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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

From the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

This document is provided as a service by UNAMI. The material is drawn from non-UN sources and does not reflect the opinions of the United Nations, nor can the UN vouch for its accuracy

Monday, March 28, 2005

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·         SCIRI official among three found dead in Ba'qubah
·         Seven said killed in raid south of Baghdad
·         Air force officer killed in Ba'qubah
·         One killed in Basra port protests
·         Jihadist web site posts execution video
·         Iraqi officer, 3 Shi'i group members killed in Ba'qubah attacks
·         Two "terrorists" arrested in Kirkuk
·         Iraqi TV says seven dead in Iraqi-US raid south of Baghdad
·         Four Iraqis said killed in clashes between police, gunmen in north
·         Al-Sharqiyah TV to start terrestrial broadcast
·         Al-Bayyinah
·         Al-Sharq al-Awsat
·         Al-Zaman
·         ``Iraqi flag and national unity''- Al-Bayyinah
·         Iraq a 'magnetic land' to lure terrorism away from US- Al-Sharq al-Awsat
·         ``Iraqi political performance''- Al-Zaman
·         ``Arab summit, a football match with no spectators''- Al-Mu'tamar
·         Al-Sharqiyah TV news 27 Mar 05
·         Programme summary of Al-Iraqiyah TV news 27 Mar 05
·         Kurdish official survives attempt on his live
·         Two "terrorists" arrested in Kirkuk
·         Updates from the Kurdish Press

IRAQI NEWS, 27 March 05
SCIRI official among three found dead in Ba'qubah
Police say they discovered the bodies of a local official from the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution (SCIRI), and two of his relatives in an abandoned car in Ba'quba, north of Baghdad, the BBC World Service reported on 27 March. It said the motive for the attack was unclear. (BBC WS)Al-Sharqiyah TV said three members of SCIRI were killed by unidentified gunmen in Ba'qubah on 27 March. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 27 Mar 05)
Seven said killed in raid south of Baghdad
Seven people were killed and 11 injured following raids across Iraqi districts south of Baghdad, Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. Sixteen were also arrested in the operations that covered Al-Haswah, Al-Asriyah village, Al-Iskandariyah and Al-Musayyab, north of Al-Hillah. A source in the Iraqi Army said that clashes erupted during the raids, which were carried out by 800 members from the Iraqi forces and US troops, backed by US helicopters. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 1510 gmt 27 Mar 05)
Air force officer killed in Ba'qubah
Gunmen killed a former Iraqi Air Force officer in Ba'qubah city on 27 March, Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. Police said Lt-Col Shamil Ghaffuri was killed while he was sitting in a shop belonging a friend in the centre of the city. The friend, who is also a colonel in the Iraqi Air Force, received a bullet to his leg. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 1518 gmt 27 Mar 05)
One killed in Basra port protests
A port worker was killed in Basra when shots were fired during a protest against management corruption at the port of Abu-Flus, Al-Iraqiyah TV reported on 27 March. Protesting traders and lorry drivers complained about surcharges, bribery and intimidation by customs and police officers. The TV said the protests were prompted by the fact that shipments have been held up and by the increase in duties levied on goods. (Al-Iraqiyah TV, Baghdad, in Arabic 1700 gmt 27 Mar 05)
Jihadist web site posts execution video
On 27 March, "Al-Khattab al-Iraqi," a frequent contributor to Al-Ikhlas forum, available at, posted a 3 minute 45 second video statement issued by Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi's Al-Qa'idah of Jihad Organization in the Land of the Two Rivers showing the execution of a captive Iraqi Interior Ministry officer accused of cooperating with the US forces. The hostage says: "I am Staff Colonel Riyad Kati al-Azzawi, an Interior Ministry official. I worked at the Interior Ministry to cooperate with the US forces."
Iraqi officer, 3 Shi'i group members killed in Ba'qubah attacks
Gunmen killed a former Iraqi Air Force officer in Ba'qubah city north east of Baghdad today. A source in the Iraqi police, who preferred anonymity, said that unidentified gunmen assassinated Lieutenant-Colonel Shamil Ghaffuri in the centre of the city this afternoon while he was sitting in a shop of a friend, who was also a colonel in the Iraqi Air Force, and who received a bullet to his leg. A medical source added that Ghaffuri died of his wounds immediately after reaching hospital.
Three members of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq [SCIRI] were also killed by unidentified gunmen in Ba'qubah today. (Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV on 27 March)

