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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

From the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

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·         Salih says country faces "real political crisis"
·         TV reports people's "disappointment" with National Assembly
·         Suicide blast causes casualties in Baghdad
·         British army apologizes for raid on MP's house
·         TV views port reconstruction
·         TV notes Japanese reconstruction projects
·         Paper accuses BBC Arabic service of anti-Americanism
·         Labour minister cites successes
·         Al-Zaman
·         Al-Adalah
·         Al-Mada
·         Al-Mu'tamar
·         Al-Sharq al-Awsat
·         ``Politicians now belong to all Iraqis'' - Al-Dustur
·         ``Seven months left''- Al-Hawzah editorial
·         Al-Sharqiyah TV news 30 Mar 05
·         Al-Iraqiyah TV news 1700 gmt 30 March 05
·         www.peyamner.com
·         Kurdistani Nwe daily issued in Sulaymanya by the PUK
·         Khabat daily issued in Erbil by the KDP
·         Aso weekly newspaper issued in Sulaymanya
·         Medya weekly newspaper issued in Erbil

IRAQI NEWS, 30 March 05
Salih says country faces "real political crisis"
Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih has said the Iraqi National Assembly session on 29 March demonstrates that there is a real political crisis in Iraq. In a joint news conference with the Ukrainian president's adviser for security affairs, Salih expressed the hope that Assembly's meeting on 3rd April will succeed in electing a Speaker. "Negotiations have made big strides, but they have not been completed. I say that we have a political crisis, and this was obvious during the National Assembly's meeting on 29 March. Iraqi leaders from the various lists are called on to work seriously to come up with a government makeup and combination that will represent the Iraqi will and the various Iraqi trends. However, we cannot ignore that we have a crisis," he said. Salih added that meetings were being held on 30th between the Kurdistan Alliance, the United Iraqi Alliance, representatives of Arab Sunnis and the Iraqi List. "We hope to finish this issue by next Sunday [3 April] as we have held elections and have obligations towards the Iraqi people," he said. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 30 Mar 05)
TV reports people's "disappointment" with National Assembly
"Various sections of the Iraqi people have voiced frustration and disappointment with the impasse resulting from the regrettable decisions of the National Assembly, which the Iraqi people hoped would smoothly elect its speaker and his deputies and pay attention to the interests of the Iraqi citizens, who have long aspired for the fruits of democracy for two full years," Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported on 30th. A vox pop broadcast on the TV showed one man saying: "We pray God that the ranks [of the National Assembly members] will be unified, without discrimination among Sunnis, Shi'is, Kurds, Christians, and Sabaeans. We want a unified Iraq." Another said: "We call on the parties, which we elected and for whose sake we sacrificed our blood, challenged terrorism, and stood against rockets, to expedite the formation of the new government. You can see the current situation in the country. Unemployment rates have grown higher than before, and the government institutions are left to their own devices." (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 30 Mar 05)
Suicide blast causes casualties in Baghdad
A suicide bomber blew up his booby-trapped car in western Baghdad on 30th, killing a civilian and wounding six others but failing to hit a US patrol, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. The explosion took place in Al-Zaytun street. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 30 Mar 05)
British army apologizes for raid on MP's house
The British forces have apologized for raiding the house in Basra of a member of the Iraqi National Assembly, based on what they described as wrong information, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. In a statement, the British army said that its units raided houses in Basra and Al-Zubayr based on information warning of a terrorist act and arrested a number of people. Those held were later released after it was shown that they were innocent and that the information was false. Mansur Abd-al-Razzaq al-Tamimi, a member of the assembly for the United Iraqi Alliance, told the National Assembly on 29th of the "savage" treatment of his family by British forces. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 30 Mar 05)
TV views port reconstruction
