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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

From the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

This document is provided as a service by UNAMI. The material is drawn from non-UN sources and does not reflect the opinions of the United Nations, nor can the UN vouch for its accuracy

Sunday, March 27, 2005

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·         Curfew on traffic to be imposed on Karbala
·         PM holds talks with US Congress delegation
·         Al-Iraqiyah broadcasts more confessions from militants
·         Two Iraqi officers, three "terrorists" killed in Kirkuk
·         Arms cache found in Maysan
·         New force to be formed in Samarra
·         Al-Shaq al-Awsat
·         Al-Dustur
·         Al-Mada
·         ``Iraqi politicians; a foot-dragging'' Al-Dustur
·         ``The gates of history are opening up before Iraqi women''- Al-Mada
·         ``Iraq, our first priority''- Baghdad
·         United Nations ``to help Iraqis in drafting the constitution - Al-Sabah al-Jadid
·         ``The importance of constitution in people's daily life''- Al-Bayan
·         "Role of the Shi'i in drawing Iraq's future"- Al-Dustur
·         Iraqis and the US withdrawal (survey)- Al-Manar al-Yawm
·         Al-Sharqiyah TV news 26 Mar 05
·         Al-Iraqiyah TV news 26 March 05

IRAQI NEWS, 26 March 05
Curfew on traffic to be imposed on Karbala
Karbala police commander, Maj-Gen Abbas al-Hasani, has announced that starting 31 March, a curfew on traffic movement will be imposed on the city, Al-Sharqiyah TV reported on 26 March. The move is meant to coincide with religious festivities for Arba'iniyat Al-Husayn, which marks the 40th day after the anniversary of the death of Imam Husayn and his brother Abbas in the year 680. Maj-Gen Abbas al-Hasani, commander of Karbala police, said bicycles and motorcycles would also be affected by the curfew. The city expects to receive three million visitors on the occasion he said. He added that special monitoring centres had been set up at the city entrances and noted that multinational troops will be deployed at these entrances to help the Iraqi security forces. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 26 Mar 05)