Two "terrorists" arrested in Kirkuk
Following a tip-off, a police force of Al-Wasit Station in Kirkuk has arrested terrorist Si'ud Safwat Jasim al-Azzawi, who had previously worked as a police officer and currently known as Amir in the Al-Tawhid [monotheism] and Al-Jihad Organization, and terrorist Layth Muhammad Ahmad Hamdani. The two captured terrorists admitted to carrying out terrorist acts.
It is noteworthy that the two terrorists have recently carried out a number of terrorist acts against the multinational forces and the police in Kirkuk. (Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) satellite TV on 27 March)

Iraqi TV says seven dead in Iraqi-US raid south of Baghdad

Iraqi and US forces today launched raid and arrest campaigns in various cities and districts south of Baghdad. A source in the Iraqi Army said that 800 members from the Iraqi police and army and the US troops, backed by US helicopters, participated in the operation that included Al-Haswah, Al-Asriyah village, Al-Iskandariyah and Al-Musayyab, north of Al-Hillah.
The source added that during these raids, clashes erupted between the Iraqi and US troops on the one hand and gunmen on the other. Seven people were killed, 11 injured and 16 others arrested.
US helicopters destroyed three houses that gunmen used as fortifications to confront the US and Iraqi forces. (Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV on 27 March)
Four Iraqis said killed in clashes between police, gunmen in north
Four Iraqis were killed and 10 others were wounded in clashes between gunmen and Iraqi police forces in the city of Tall Afar in northern Iraq last night [26 March]. A police source said that the clashes broke out when unidentified gunmen carried out a mortar attack on the police centre in the Al-Qal'ah district in the centre of the city, adding that the police forces returned fire, which lead to a clash which lasted four hours. (Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV on 27 March)

Al-Sharqiyah TV to start terrestrial broadcast
Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV in its second year of existence is to start terrestrial broadcast to northern, central and southern Iraq on the following frequencies: In central Iraq, on UHF channel 48; in the north of the country, on UHF channel 42, and in the south, on UHF channel 44. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 26 Mar 05)

Al-Bayyinah [Baghdad, general cultural and political weekly newspaper published by the Hezbullah Movement in Iraq]:
·         Oh, Master of Al-Najaf, intervene, (we beseech you,) for Iraq is dying and only an edict (from you) can save it!
·         To our National Assembly: Let the winners form the government and let the secessionists go away with their secession
·         New Ba'th plan aims at liquidating Shi'i and Sunni figureheads alike
·         Al-Chalabi to editor-in-chief: Beware of selling Iraq by instalments and shame on us if we could not rise up to our people's sacrifices
·         Minister of interior launches drive to have Shi'i officers sidelined 5000
·         Saddam supporters flee Iraq on hearing news of Interior Ministry portfolio being assigned to Alliance
·         Al-Pachachi seeks deputy PM position as Sunni quarters wrangle over ministerial posts.
Al-Sharq al-Awsat
Al-Sharq al-Awsat [Baghdad edition of London-based independent daily newspaper, Saudi-owned]:
·         Taken by surprise while planning for attacks in Karbala, Al-Hillah, over 100 militants in grip of security forces (Agencies- Quoted)
·         Damascus: Confessions by Syrian aired on Iraqi TV nothing but lies, fabrication (AFP- Quoted)
·         Shi'is consider oil portfolio red line not to be crossed, Shi'i official lashes out at "Kurdistan Coalition", threatens to unveil "covert practices"
·         Lebanon has no objection to having international investigative commission launched.
Al-Zaman [Baghdad edition of London-based independent daily newspaper]:
·         Tons of explosives seized, militant networks dismantled as interior, defence ministries go on full alert to protect pilgrims marking the anniversary of Imam Hussayn's fortieth post-martyrdom day
·         Rockets set for launch dismantled, former Ba'th official apprehended in Balad, with US forces besieging village off Al-Fallujah for third day
·         Ministerial nominations to be announced no earlier than mid April
·         National Assembly quarters say ambiguity engulfing programme of coming government South Korea considers reducing number of its troops in Iraq (Reuters-Quoted)
·         Four civilians killed in Mosul roadside bomb detonation
·         Joint task force detains 11 wanted militants in Kirkuk.