Al-Iraqiyah TV reported on 29th that that work is being undertaken to rebuild and maintain damaged warehouses at Iraq's ports of Umm-Qasr, Abu-Flus, Khur al-Zubayr and Al-Mi'qal and to remove sunken ships obstructing waterways. "A large proportion of storehouses and docks have been rebuilt and some sunken ships pulled out, but other sorts of wreckage need international expertise and massive financial resources," an official told the TV. "Iraq's ports have recently acquired the capacity to receive giant ships for the first time since their construction in 1919," the report added. (Al-Iraqiyah TV, Baghdad, in Arabic 29 Mar 05)
TV notes Japanese reconstruction projects
A spokesman for the Samawa-based Japanese force, Lt-Col Kyoda, has told Al-Iraqiyah TV that over the past two years 37 projects have been implemented in the province of Al-Muthanna while 22 others are nearing completion. They include the paving of 47 kilometres of roads, rehabilitating schools and employing 160,000 people as well as upgrading playgrounds and gardens, and supplying villages with water. Kyoda also pointed to the professional advice given to Iraqi doctors and training middle level medical staff. (Al-Iraqiyah TV, Baghdad, in Arabic 29 Mar 05)
Paper accuses BBC Arabic service of anti-Americanism
In an article published in the Iraqi newspaper Al-Mada on 24th entitled "The BBC and the evil excitement", Adil al-Amil accused the BBC Arabic Service of anti-US bias in its coverage of events in Iraq.
"When London radio [BBC Arabic Service] tried hard over past decades to appear impartial and objective through its news coverage and comment on events, listeners listened to it with much trust and respect, although sometimes they disagreed with it and often knew that it was adding poison to its sweet words," Al-Amil wrote.
"However, since the toppling of the dictatorship in Iraq, the BBC has notably been seen, at least from an Iraqi perspective, to have made something of a departure from neutrality in relation to its view of developments in Iraq in particular. It has become closer to Qatar's infamous Al-Jazeera channel and nationalist mouthpieces, in terms of news reporting and political jargon, than to the London radio of old, which was known for its balance and interest in impartiality."
Al-Amil said the BBC had been "deriving information and shaping its political position mostly from sources and 'analysts' that raise the banner of jihad against the Americans" and had been "very keen on adding the 'US-appointed' description after every mention of the phrase 'Iraqi Governing Council'.
"I believe, accordingly, if a terrorist blew up himself inside the BBC... the BBC would not have said, with blood running from its thick head, more than: "A suicide bomber blew up himself inside the British Broadcasting Corporation, killing a number of employees and wounding others, according to an official source who declined to give his name, for impartial reasons!" (Al-Mada, Baghdad, in Arabic 24 Mar 05)
Labour minister cites successes
Iraqi Islamic Da'wah Party newspaper Al-Da'wah on 27 March published the text of an interview with Labour and Social Affairs Minister Layla Abd-al-Latif. She said: "I am happy with what I have accomplished, but I have bigger ambitions." However, she added that "resources are overstretched and staff are not fully prepared and we are still strangled by the old legislation." Abd-al-Latif stated that her ministry has done "a great job and is on the front line". She pointed out that 90bn dinars were earmarked for the reconstruction of Al-Sadr City "The amount allocated to the reconstruction programme is 200m US dollars, of which we have only received 20m dollars," she said. With regard to the families of martyrs executed by the former regime, she said: "First we reinstated the dissidents in our ministry in their former posts and took their years of service into consideration. We have also provided opportunities for the daughters and sons of martyrs and are working to provide allowances for widows through the family support programme." She added the her ministry has sponsored 300,000 needy families. (Al-Da'wah, Baghdad, in Arabic 27 Mar 05)


Al-Zaman [daily, independent, Baghdad edition of London-based Al-Zaman] 12 Jan:
·         Shi'i List rejects candidates of Iraqi List for chairing National Assembly, signals that it will impose its candidates; differences reduce age of parliament and push for change of date for announcing constitution ...
·         Barzani refuses to lead Kurdistan, two parties adopt governmental unification ...
·         Four Iraqis with forged passports arrested in Mexico; Germans warn about Al-Zarqawi's attacks on Europe ...
·         Security of Al-Najaf entrusted to supreme council ...
·         Robots for treating wounded of US Army in Iraq ...
·         Turkey allows logistical facilities for US forces in Iraq, Afghanistan; Mohammed VI, Erdogan discuss bilateral ties