PM holds talks with US Congress delegation
Prime Minister Iyad Allawi met a delegation of the US Congress led by David Dreier on 26 March, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. The meeting tackled developments related to the political process in Iraq and the United States' possible contribution to strengthening the democratic process and reconstructing the country. The US delegation expressed the hope that the new Iraqi government would be formed as soon as possible. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 26 Mar 05)
Al-Iraqiyah broadcasts more confessions from militants
Al-Iraqiyah TV aired on 26 March another episode of its regular programme on confessions from detainees accused of being militants. The 60-minute programme included a tearful Iraqi suspect who said he was devastated by the fact that the televised confessions would disgrace him.Another suspect, who said he was a member of the Jihad group, admitted to have taken part in operations against US troops using automatic rifles and rockets. He admitted to having killed 75 people. The TV host expressed shock and heaped insults on him. The suspect recalled an attack on a US military patrol that his group carried out after being tipped off by another group--Jaysh Ansar Al Sunna. Another suspect, a member of Abu Muss'ab al-Zarqawi's Tawhid wal Jihad group, stressed the fact that he killed only one person: an Iraqi translator. The host told him that groups who killed Iraqis under the banner of jihad were the same people who had committed mass killing in northern and southern Iraq under the former regime. (Al-Iraqiyah TV, Baghdad, in Arabic 26 March 05)
Two Iraqi officers, three "terrorists" killed in Kirkuk
Two Iraqi army officers were killed in an attack south of Kirkuk on 25th, an Iraqi paper reported, without giving details. In a separate incident, Iraqi National Guard forces killed three "terrorists" in Kirkuk. (Al-Ta'akhi, Baghdad in Arabic 26 Mar 05)
Arms cache found in Maysan
A force from the Fourth Brigade of the Iraqi Army has discovered a "huge" weapons cache in Abu-Saba village in Al-Maymunah District in Maysan Governorate, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. Acting on a tip-off, the force seized quantities of light and medium weapons along with ammunition hidden on the outskirts of the village. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 26 Mar 05)
New force to be formed in Samarra
The Iraqi Defence Ministry has decided to form a military force - to be called the Al-Hadi Force - to maintain security in Samarra, northwest of Baghdad, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported on 26th. It said the decision followed a meeting between tribal leaders and clergymen in Samarra with Iraqi Defence Minister Hazim al-Sha'lan. The force will replace National Guard members deployed in the city. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 26 Mar 05)
Al-Shaq al-Awsat
Al-Shaq al-Awsat [Baghdad edition of London-based independent daily newspaper, Saudi-owned]:
·         Eleven police commandos, two civilians killed in two suicide attacks, National Guard commander, five women workers killed (Agencies- Quoted)
·         Iraq's anti-corruption body chief pledges to be tough with high-ranking officials (Reuters- Quoted)
·         Washington, Paris supportive of proposed international investigation into [Former Lebanese PM Rafiq] al-Hariri's assassination National Assembly to convene Monday, with Muqtada al-Sadr, aggrieved by Shi'i 'Alliance', complaining to Talabani (Agencies- Quoted)
·         Qatar: Villa used by Egyptian engineer suicide bomber located (Agencies- Quoted) Al-Azhar decree legalizing choice of foetus gender.
Al-Dustur [Baghdad, independent general political daily newspaper]:
·         Estate Bank to begin extending building loans to citizens mid year Alliance, Kurds near agreement on distribution of next cabinet portfolios Al-Hafiz in Amman to prepare for donor -state conference in support of Iraq (Agencies- Quoted)
·         Attempts to persuade Al-Sadr to get ministerial portfolios (INA- Quoted)
·         Al-Sumayda'i criticizes UN handling of Iraqi assets (INA- Quoted)
·         World Bank endorses allocation of 480m dollars to Iraqi ministries Anti- terror demonstrations staged in Baghdad, Basra (Agencies- Quoted).
Al-Mada [Baghdad, political daily newspaper published by Al-Mada Corporation for Media, Culture and Art]:
·         Calm reigns over Samarra Ten points blocking
·         [interim PM Iyad] Allawi's participation in coming government, including de-Bathification, role of religious authorities, security agencies
·         [UN envoy] Ashraf Qadhi meets [head of Association of Muslim Scholars] Harith al-Dhari, stresses UN seeks to have everyone involved in drawing up constitution (Agencies- Quoted)
·         Unannounced US withdrawal timetable sees potential departure of tens of thousands of US troops next summer Drone downed by unidentified gunmen, Wolf Brigade releases 86 detained suspects, detains others in Mosul.

