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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

From the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

This document is provided as a service by UNAMI. The material is drawn from non-UN sources and does not reflect the opinions of the United Nations, nor can the UN vouch for its accuracy

Sunday, April 10, 2005

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·         $14 million for towns in Iraq's `triangle of death'
·         Baghdad protesters burn effigies of Bush, Saddam (VIDEO)
·         Three guards killed in shrine attack south of Baghdad
·         Two years after: Baghdad is an impregnable fortress- Al-Zaman
·         Democratic movement -Al-Sabah
·         Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah television 9 April 2005
·         Al-Iraqiyah TV 9 April 05
·         Regay Kurdistan weekly newspaper issued in Erbil by Kurdistan Communist Party
·         Kurdistani New daily issued in Sulaymanya by the PUK
·         Aso weekly, issued in Sulaymanya by Xandan Publishing House

IRAQI NEWS, 9 April 05
$14 million for towns in Iraq's `triangle of death'
Azzaman, April 9, 2005 By Mahmoud al-Yasseri

The interim cabinet has allocated $14 million to improve public services in three of the most restive and violent towns in the country.The money, according to Zaki Mattar of Baghdad's Water Department, will go to Latifiya, Yousifiya and al-Rasheed, which are scenes of daily battles between insurgents and U.S. and Iraqi forces.The towns, south of Baghdad, are almost no-go areas for Iraqi troops and police and on Saturday the insurgents killed 15 Iraqi soldiers traveling in an area close to Latifiya south of Baghdad.
The towns are situated in a lawless region, known in international press as `the triangle of death.'Mattar said his department ``will construct 24 water projects to provide one million gallons of water a day.''New water pipes will be extended in the area to carry drinking water even to remote villages in the area, he said.Contracts for the implementation of the 24 projects are ready and will be announced ``in a few days,'' he said.Eventually, the department will lay a nearly 17-kilometer long network of pipes in the three towns, Mattar said.Power and clean water are still scarce in Iraq two years after Baghdad fell to U.S. troops.The reconstruction of the war-ravaged country has yet to start and many Iraqis still drink water directly from rivers and wells.Public service projects in the three run-down towns are in urgent need of rehabilitation.Even in Baghdad, sewage water inundates many streets and mostly flows untreated into the river.But Mattar said his department had executed 211-kilometer long of pipes in Baghdad and the outlying towns in the past year and that 90% of water projects in these areas have been rehabilitated.
(Al-Zaman [daily, independent, Baghdad edition of London-based Al-Zaman] )
Baghdad protesters burn effigies of Bush, Saddam (VIDEO)
Iraq's Al-Sharqiyah TV network showed footage of the demonstrators holding aloft effigies of US President George Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Saddam. Effigies of Saddam and Bush were also seen being burnt on the TV's footage. According to the Al-Sharqiyah report, the crowds' slogans compared the current occupation with the "military colonialism" of the 19th century. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad 9 Apr)
Three guards killed in shrine attack south of Baghdad
A religious shrine was "completely destroyed" and three men guarding it killed by unknown attackers in the Al-Latifiyah area south of Baghdad on 9 April, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. The assailants opened fire on the three guards and stole the contents of the Al-Abd al-Salih Shrine, the TV quoted an Iraqi police spokesman as saying. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, 9 Apr 05)
Two years after: Baghdad is an impregnable fortress- Al-Zaman

Al-Zaman [daily, independent, Baghdad edition of London-based Al-Zaman] a commentary By Adel Taqi, 9 April 2005;
It is wrong to think that Baghdad fell to foreign occupiers two years today.The fall of Baghdad is only a reality in the imagination of countries that have come to conquer Iraq.Their insistence that the city of the Arabian Nights and once the seat of the fabulous Abbasid Empire had fallen to their troops is part of a policy to humiliate the Iraqi people.No people can live under occupation particularly the Iraqis who, throughout ages, have fiercely resisted all forms of foreign presence on their soil.For Iraqis, their beloved city had never and will never fall. A beacon of culture and learning and the light of what is known in Arabic as Madinat al-Salam or City of Peace will never be extinguished.Iraqis now realize how much their occupiers have strived to smother the flames of this seat of learning and wisdom through their deeds and claims.Two years since they landed here, there is deep frustration amongst Iraqis at the way they have dealt with Iraqi affairs.On arrival, the occupiers suspended the whole educational system, disbanded the army and turned a country of 24 million people, which had laid down the seeds of the world's first civil society nearly 5,000 years ago, into a lawless and wild land.Through their stooges, they even wanted to replace the national flag with a foreign banner. And worse, they tried to declare April 9, 2003, a national day. What a shame!
It is not surprising therefore to see Iraqis pointing the finger at the occupiers for almost all the ills they have come to suffer, including the deadliest of terror attacks.On this day, Iraqis of all hues and colors are called upon to close ranks to foil schemes being hatched to divide the nation across religious, ethnic and sectarian lines.Iraqis need to demonstrate to their occupiers that there is no way for them to advance their coups and conspiracies.
Every passing day Iraqis provide ample evidence to the countries that invaded them and the world at large that Baghdad is an impregnable fortress.

