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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

From the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

This document is provided as a service by UNAMI. The material is drawn from non-UN sources and does not reflect the opinions of the United Nations, nor can the UN vouch for its accuracy

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

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·         US forces kill civilian for "violating Samarra curfew" - TV
·         Al-Zarqawi's group reports clashes with US forces in Ramadi
·         Al-Zarqawi's claims series of Mosul "victories"
·         "Conspiracy" claimed in government formation delay
·         "Ambitious" Allawi said keen to retain PM post
·         Al-Fallujah residents receive compensation payments
·         "Insurgents" confess to working for Syrian intelligence
·         Al-Iraqiyah broadcast more "insurgents"' confessions
·         Al-Adalah, Baghdad, twice-weekly newspaper in Arabic:
·         Al-Dustur, Baghdad, monthly newspaper in Arabic:
·         Al-Mu'tamar, Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic:
·         Al-Sharq al-Awsat, Baghdad edition of London-based daily:
·         ``A need for government serving the interest of all''- Al-Adalah
·         ``A day to remember''- Al-Dustur
·         Programme summary of Al-Sharqiyah TV news
·         Al-Iraqiyah TV news
·         Programme summary of KurdSat TV news
·         Kurdistan Satellite TV news

IRAQI NEWS, 21 March 05
US forces kill civilian for "violating Samarra curfew" - TV
US forces killed an Iraqi civilian in the city of Samarra, north of Baghdad, on the night of 20 Mar, and wounded another for "on the pretext of violating the curfew", Al-Sharqiyah Television said on 21 Mar. Eyewitnesses told the TV the deceased "did not leave the entrance of his home where he was watering plants in a small plot in front of his house when the US patrols opened fire". The TV said US forces imposed a night curfew on Samarra "on the pretext of providing security and stability and preventing gunmen from moving in the dark". (Al-Sharqiyah Television 0902 gmt 21 Mar 05)
Al-Zarqawi's group reports clashes with US forces in Ramadi

Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi's group has claimed responsibility for clashes with US forces in Ramadi the previous day. On 21 March, "Khalid al-Harbi", an infrequent participant in The Lion's Den forum, posted a statement in the name of Al-Zarqawi's al-Qa'ida of Jihad Organization in the Land of the Two Rivers, saying that the group's fighters had "inflicted heavy losses on the infidels and caused them to suffer heavy casualties."

Al-Zarqawi's claims series of Mosul "victories"

Al-Zarqawi's Group has said it won "series of victories" in Mosul. "Qasim," a prolific contributor to the Islamic Renewal Organization website, in a statement issued on 21 March in the name of Al-Zarqawi's Al-Qa'idah of Jihad Organization in the Land of The Two Rivers reported the following operations: 1. A car bomb attack on an American convoy on 18 March, in an armoured vehicle and a Hummer were destroyed and their crews killed. 2. The shelling of the National Guard in Tall Afar with five Katyusha missiles. 3. The killing of a contractor working for the US forces by hand grenade

"Conspiracy" claimed in government formation delay

The Independent National Bloc has threatened make public the "secrets of the ongoing negotiations" between the National Assembly blocs "if a government is not formed during this week", London-based newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat reported on 21 March. Salam al-Maliki, the leader of the Independent National Bloc (that has 23 members who are supporters of Al-Sadr tendency), accused the other blocs of hatching conspiracies to delay the formation of the government" and threatened to "expose to the Iraqi people what is going on in secret" if a decision is not made in the week.
He also accused the US and neighbouring countries of inciting the blocs in the UIA against each other". Their aim "is to exclude the Islamists from power in Iraq. Al-Maliki described the Kurdish list as "opportunist", adding that they have stated openly that this stage is an opportunity that should be exploited. He criticized them for leaving things in Baghdad pending and going to Kurdistan to celebrate the Nowrouz festivities. (Al-Sharq al-Awsat, in Arabic 21 Mar 05)