``Iraqi politicians; a foot-dragging'' Al-Dustur
Al-Dustur [From editorial by Bassim al-Shaykh]:
"It is totally unacceptable to justify the ongoing foot-dragging on the part of Iraqi politicians as being necessitated by the requirements of consensus building essential to the formation of a national accord government. Such justification might sound acceptable if there had been no elections. But for all this procrastination to come after elections is a clear sign that our politicians are either unqualified to keep up with the rapid changes that have occurred, or are pursuing schemes that are virtually impracticable. Either way, their conduct has alerted us to the need to reconsider our future options on the basis of our disillusionment with the present experience."
``The gates of history are opening up before Iraqi women''- Al-Mada
Al-Mada [From commentary by Imad Mjid Muhammad]:
"A third of Iraq's new national assembly is made up of women. This could mean a lot, or it could mean nothing at all. The gates of history are opening up before Iraqi women. It remains to be seen how she will choose to make her entry. Will they choose to make her debut as a fresh model for women in the region and the world to emulate? Or will they set just another miserable example for all to see? It all depends on how much initiative, efficiency, perseverance, courage and self-respect they are capable of demonstrating."
``Iraq, our first priority''- Baghdad
Baghdad [From commentary by Abd-al-Karim al-Khazraji]:
"To avoid being relentlessly victimized by spiralling violence, on the one hand, and widespread unemployment, on the other, we, Iraqis, have an indisputable right to seeing a true national unity government formed without any further delay. A government representing all sections of Iraqi society regardless of election results. The hard times we are living through require us all to be selfless enough to give absolute priority to national considerations and focus on the aim of salvaging beloved Iraq as our first priority."
United Nations ``to help Iraqis in drafting the constitution - Al-Sabah al-Jadid
Al-Sabah al-Jadid on 26 March 2005:
carries a report citing UN Envoy Ashraf Qazi as saying, in a meeting with a number of Iraqi press operators, that the United Nations "is ready to help Iraqis in drafting the constitution and reconstructing Iraq." The report also cites Qazi as stressing the role of the press and media channels in "shedding light on the current political situation and the violation of human rights in Iraq."
``The importance of constitution in people's daily life''- Al-Bayan
Al-Bayan,26 Mar. publishes an article by Khadir Abd-al-Shahid Jabbar discussing the importance of the constitution in people's daily lives. The writers believes that the Iraqi constitution should include that Islam is the official religion in Iraq and a source for legislation and that the ruling system is republican, federal, plural, and democratic.
"Role of the Shi'i in drawing Iraq's future"- Al-Dustur
Al-Dustur publishes a commentary entitled "Role of the Shi'i in drawing Iraq's future" by Basil al-Awadi in which the writer notes that all focus now is on the Iraqi Shi'i political forces and the role they will play. The writer praises Abd al-Aziz al-Hakim for his self-confidence and the frankness that he showed in his speech during the first session of the National Assembly.
Iraqis and the US withdrawal (survey)- Al-Manar al-Yawm
Al-Manar al-Yawm runs an article by Sami al-Munsif commenting on a recent survey in Iraq about the US withdrawal from Iraq, in which only 16 per cent of the Iraqi people support the US withdrawal. The writer says that this 16 per cent represents the Sunnis, while the others either reject or keep silent regarding the US withdrawal.
Al-Sharqiyah TV news 26 Mar 05
·         Iraqi defence minister announces arrest of 130 gunmen who were preparing attacks in Karbala ...
·         Iraqi official says security to be tightened in Karbala ahead of religious festival, car traffic to be banned in city as from Thursday 31 March ...
·         Prime Minister Iyad Allawi meets US Congress delegation US forces say they foiled mass escape attempt from prison near Basra ...
·         New York Times says US military official covered up maltreatment of Iraqi detainees ...
·         Two US soldiers killed in Baghdad ...
·         Suicide bomber targets two National Guard vehicles, US forces vehicle. US forces raid women section of hospital in Al-Ramadi. Report over video shows staff at hospital complaining about US troops' behaviour ...
·         US forces impose curfew in Al-Ramadi ...
·         Iraqi army officer abducted north of Baghdad ...
·         US forces arrest two imams south of Baghdad ...
·         Defence Ministry set up special group in Samarra to ensure security ...
·         Iraqi military uncover arms cache in southern Iraq ...
·         South Korea to reduce military contingent in Iraq ...
·         US newspaper says report to find Kofi Annan innocent of involvement in food-for-oil scandal ...
·         Saudi official denies Saudis' infiltration into Iraq ...
·         US, Iraqi forces arrest Ba'thist in Samarra
Al-Iraqiyah TV news 26 March 05
·         Vice-President Ibrahim al-Ja'fari says political participation of all groupings guarantees Iraqis aspirations ...
·         Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi meets US congressmen ...
·         Allawi meets political, religious personalities ...
·         Allawi sends condolence message to Kurdistan Democratic Party leader Mas'ud Barzani for death of his brother ...
·         Member of National Assembly Jawad al-Malaki says assembly to meet on Monday 28 March ...
·         Iraqis concerned over delayed announcement of government ...
·         Iraqis hope new government to fulfil their aspirations ...
·         Member of National Assembly Husayn al-Sadr tells Al-Iraqiyah delayed announcement of Transitional Government "boring", Shi'a marjiyah and Allawi have urged parties concerned to speed up forming of government ...
·         Iraqi troops arrest 130 terror suspects, seize weapons ...
·         Two American soldiers killed in car bomb in Baghdad ...
·         Basra police arrest child kidnappers ...
·         Anti-corruption body to send income declaration forms to officials to ensure transparency
·         Baghdad governor named by city councillors ...
·         Protestors demonstrate outside offices of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, demand housing ...
·         Report says Iraq has only received part of money pledged by donors ...
·         Forum in Basra on problem of land ownership

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