Al-Adalah [Baghdad, twice-weekly newspaper in Arabic published by the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)]
·         National Assembly ends second session; Speaker selection delayed until early next week; [United Iraqi Alliance candidate for vice-president post]
·         Adil Abd-al-Mahdi: Forming new government not easy with involvement of largest number possible of political forces
·         Culture minister: New information ministry in government up to National Assembly Delegation of Badr Organisation in Basra meets Al-Sistani (news agencies quoted)
·         [National Assembly member Jawad] al-Maliki: National accord will be new government's programme
·         Health Ministry reports discloses UN responsibility for Iraqi child illnesses (news agencies quoted)
·         Security source: Iraqi international borders closed (news agencies quoted)
·         Kirkuk local council chief, South Oil Company director escape assassination attempts (Reuters quoted)
·         Criminal intelligence in Al-Samawah capture looting, kidnap gangs (news agencies quoted)
·         Romanian president inspects his troops in Iraq; Growing home demands for pullout after kidnap of three Romanian journalists (news agencies quoted)
·         Report on UN oil-for-food corruption criticises Annan US troops, Iraqi police forces arrest 106 terror suspects in raids throughout Iraq (news agencies quoted)

Al-Mada [Baghdad, daily, independent newspaper published by Al-Mada Media, Culture and Arts Corporation]
·         National Assembly fails to choose president, two deputies
·         Iraqi special forces arrest 139 suspects in Mosul, Ba'qubah;
·         Two car bombs explode
·         Benon Sevan's lawyer expenses not to be paid
·         Pentagon criticised over correct number of trained Iraqi forces
·         Four terrorists killed; Weapons caches seized in Mosul
·         Border police, multinational forces follow up establishment of border posts in Al-Sulaymaniyah
·         National guards secure Baghdad-Karbala road to pilgrims
·         Training programme to rehabilitate jobless people in Dhi-Qar Al-Anbar
·         University students elect their representatives in democratic climate
·         Communist Party leader: Communist seats at National Assembly disproportionate with our historic role, political activities
·         [Baghdad, daily, independent newspaper published by Al-Mada Media, Culture and Arts Corporation]
Al-Mu'tamar [Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic published by the Iraqi National Congress]
·         Iraqi parliament postpones election of speaker to preserve its unity;
·         Personal gains behind delaying National Assembly meetings yesterday
·         Seven-member committee to discuss National Assembly statute
·         Intensive deployment of police forces in Baghdad; Interior Ministry seeks help of former officers [Senior SCIRI member]
·         Ammar al-Hakim: We offered assurances to Ankara over Kirkuk, peshmergas
·         Car bomb detonated in Kirkuk (Reuters quoted)
·         Twenty million dollars from World Bank to fund 15 irrigation projects Transport Ministry officially receives Khor al-Zubayr Port after continued demonstrations ...
·         Ambitious railway plans to develop public transport

Al-Sharq al-Awsat
Al-Sharq al-Awsat[Baghdad edition of London-based daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat, Saudi-owned]
·         Iraq parliament: No agreement on president, government; Sunnis demand time to select candidate Crisis in Iraqi parliament after candidate apologies to hold speaker post; Four winner lists request delay for further consultations
·         UN points accusing fingers to Annan's son over oil-for-food programme
·         Romania forms crisis ring to save three journalists kidnapped in Iraq
·         Bush: Iraqi election an example to follow in Middle East
·         Two mortar bombs land near parliament building; One killed, 17 wounded in car bomb blast in Kirkuk
·         Ansar al-Sunnah Army claims killing three Iraqis working with Jordanian company National Assembly denounces UK raid on member's house Arabs, Turkmen disagree with Kurds over sharing posts in Kirkuk local council (AFP quoted)
·         Iraqi border guards seal main crossing point with Iran (AFP quoted)
·         Muslim Scholars Association demands defence or interior portfolios in new government; [Spokesman]
·         Harith al-Dari: Resistance is legitimate until Americans set timetable for withdrawal [Turkman UIA member]
·         Abbas al-Bayyati: We want two ministries for Turkmen, third aide to PM

``Politicians now belong to all Iraqis'' - Al-Dustur

Al-Dustur [Baghdad, daily independent newspaper in Arabic] [From editorial by Basim al-Shaykh]

"Consuming the time specified for the transitional period on matters that only represent the practical side of establishing a quota system, sectarianism and ethnicity, is a major crime against Iraqis. Politicians should pay attention to a highly important fact, which is, they now belong to all Iraqis and are representative of them all without exception They should understand that whoever joins the [National] Assembly now will not work for this or that sect or ethnic group, nor for any particular nationality They are there as a result of the democratic process that has selected them However, if each National Assembly member remains biased towards his narrow affiliation and favours it to his affiliation to the homeland, this will be something towards which Iraqis cannot keep silent".