"Ambitious" Allawi said keen to retain PM post

Asad al-Fili, member of the Shi'i Political Council, has accused outgoing Prime Minister Iyad Allawi "of seeking to impede any agreement between the parliamentary blocs". He told Al-Sharq al-Awsat that Allawi is very ambitious and is keen to renew his term during the transitional period. Al-Fili also called on the Kurds to delay some of their "sensitive" demands until after the transitional stage because of the absence of an important sector of Iraqis, the Sunni Arabs, who boycotted the elections. He pointed out that the Kurds' demands do not concern the United Iraqi Alliance alone. (Al-Sharq al-Awsat, in Arabic 21 Mar 05)

Al-Fallujah residents receive compensation payments

Residents of Al-Fallujah have received the first batch of compensation payments for building damage caused during the military operation in the city last year, Al-Iraqiyah TV reported on 21 March. The first batch is 20 percent of the total compensation they can expect. A member of the compensation committee told the TV that the money will be paid directly to the individual concerned once they identify themselves by showing either an identity card, a food rationing certificate, a citizenship certificate or any other official documents. Those who have lost family members will receive the payment upon submitting proof of death and a power of attorney. (Al-Iraqiyah TV, Baghdad, in Arabic 21 March 05)

"Insurgents" confess to working for Syrian intelligence

On 21 March Al-Iraqiyah broadcast more confessions of insurgents at 1800 gmt. In the programme, which lasted 90 minutes, a mix of Iraqi middle-aged and young terror suspects were interrogated. Most of them admitted to having been trained by the Syrian intelligence agency, saying they worked as agents for a monthly payment of 1,500 dollars each. (Al-Iraqiyah TV, Baghdad, in Arabic 21 March 05)

Al-Iraqiyah broadcast more "insurgents"' confessions

Al-Iraqiyah TV aired a 50-minute interrogation on 20 March of a terror suspect named Ramsi Hashim Fuad, who was arrested in Al-Najaf.
Fuad said he joined the terror group, Ansar al-Islam, in Halabja by his own free will. He worked as a textile dyer on and off. His wife and daughter lived in Mosul. He claimed members of Ansar al-Islam included Afghans and Arab nationals from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the Sudan. Some members were trained in Syria and by Al-Qa'idah loyalists, he added. The killing of the SCIRI leader Ahmad Baqir al-Hakim was among the key operations Fuad was involved in. He claimed the operation was masterminded abroad and the Jordanian terrorist Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi was involved in the planning. The TV show host lambasted him for losing his "honour" by watching Syrians rape abducted Iraqi women. Fuad said he lost all feeling because he and his colleagues were given hashish before going on assignment. When asked what happened to him after his arrest, Fuad said he was well treated and given food and medication. The suspect was shown taken away by interrogators and put in a prison cell. During the show, the wife of a man who was abducted from his home in Mosul said she recognised the killers when she saw them making confessions on Al-Iraqiyah TV. She said her husband had nothing to do with the police or the Americans; he was a restaurant owner with nine children. (Al-Iraqiyah TV, Baghdad, in Arabic 20 March 05)


Al-Adalah, Baghdad, twice-weekly newspaper in Arabic:
Al-Adalah [Baghdad, twice-weekly newspaper in Arabic published by the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)] 21 March:

