construction of a hospital for treatment of patients suffering from cancer resulted from the use of chemical weapons and depleted Uranium.,
¾         Mosul people are happy with the improved security in the city.
¾         Turkey will host the next regional conference on Iraq.

Khabat daily issued in Erbil by the KDP

The Iraqi military chief of staff Babakir Zebari announced Mosul city was under control and terrorism would be eliminated.


Iraqi Foreign Minster Hoshyar Zebari expresses optimism for halting all the benefits due to Iraqi external debts. He added that Egypt would also participate in the forthcoming regional conference that to be held in Turkey by the end of this month.
¾         KRG-Erbil Health Minister Jamal Abdulhameed inspected Choman town near the border with Iran and divulged the planned constructed of a 100-bed hospital with a $2.65 million fund provided by KRG.
¾         Arab Chieftains of Wani and Humeira tribes visited the KDP 14th Branch in Mosul and expressed their tribe's support to the KDP.
¾         Suicide terrorist explosion in Baquba kills 6 policemen and 3 citizens in a restaurant where many local policemen frequently have lunch.

www.kurdishmedia.com <http://www.kurdishmedia.com>

KurdistanObserver.com <http://www.KurdistanObserver.com>
Teaching old dogs new tricks
By: Aram Tofi
April 15, 2005
Twenty five years ago when I was caught and imprisoned in Sulaimani by Saddam's regime (Arabs), it was obvious that torture and mistreatment were an every day occurrence. Lucky for me, I escaped and joined Peshmerga, and promised to never go back later I met some Arabs who also fought against Saddam so we had a common enemy. However, I didn't have any anger against Arabs and wanted to forgive and forget. But one little thing that irritated me was that those so called Arab friends could not speak Kurdish. Despite the fact that they were been in the Kurdish area for more than three years. Were they a bunch of stupid camel drivers or what? No, they were not stupid, they simply did not try to speak Kurdish, not even one single word such (baianit bash) meaning (good morning).
It took me a long time to find the reason for this stupidity. I have spent my entire adult life in Europe, and this gave me the insight and knowledge to notice the mentality of Arabs and their religion (Islam) towards other non-Arabs, particularly Kurds.
The recent attitude of Arabs in Iraq, especially from Shiites, shows that something is wrong with their thinking. There are twenty four Arab Islam dictatorships. They have inhabited or invaded the farthest reaches with very high civilisation standards. But now, the Arab country is considered to be the most troublesome anti-progress and poorest country in the world. The irony is there has never been a mass protest against corruption or any popular revolution, however, occasionally some general or military idiot takes power and that is it. UN recently issued a warning to the Arab country for their violation of human rights and anti- democracy mentality.
To be realistic, democracy in Iraq is never going to last long, because as soon the Arab (Islam) comes to power they would establish another dictator in the region. The Shiites already proclaimed that they will establish Islamic and sharia rule in Iraq and even worse they have started to threaten the Kurd. One can only wonder and think. They don't have an army yet, so what are they going to do when they get a regular army. History shows that the miserable life of the Kurd started with Islam's invasion of Kurdistan. Aya Allawi's representative, Abdul Fahd al-Isawai and camel driver Yawar and all other Arab officials will be implementing the same policies as Saddam. They said Kurkuk has never been Kurdish and is never going to be Kurdish either.
When Omar Bin Khatab led the hooligans of Islam that the anfal Kurdistan had begun, they took the women and children as booty, and the destruction of Kurdistan continued with Saddam, It is clear that Saddam was not along, the terrible crime against the Kurd committed by the Iraqi Arabs. It does not mean this is the final stage of genocide; however, the new Iraqi government and Iraqi Arab population are always against the Kurds and their values. Regardless of Shiites and Sunies disagreements, when it comes to the Kurdish issues they always get together and declare the holy war against the Kurds.
Kurds have a very strong position now, which should be used wisely, while the two main parties have total responsibility to secure and create a safe environment for the Kurds in Kurdistan. I'm afraid that Mam Jalal is really not a very reliable person nor has he a reputable position in the eyes of European countries. The lack of charisma, respect, and double standards are his handicaps.
While I am writing this article I hear that Mam Jalal is appointed to be the president of Iraq. This is good and bad I think. Good for the Kurds in other parts such as Turkey and Syria where Kurdish people are considered to be ghosts and non-existent. It might be an inspiration for a new revolution among the Kurd, and a wake-up call for the dictators of countries such as Turkey and Syria. Ironically, in the first speech by Mam Jalal he has described xxx both regimes as good friends of the Kurds and that they are helping Iraqi people. Why do they have to lie in front of the entire world? Some one told me this is politic, and I replied no it is NOT it is the naivety and foolishness of the Kurdish leaders that never learn from the history.
The PUK's TV broadcast KURDSAT descries Mam Jamal's camp through the years, from 1950 to 2005. For an obvious reason the years 66 to 69 have disappeared from the history. This kind of behaviour terrifies us, this is not a Stalin episode, it is the age of Internet, and things do not go away because Mama Jalal and his bodies don't want to talk about it. People of Sulaimaina still remember the Iranian (pasdar) Army Attack on Iranian Kurds which was orchestrated by Mam Jalal. Suddenly, it appears that Mam Jalal is against capital punishment (for Saddam), but he was not against thousands of innocent fellow Kurds. That directive was issued by him. As I mentioned earlier, let's forget and hope for the best. But Mam Jalal's true nature is such, that he is quiet, when supposed to speak, and talks too much, when supposed to say nothing!
After Turkish delegations met Mam Jajal on Feb 2005 they issued a statement: Mr Talabani is a guarantee against the creation of a Kurdish state in the northern Iraq. Again, my concern is did Mam Jalal sell Kerkuk to the Turk to become President? Why is he so quiet about the meeting and why does he have to discuss the Kurdish issue with the anti Kurds and fascists.
Those, and other issues are on the dark side of Mam Jalal, however, we have to wait and see. I'm afraid so far the future doesn't seem very bright.
PS. We can not consider the Turk in the Kerkuk as citizen of Kurdistan they are an immigrants left by the Turk for a couple decades years ago. Just like a Turks immigrant in Germany
I never consider Arabs as my brothers it is really annoying me when I heard Mam Jalal reputedly using Arab Brother.
The Kurds never can have a freedom and peaceful nation unless they can get rid of ISLAM first.

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