``Iraqi flag and national unity''- Al-Bayyinah
Al-Bayyinah [From editorial]:
"The way our brothers in the north are treating us seems to suggest that, by hoisting their own flag in northern cities, they expect us to succumb to their demands, no matter how incompatible with national unity these may be. Other brothers of ours, having opted for 'the jurisdiction of blood' as their approach to national constants, are waiting impatiently for us to squander away the hard-earned victory we scored at the last elections so that they could prove, at least to their own 'mujahidin' [holy warrior] mercenaries, that they have been right all along. This, while the occupier, the true wielder of political clout, is covertly keeping his heavy club poised to abort any serious move towards Iraqi sovereignty and independence."
Iraq a 'magnetic land' to lure terrorism away from US- Al-Sharq al-Awsat
Al-Sharq al-Awsat [From commentary by Jabir Habib Jabir]:
"It is the destiny of Iraqis that their homeland has been turned by the Americans into a 'magnetic land' to lure terrorism away from US soil and ward off potential terrorist threats to US security. It is also their fate that their homeland has been chosen by regional and international anti-American forces, including the mujahidin, as the main battle ground where the US enterprise to transform the region is to be foiled and the decisive battle between the faithful and the infidels is to be staged, apparently on the assumption that Iraqi air space provides the only direct passage to heaven."
``Iraqi political performance''- Al-Zaman
Al-Zaman [From editorial]:
 "If Iraqi political performance continues in this way - with such fierce wrangling over who gets the most lucrative portfolios involving the best chances of profiteering and such frenzied competition for security-related ministries that would cover up schemes to settle old scores with political rivals - then the country is certainly heading for a future far bleaker than its already bleak present."
``Arab summit, a football match with no spectators''- Al-Mu'tamar
Al-Mu'tamar [From commentary by Abd-al-Jabbar al-Itabi]:
"The Arab rulers left the last Arab summit meeting in Algiers like footballers out of a match, each having scored a goal against its own team out of a self-granted penalty kick, just to prove how good a shot he is. The funny thing about this particular match was that there were no spectators watching."


Al-Sharqiyah TV news 27 Mar 05
·         US drone crashes near Balad according to US sources ...
·         Kurdish democratic party official survives assassination attempt north of Baghdad ...
·         Allawi warns against involving religious authorities in politics; National Assembly members of the Iraqi list continues to discuss political developments ...
·         Kurdish patriotic union announce they have reached agreement with the United Iraqi Alliance to keep the peshmerga as a special force for the protection of Kurdistan ...
·         Karbala authorities increase security measures ahead of Shi'i religious festival ...
·         Iraqi and US forces launch attacks against insurgents south of Baghdad ...
·         US forces withdrew today from headquarters of Glass company in Al-Ramadi ...
·         People in Al-Anbar Province complain about US forces treatment of civilians and the damage to their houses ...
·         Four Iraqis killed, 10 injured in clashes with Iraqi police in Tall Afar, northern Iraq ...
·         Former Iraqi Air Force officer killed by armed men in Ba'qubah; three members of the SCIRI killed today by unknown armed men in Ba'qubah ...
·         Iraqi Christians celebrate Easter ...
·         Iraqi police arrest gang trading in arms and drugs in Al-Diwaniyah ...
·         Dutch forces begin withdrawing from Al-Muthanna, hand over area to British forces ...
·         New military documents show more prisoner abuse in Iraq by US forces ...
·         Iraqi agricultural engineers and experts discuss agricultural issues