After official, public apology to Iraqis with promise to investigate Al-Hillah crime, Jordan seeks [SCIRI leader Abd-al-Aziz] al-Hakim's mediation to calm down Iraqis Announcement of incoming government imminent (KUNA quoted) [National Security Advisor Muwaffaq] al-Rubay'i: Criteria for distributing presidential, ministerial posts far from sectarian quota SCIRI leader receives UN Iraq envoy, says efforts made to form national accord government [Ibrahim] al-Ja'fari holds meet [President] Al-Yawar Terrorist blows up himself at police anti-corruption section in Mosul (news agencies quoted) Jordanian embassy issues statement denouncing disdain of Iraqi blood Al-Hakim visits Babil city hall Multinational forces honour Iraqis with US chivalry medal (KUNA quoted) Terrorist networks captured in Baghdad, Kirkuk, Arbil, Mosul (news agencies quoted) Oil delegation holds discussions in Amman on new oil refinery Georgian defence minister confirms his troops to stay in Iraq (news agencies quoted) Yemen interrogates Iraqi antiquity smuggler caught with 700 artefacts in his possession Higher education minister stresses commitment to universities' independence New Iraqi port boosts import, export in country.
Al-Dustur, Baghdad, monthly newspaper in Arabic:
Al-Dustur [Baghdad, monthly newspaper in Arabic published by the Royal Hashimite Constitutional Unity Movement] 21 March:
Turkman Shi'i council demands Allawi, other officials be tried [Hoshyar] Zebari: Kirkuk Arabs should leave Allawi takes no definite position; Kurds throw new obstacles on the way of accord; interior, finance portfolios expected to be handed to United Iraqi Alliance, Foreign Ministry to Kurds, defence to Sunnis General Kashmulah assassinated in Mosul; Explosion targets convoy driving foreigners near Al-Fallujah; 66 Katyusha rockets found in Al-Najaf SCIRI leader demands clear apology from King Abdullah to Iraqi people Al-Ja'fari stresses need for federalism; Talabani confirms agreement Independent National Bloc threatens to withdraw from United Iraqi Alliance (news agencies quoted) Sunni Arab parties, figures meet in Baghdad Unidentified group kidnaps two Egyptians in Iraq (news agencies quoted) Demonstrations held in US, Canada, Athens, Turkey on Iraq invasion anniversary Muslim Scholars Association adheres to people's real demands Bush: Military action against Iraq made US more secure Al-Najaf people call for severing relations with Jordan Electricity Ministry: Security situation affects implementation of planned projects; ministry to import electricity from Turkey, Iran in summer Dhi-Qar council wants larger role for police forces.
Al-Mu'tamar, Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic:
Al-Mu'tamar [Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic published by the Iraqi National Congress] 21 March:
Political alliances close to announce new government; foreign, oil portfolios, security file are bone of contention Al-Ja'fari: Women free to wear veil Japanese forces rehabilitate drinking water networks in southern Iraq Iraqi police capture two terror networks in Kirkuk, Arbil Labour Ministry sets programme to deal with poverty Migration minister: Ministry still suffers from past regime's wrong policies Health Ministry: No conclusive evidence for accusation against ministry over contracts, misappropriation of funds Babil elects new local council chief.
Al-Sharq al-Awsat, Baghdad edition of London-based daily:
Al-Sharq al-Awsat [Baghdad edition of London-based daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat, Saudi-owned] 21 March:
Washington: We will not intervene in the Shi'i-Kurdish argument despite pressure; Shi'i, Kurdish politicians exchange accusations over responsibility for delay in forming government Suicide bomber kills senior police officer in Mosul; US soldiers killed in Kirkuk blast; Bodies of four security members found Al-Hakim demands explicit apology from Jordan, expulsion of former regime members Jordan: Sixth sentence issued in absentia against Al-Zarqawi for his role in bombing Jordanian embassy in Baghdad Basra local council asks Kuwait to investigate fishermen's claims on their detention, beating Violent crime victims on the rise in Iraq; Central morgue received 8,035 bodies in 2004 compared to 6,012 in 2003 Four more military camps set up for Iraqi army in southern Iraq Rumsfeld expects results of investigation into killing of Italian intelligence officer to be released soon.
``A need for government serving the interest of all''- Al-Adalah
Al-Adalah [Baghdad, twice-weekly newspaper in Arabic published by the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)] 21 March: [From commentary by Ali Khlif]
"Inevitably, the national political forces, parties and alliances that took part in elections will come up with a concerted stand over the makeup of the new government And inevitably, these parties will get those who did not vote for reasons beyond their control or those who were not lucky enough to win, involved in the political process Everybody's aim is to form a national accord government serving the interest of all. The current talks between the United Iraqi Alliance, Kurdistan Alliance and other lists have, indeed, taken much time only to give chance to other brothers who did not take part in the poll All Iraqis are concerned with the political process because it will lead to a government representative of them all."
``A day to remember''- Al-Dustur
Al-Dustur [Baghdad, daily independent newspaper in Arabic] 21 March: [From editorial by Basim al-Shaykh]
"On this day two years ago, the helpless people of Iraq were suffering under the war cloud that was raining bombs while politicians were still in their retreats waiting for the butcher to slaughter the goat so that they could share our pains with its fat meat in fulfilment of vows we would never make However, we held on fast to our land with more patience, seeking a better tomorrow and promises not kept yet Two years after the war, politicians are still making one step forward and another backward favouring their interests at the expense of other priorities, as if unconcerned that a one-day delay can cause more bloodshed and any unnecessary postponement can be a recipe for disaster Today, Iraqis who bore the brunt of twenty days of a ferocious war, are all looking forward to a day of relief unmarred by violence and to a government extending a helping hand, more keen on their destinies than on their own interests They now feel uninterested in any kind of talk even about politics, government or posts; they are fed up with delving into matters settled beforehand."