``Seven months left''- Al-Hawzah editorial
Al-Hawzah, [from editorial] [Baghdad, weekly religious newspaper in Arabic published by the Al-Shahid Office Media Centre (describes itself as the mouthpiece of the Shi'i seminary)]

"All those who voted in the past elections feel they have been deceived The millions who risked their lives (afraid they might, otherwise, be deprived of food rations) sense they have been bitterly defeated, having seen those whom they elected completely incapable of negotiating the leaders of two mafia gangs for nearly two months after they [leaders] have bared their teeth and intentions Those elected could not form an interim government that has only nine months, of which only seven months are left, a time, we fear, is not and will not be enough to write the constitution If the formation of a new government has taken so long, how much time will they need, then, to draft the constitution which the Kurdish mafia intends to use to blackmail the weak figures elected by people How could they ever persuade those Zionist-linked gangs to give up the oil wells they want as seeds for the economy of a breakaway state?"

Al-Sharqiyah TV news 30 Mar 05
·         Iraqi Council of Ministers decides tomorrow to mark official holiday in country on occasion of Arba'iniyat Al-Husayn ...
·         Shi'i Muslims celebrate Arba'iniyat Al-Husayn; tight security measures taken. Video shows celebration in Karbala ...
·         Iraqi deputy prime minister says yesterday's National Assembly session showed presence of "real political crisis in Iraq". Video shows deputy speaking at news conference ...
·         Iraqis disappointed over failure of National Assembly to elect a Speaker, form government. Report over video shows vox pops, archive footage of Assembly meeting ...
·         Iraqi deputy prime minister, Ukrainian president's advisor hold meeting, agree on strengthening military cooperation. Report over video shows meeting, officials speaking at news conference ...
·         Two Iraqis killed, four wounded in explosive charge blast in area located between Al-Hillah and Al-Diwaniyah ...
·         Unknown gunmen blow up part of Iraq-Turkey oil pipeline southwest of Kirkuk. Video shows pipeline burning ...
·         Gunmen ambush US convoy of armoured vehicles west of Al-Ramadi killing two guards. Video shows map of Iraq ...
·         Document obtained by American Civil Liberties Union reveals Iraqi prisoners "abuse" part of policy, not individual actions. Report over video ...
·         Suicide bomber fails to reach US patrol in west Baghdad, blows up his booby-trapped car killing one civilian, wounding six ...
·         Iraqi army, US forces patrol clashes with unidentified gunmen near Balad north of Baghdad; gunman killed, Iraqi soldier wounded in clash; gunmen in Djayl area kidnap truck driver, kill his Iraqi companion. Video shows map of Iraq ...
·         Researchers, academics study technical education in Iraq; technical education board holds conference, honours several researchers. Report over video shows conference ... Syrian businessman in Romania says kidnappers of two Romanian journalist contacted him demanding ransom in return for releasing them. Video report ...
Al-Iraqiyah TV news 1700 gmt 30 March 05
·         Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih says Ukraine to supply Iraq with arms. Video report covers his talks with Ukraine Secretary of National Security, comments by both, role of Ukraine in reconstruction ...
·         Member of United Iraqi Alliance says delay in naming parliament speaker part of democratic process. Video report covers comments by Sa'ad Jawad Qandil; looks at outcome of second meeting of transitional National Assembly, Qandil saying speaker has to be Sunni, comments by Iraqis ...
·         Vice-President Ibrahim al-Ja'fari calls for speedy naming of parliament speaker and his deputies. Video report highlights splits in assembly over division of cabinet posts among government coalitions, status of kirkuk and Kurdish demands ...
·         Recorded interview with Minister of State Adnan al-Janabi. He denies having been nominated for post of parliament speaker, stresses Iraqi identity rather than ethnic, sectarian loyalties ...
·         Interim Cabinet sets Friday 1 April the beginning of Iraqi summertime ...
·         Millions of Iraqis perform religious ceremony in Karbala amid tight security. Video report ...
·         Worshippers march from Al-Hillah to Karbala for religious ceremony. Video report ... Car bomb near school in Abu-Ghurayb leaves one dead and five hurt. Car bomb in Mosul ...
·         National Guard command in Basra holds training sessions in military engineering. Video report ... New governor takes office in Babel. Video report ...
·         Science exhibition held by Basra education department. Video report ...
·         Students rehearse play on human sufferings under former regime. Video report ...
·         Business bulletin: Iraqi oil pipeline comes under attack. Ministry of Trade halts
·         Australian wheat purchase. Modern centre of car maintenance opened in Baghdad ...
Updates from the Kurdish Press , 30 March 2005
www.peyamner.com <http://www.peyamner.com>      