Programme summary of Al-Iraqiyah TV news 27 Mar 05
·         Jordan envoy renews Amman apology over Al-Hillah attack; says in meeting with National Security Adviser Muwaffaq al-Rubay'i victims of attack to be compensated. Video report talks between Jordan envoy and Al-Rubay'i. (2:06)
·         Member of National Assembly says meeting of assembly on Tuesday 29 March. Video report covers Jawad al-Maliki comments. (0:24)
·         Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi sets no conditions for participating in new cabinet. (0:24)
·         Iraqi List says it is not responsible for delayed announcement of new cabinet. Video report covers its stance. (2:25)
·         Democracy conference held in Baghdad. Video report (2:35)
·         UN envoy in Al-Najaf for talks with Shi'i marja Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. Video report highlights meeting, his comments after talks. (1:45)
·         Recorded interview with Abbas al-Bayati, assembly member. He speaks about agenda of next sitting of parliament; says speaker to be Sunni Arab, government to be representative of all groupings. (3:40)
·         Christians celebrate Easter. Video report covers church service in Baghdad. (2:59)
·         Report on another Easter service held in Basra. (1:41)
·         Syriac Catholics bishop prays for peace. Video report covers his comments (1:00)
·         Mortar cache found in Baiji; multinational unmanned plane crashes (0:30)
·         Shi'i worshippers march to Najaf for religious festival. Video report
·         Traders protest outside Abu-Flus port in Basra against corruption. Video report covers protest marred by shooting in which man was killed, trader complaining about police, government corruption. (1:44)
·         Iraqis enjoy relative calm in Mosul. Video report covers spring celebrations. (1:29)
·         Ex-premier, Muhammad al-Sadr, subject of Master degree thesis. Video report (2:00)
·         Women's conference held in Arbil. Video report (1:59)
·         Workshop for Iraqi press held by International Union of Journalists. Video report (1:50)
·         Blast in Beirut. Video report US condemns blast. (2:14)
·         Syria pulls out from Lebanese positions. Video report (0:21)
·         Lord Callaghan dies. Video report (0:18)
·         Rebels attack Thai train. Video report (0:18)
·         California desert blooms due to unexpected floods. Video report (1:54)
·         Business bulletin. Iraq transparency body pledges crackdown on sleaze. Report on growing demand for medical equipment. Modern phone network installed in Basra.

Kurdish News & Updates from the Kurdish Press 27 Mar. 05

Kurdish official survives attempt on his live
Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) newspaper Khabat on 27 March reported that while the head of KDP's Branch-3 in Kifri, Najat Hasan, was travelling back from Kifri the previous day, a mine detonated under his vehicle injuring one peshmerga. The incident caused no other casualties. (Khabat, Arbil, in Sorani Kurdish 27 Mar 05)
Two "terrorists" arrested in Kirkuk
Police in Kirkuk have arrested two people suspected of carrying out terrorist acts, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) satellite TV reported on 27 March. Si'ud Safwat Jasim al-Azzawi, a former police office "who is known as Amir in Al -Zarqawi's Al-Tawhid and Al-Jihad Organization, and Layth Muhammad Ahmad Hamdani have recently attacked multinational forces and the police in Kirkuk," the TV said. (Kurdistan Satellite TV, Salah-al-Din, in Sorani Kurdish 27 Mar 05)

Updates from the Kurdish Press

All the papers and websites, as well as TV and radio stations reported the death of Sheikh Muhammed Khalid, the KDP leader's cousin and leading figure of Barzan Tribe at the age of 82 on Friday.
Khabat and Kurdistani Nwe dailies reported the death of 4 Kurds in Mosul when a timed bomb set by a roadside for the US troops exploded Saturday evening. In Kirkuk, an unidentified gunman fired at a Kurdish café in Qadisiya quarter on purpose before escaping. The incident resulted in the death of one youth and injury of another three. The police arrived at the scene soon and opened investigation into the matter. <>


A KDP leadership member escaped an assassination attempt in Kirkuk. Najat Hassan, politburo member n charge of the KDP 3rd Branch in Kirkuk was coming back from a funeral in Kirfri town when a timed bombe set by the roadside exploded near his convoy. One of his bodyguards sustained light injuries.