Programme summary of Al-Sharqiyah TV news
·         Iraqis celebrate Nowruz...
·         Baghdad celebrates Nowruz...
·         US forces admit seven of its soldiers injured in clashes south of Baghdad...
·         High ranking Iraqi police officer survives assassination attempt...
·         Adnan Pachachi says armed resistance can become part of the political process...
·         US soldier killed in Al-Anbar...
·         Oil exports from north Iraq to Turkey not resumed yet, three days after scheduled...
·         Huge explosion in Samarra injures 12 civilians...
·         US forces kill one Iraqi civilian, injure another in Samarra...
·         Kurdish list leader Hoshyar Zebari hopes new government will be announced by end of month...
·         US forces storm houses belonging to Turkmen in Salah-el-din Province, arrest a number of people...
·         US and Iraqi forces storm five mosques north of Baghdad, arrest staff...
·         Interior Ministry prepares plan for Al-Fallujah security...
·         More than 144 police volunteers end training in Al-Wasit Province...
·         Jordanian government says differences with Iraq can be resolved...
·         Yemeni court sentences six on charges of attempting to use forged passports to travel to Iraq.
Al-Iraqiyah TV news
·         Member of United Iraqi Alliance says government to be formed within few days; Report covers comments by Jawad al-Malaqi saying Kurd to hold position of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defence to be held by Sunni ...
·         Leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq Abd-al-Aziz al-Haqim quotes Shi'a marja Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani as stressing Iraq national unity ...
·         New York Times nominates Al-Sistani for Nobel peace prize ...
·         Iraq demands formal apology from King of Jordan and hand-over of former regime loyalists--member of SCIRI ...
·         Kurds celebrate Nowruz new year ...
·         Hundreds celebrate Nowruz in Baghdad ...
·         Arab foreign ministers hail Iraq polls, condemn terrorism ...
·         Ten terror suspects arrested in Baghdad; weapons seized ...
·         Multinational force soldier killed in Al-Anbar; 24 terror suspects killed ...Iraqi soldier killed in Baghdad attack ...
·         Iraqis mark anniversary of Grand Ayatollah Abu-al-Qasim al-Khu'yi Shi'i worshippers march to Karbala ...
·         Report on Shi'i religious celebrations ...
·         Dhiqar province council elects governor ...
·         Al-Fallujah citizenship department looks into public grievances despite difficulties ...
·         Al-Fallujah population receives first batch of compensation

Programme summary of KurdSat TV news
·         Reports on celebrations of Kurdish New Year, Nawroz...
·         Report on the 26th anniversary of launching of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan radio, Kurdistan People Voice...
·         Explosion in Ba'qubah on 20 March.
Kurdistan Satellite TV news
·         Kurdish officials hold celebrate the Kurdish New Year, Nowruz, at Arbil airport ...
·         Kurdish people in Kirkuk celebrate Nowruz ...
·         Several reports in Kurdish people celebrating Nowruz in Syria, Denmark, Turkey ...
·         US forces arrest 10 insurgents in Baghdad. Roundup of recent insurgency incidents in Iraq
·         British Workers Union delegation visit Iraqi Kurdistan to learn about developments and shortcomings facing the unions their. Report over video showing the visit in progress

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