Kirkuk will be freed from the Kurds and the Americans soon, Awwad Jubouri, a Shiite Arab settled in Kirkuk said in a joint conference of Arab settlers and the Iraqi Turcoman Front held in Kirkuk to oppose federalism and the Kurdish endeavors to reverse Arabization. Yawuz Adil, an ITF official had similar views on the Kurdish plans.

Kurdistani Nwe daily issued in Sulaymanya by the PUK

The Iraqi national assembly convened Tuesday but could not elect a speaker and two deputies because the Sunni Arabs did not nominate anyone after ghazi Al-Yawar refused to take the post. Ayad Allawi's Al-Iraqiya List refused to nominate Adnan Al-Janabi, one of its Sunni members for the post and thus the meeting was closed for journalists. After the meeting, former Assembly Speaker and member of the Kurdistan Alliance List Fuad Ma'asoum said the Iraqi National front Gathering, an umbrella for Sunni political entities and personalities has not identified a nominee for the post yet. Both Al-Yawar and the incumbent Pm Allawi left the meeting angrily. During the meeting, a female member of the Shiite Alliance accused the other lists saying that her list had fulfill all its obligations but the others did not. She recalled a saying by Prophet Muhammad saying, ``Those who delay the affairs of Muslims are not Muslims themselves.'' Ma'asoum reacted angrily such accusations and said that questioning others' belief was not acceptable inside the Parliament House. He further said that all the lists were to be blamed for the delay.


The new municipal council of Sulaymanya governorate convened Tuesday and unanimously elected Dana Ahmed Majeed, a PUK candidate, for the Governor position. Erbil Governorate's new municipal council has not convened. Kirkuk council held a regular meeting in the presence of MNFI representatives. Council members affiliated to ITF and the Arab Gathering left the meeting after listening to a speech delivered by the MNFI representative. The incumbent Governor, the interim chairperson and other members of the council, all from the Kurdish-sponsored Fraternity List tat has majority of the 41 seats, held a press conference after the meeting to express their dismay at the ITF and AG boycott adding that their patience was limited and they would take action of the two sides prolonged their boycott.
¾         The ITF and the Arabic Gathering held a joint meeting on 27 March to oppose federalism and implementation of Article 58 of the Iraqi Transitional Administrative Law (TAL). The two sides refuse sending back Arab settlers from Kirkuk to their places of origin in central and southern Iraq.
¾         The special committee that Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has established to propose ways of compensating the contactors presented its recommendation to the Council of Ministers at the beginning of this month. A committee representing the contractors who were implementing government projects but lost due to unstable economic conditions had visited the Council demanding compensation due to a quick rise of raw material in a way that affected their ability to fulfill their obligations. According to the proposal, part of which published by the daily, contractors who were implementing UN-awarded projects are also eligible for compensation.
¾         A car stiffued with TNT explosives was exploded remotely in a Kurdish suburb of Kirkuk Tuesday morning killing a civilian Kurd and wounding another 18. The trap was set for the Director-General of Water and Sanitation Department in the city escaped an assassination attempt unharmed.

Khabat daily issued in Erbil by the KDP

The condolence ceremonies held for the death of Sheikh Muhammed Khalid Barzani, the KDP leader's cousin and chief of Barzani Tribe continues in the presence of party leader Massoud Barzani. People from Kurdistan, Iraqi and Iranian cities, a s well as representatives of Kurdistan and Iraqi political parties, government civil servants and military personnel, vocational unions, representatives of Christians, Ezidians, Chaldo-Assyrians, Turcomans and diplomats accredited in Iraq attend the ceremonies.