Democratic movement -Al-Sabah

Al-Sabah, Baghdad, by the Iraqi Media Network, Editorial by: Muhammed Abdul Jabber

People have understood reasons of electing the citizen, Jalal Talbani as President elect succeeding former president the citizen Ghazi al-Yawer.
One of them replied: this is democracy. Of course he is right since it the real democracy figured by open positions for people when presidents are assigned by electing them. And that means it is not a monopolized by a sole person.
As a result it is one of differences between the new Iraqi state and the collapsed state of dictatorship deteriorated on April 9, 2003.
Dictator regime had not witness any political movement along with 35 years less than political assassination conducted by authority members against each other ended with Saddam's assumption of authorities for more than 25 years in combination with his ministers who stayed in positions that people have kept their names by heart like Taha al-Jazrawi, Izzet al-Douri and Tareq Aziz.
In dictator regimes, controlling political elites freeze themselves. So they nor exchange positions nor clear the way for other external people to go inside the political process even they turn to be depleted from all services they can perform and become a burden on society and state and the result would be internal collapse or external one by popular uprising or external invasion.
In democratic system, positions re opened for people via elections, and political elites are moved in a big trend in internal and external levels.
We now witness the first level of movement when Ghazi al-Yawer leaves the president's position to become a vice-President, like Adil Abdul Mehdi who became vice-President following being a finance minister while Prime Minister would leave the post to Ibrahim al-Jaferri going for a parliamentary opposition and many ministers would turn to be ordinary people.
Finally, remember that the current government is a transitional one and there would be another government next year.

Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah television 9 April 2005
·         Thousands of demonstrators in Baghdad call for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq; this comes on the second anniversary of the fall of Baghdad to US troops
·         Thousands demonstrate in Al-Ramadi, other areas of Al-Anbar province...
·         The New prime minister, Ibrahim al-Ja'fari, begins talks to form the new government, says he will form a technocratic government...
·         Attack in the Latifiya area kills 15 Iraqi army soldiers, many injured; bodies of those killed in a blast last week handed over to relatives, other developments... Armed men assassinate security official in Baghdad...
·         More than 10,000 students in Al-Ramadi demonstrate, call on US troops to end storming of university campus...
·         Unknown group destroys religious shrine north of Baghdad...
·         Famous Iraqi singer Rida Ali dies in Baghdad...
·         US army investigating the shooting of CBS photographer in northern Iraq... Police in central Iraq arrest 26 men allegedly preparing for attacks in area...
·         Police forces arrest three members of the local council in town of Samarra'university campus...
·         Unknown group destroys religious shrine north of Baghdad... Famous Iraqi singer Rida Ali dies in Baghdad...
·         US army investigating the shooting of CBS photographer in northern Iraq...
·         Police in central Iraq arrest 26 men allegedly preparing for attacks in area...
·         Police forces arrest three members of the local council in town of Samarra'
Al-Iraqiyah TV 9 April 05
·         Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Ja'fari pledges less unemployment ...
·         The Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq wants Iraqi List to participate in cabinet ...
·         Iraqis mark anniversary of killing of Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr ...
·         Iraqis call for speedy trial of Saddam Husayn ...
·         Iraqis say day of regime collapse day of salvation and freedom ...
·         Suicide bombing kills two in Mosul ...
·         Two civilians injured in Basra blast. Video report covers blast ...
·         Six thousand civilians killed in Iraq terror acts--Minister of Human Rights ...
·         Tight security in Baghdad on eve of parliament meeting
Updates from the Kurdish Press, 7 April 2005 <>      

A number of employees who used to work for Aras demining organization that was established by KRG staged a demonstration in front of the organization's HQ in Rawanduz (120 km North to Erbil) on Monday. The demonstrators who said they were representing 900 of their colleagues complained they have been sent home since months without pay. They demanded to be assured if they would be accepted back or not. An official from the organization said the employees would be re-employed but for a temporary assignments.


Kurdistan Parliament convened its last meeting today before dissolving itself. The new Parliament is expected to take over next week. PUK politburo member Adnan Mufti, who is expected to become the new Parliament Speaker according to an earlier KDP-PUK agreement, said that the two politburos would meet with other parties represented in the new parliament to set an appointment for the parliament meeting.

Regay Kurdistan weekly newspaper issued in Erbil by Kurdistan Communist Party

The Iraqi parliament elected Wednesday Kurdish Nominee Jalal Talabani as President. Talabani's election at this crucial time is a great achievement for the Iraqi people and an honor for Kurdistan people. This event is a prelude to democratizing the Iraqi community and a major step towards peaceful co-existence of the Iraqi nations and religious groups.

Kurdistani New daily issued in Sulaymanya by the PUK

Today's special issue is dedicated completely to the coverage of Talabani's elections as the President of Iraq. The front-page carried summaries of congratulatory telegrams that Talabani received from UN Secretary General Annan, US President Bush, KDP leader Massoud Barzani, the Emir of Kuwait, the German President, the Arab League, the Danish PM, the Turkish and Russian presidents and others. More congratulatory letters and telegrams, as well as are published in the inner pages. The blanket coverage also included reports on jubilations all over Kurdistan and Europe as it is the first the first a Kurd occupies the post of President and Talabani is the first elected President the history of the Iraq Republic since 1958. Talabani's first presidential address occupies the entire page four of the daily. Page 5 is dedicated to his first presidential press conference. The other pages ran analytic articles on his biography and historic role in the Kurdish history and revolutions against the successive Iraqi governments' decades-long suppression of the Kurds.

Aso weekly, issued in Sulaymanya by Xandan Publishing House

The presidency post is an honor and prestige but not reward, Iraqi President Talabani said in a special a interview with the paper. Our reward is materializing all the aspirations for which thousands of our martyrs sacrificed their precious lives.

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