In a poll carried out in Sulaymanya during Nawroz holidays, 64% of the 250 participants said they were not optimistic for the new Iraqi government to maintain security and invest the country's wealth for reconstruction successfully. About 84% of them considered the Kurdish nominee for Iraqi presidency Jalal Talabani a good choice and 11% said the Kurds shoud have nominated another figure for the position.
¾         The Kurds are trespassing the redline, a spokesperson for the Shiite Alliance said commenting on the Kurdish demand for the Oil Ministry. Muntasir Al-Imara accused the Kurds of prolonging the negotiations unjustifiably and wasting time that should have been used for formation of the new government and provision of services for the Iraqis. The comments came after the postponement of the transitional national assembly's second meeting for next Tuesday. A Kurdish senior official in Baghdad had told Al-Sharq Al-Awsat London-based daily that the talks were prolonged because the Shiites added new conditions to the protocol that was due for signature on Sunday.
¾         Mosul is not willing to enter into a federation relation with Tikrit and Anbar. Fawaz Al-Jarba, a notable Sunni from Shammar Tribe and member of the Shiite Alliance said that Mosul people would not join such kind of separatist projects and prefer to remain as an Iraqi governorate only outside any federal entity. A politician from Tikrit gave a similar comment saying that the people in the governorate were against all separatism attitudes. Al-Hayat London-based newspaper had quoted the Governor of Anbar proposing the formation of a federal entity in western Iraq to include the Sunni governorates of Anbar, Mosul and Tikrit.
¾         Al-Moutamar newspaper quoted Haris Al-Ubeidy, a member of the Association of Muslim Scholars and the Sunni delegation for government formation talks saying that the Sunnis insisted that a Sunni Arab should take the position of Iraqi President. He further said that the Iraqi Islamic Party also supported the Sunni demand and that the party leader Muhsin Abdulhamid's support to Talabani's nomination for the post is personal.

Kurdistani Nwe daily issued in Sulaymanya by the PUK


The Kurds and Shiites reached an agreement on the broad lines of the new Iraqi government and they are expected to sign a protocol for this purpose today (Sunday).e


The Iraqi incumbent PM Ayad Allawi's Al-Iraqiya List is had joined the Kurdish-Shiite talks for the formation of a new cabinet, the PUK leader Jalal Talabani told Al-Arabiya satellite TV in an interview aired days ago. Talabani further said that the distribution of President and PM positions were settled and that a Kurd must take the position of deputy PM.
¾         Latest credible statistics on the Northern [Kirkuk] Oil Company show that despite the fall of Saddam's regime two years ago, the Kurds are still underrepresented and forced to remain minority in terms of fair employment and leadership positions. Out of 11,800 employees in the Company, only 610 (5%) are Kurds while the Arabs comprise 70%, Turcomans 17% and the remaining 8% are [Chaldo-Assyrians] Christians. The Company has 8 directorates and none of them are run by Kurds; 5 are run by Arabs, two by Christians and the last one by a Turcoman.
¾         The killers of Colonel Dashty Aziz and clergyman Mulla Muhammed Rostam were captured in Kirkuk along with another 50 suspected terrorists during a series of raids launched by the new Iraqi army brigade in the city throughout the month of March, Brigadier Anwar Hamad Amin told the daily.
¾         The settlement crisis in Sulaymanya is escalating. A survey conducted by the department of Statistics reveals that 127,000 families share only 68,000 houses.
¾         In cooperation with Kurdistan Dentists' Union, the Iraqi Dentists' Union opened its 25th annual conference in Erbil. 240 dentists from the Iraqi governorates and a similar number from Kurdistan Region are participating in the 4-day conference. The last two days of the conference would be moved to Sulaymanya.
¾         KRG-Sulaymanya pm Omer Fattah opened on Saturday the first festival of Kurdish music in Sulaymanya.

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