A delegation from PEN-International accompanied by the head of Kurdish PEN visited Kurdistan Parliament House on Tuesday.
¾         The ITF and Ag boycotted the send meeting of Kirkuk Governorate Municipal Council without proper justification.
¾         The Director-General of Water and Sanitation Department in Kirkuk escaped an assassination attempt unhurt when a car stuffed with TNT explosives was exploded remotely in Rahimawa Kurdish quarter Tuesday morning. A civilian Kurd died and another 18 were wounded in the same incident.

Aso weekly newspaper issued in Sulaymanya

The students at Sulaymanya University broke their [weeks-long] strike after receiving a promise that the controversial Ayinda Private University would be shut down. KRG-Sulaymanya Minister of Higher Education and Scientific research Professor Akhtar Najmaddin refuted the shut down news saying no promise to that effect was given to the students. She said that the letter that was issued by the Baghdad-based Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research demanding the shut down of Ayinda University was not applicable n Kurdistan Region. ``This is an internal business of Kurdistan Region and has nothing to do with finance, security and defense affairs,'' she argued hinting that under federalism the only matters falling under those three categories were outside the KRG mandate and should be determined by Baghdad. In this context, students at Ayinda University were denied police license for a demonstration to protest against new KRG measures regularizing admission to the new private university. The students are worried that the new measures would cancel the admission of 166 students while they have only few days ahead of their mid-year examinations. A representative of Ayinda University students warned they would start an open strike if the KRG implemented the new measures. The University president said that the Government should have taken such measures at the beginning of the academic year not at this time.


The drivers working on Kalar-Sulaymanya ways are in strike since last week protesting against the prices set for them by the government. The Mayor of Kalar explained they set the new price after complaints by the people. ``The drivers raised the price during the fuel crises but they refused to decrease it after the crisis was over,'' he explained. A joint committee of the drivers' union and administrative authorities in the area was to make a decision on the issue by Tuesday.
¾         The cooking oil distributed with the food ration causes cancer. The Iraqi Health Ministry requested the Finance Ministry to substitute the solid type of cooking oil distributed with the ration with a liquid type, a source from the Health Ministry told the weekly.
¾         Seven leadership members of Kurdistan Socialist Democrat Party (KSDP, lead by Iraqi Parliament member Muahammed Haji Mahmoud) have left the party so far. The current KSDP crisis began on 20 February when the central Committee decided to upgrade 3 run up members, one of them the son of the party leader, to full membership.

Medya weekly newspaper issued in Erbil

After Massoud Barzani's refusal to assume any position without general election, Nechirvan Barzani will become President of Kurdistan Region and another KDP official to become Prime Minster of the unified KRG cabinet, an informed source announced. The source referred to two trends within the KDP leadership regarding Massoud's nomination to Kurdistan presidency; one asks him to accept the post and the other says that he should refrain from the post and stay as a national reference because the Kurds need one with his qualifications. According to the source, the two ideas are still mere proposals, but if Massoud refrains from presidency and Nechirvan Barzani take the post, then politburo member Jawher Namiq would become prime minister.


Sistani's love message to Turkey and Ammar Al-Hakim's statements on Kirkuk in Ankara please Turkey and annoy the Kurds. During his visit to Turkey last week, leadership member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) Al-Hakim gave a number of statements to the media opposing the Kurds demand for restoring Kirkuk and sending back Arab settlers from the city to their original places in southern and central Iraq.
¾         The Kurds demand too much, member of the new Iraqi Parliament Misha'an Jubouri said commenting on the Kurdish demands for restoring Kirkuk and eight ministry portfolios, including foreign affairs and oil. Jubouri admitted that there were many controversies regarding cabinet formation and the settlement is bound to the Kurdish retract their ``unrealistic demands.''
¾         A source from the security department in Soran town (110 km north to Erbil) announced the capture of two Iranian young men with 4 kilograms of drugs near Haji Omeran border town two weeks ago. Another 6 persons have been captured recently for the same reason.

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