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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

From the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

This document is provided as a service by UNAMI. The material is drawn from non-UN sources and does not reflect the opinions of the United Nations, nor can the UN vouch for its accuracy

Monday, March 14, 2005

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·         Unknown group claims Mosul funeral bombing
·         Police accuse Yemeni of Al-Sharqat car bomb
·         Twelve bodies found south of Baghdad
·         Baghdad airport engineer killed
·         Policeman killed in mortar attack
·         Iraq army hails arrest of Saudi would-be suicide bomber
·         Commentator says Arab-Kurdish accord should serve as model to other Arab states
·         Iraqi TV reports collapse of Shi'i-Kurdish coalition talks
·         Paper accuses Kurds of near-blackmail over Kirkuk
·         Reporter accuses parties of politicizing universities
·         Programme summary of Al-Diyar TV news, 13 Mar 05
·         Programme summary of Al-Sharqiyah TV news, 13 Mar 05
·         Programme summary of Al-Iraqiyah TV news 13 Mar 05
·         Iraqi press on reconstruction
·         Iraqi press on health and human rights issues
·         www.peyamner.com
·         Khabat daily issued in Erbil by the KDP
·         Kurdistani Nwe daily issued in Sulaymanya by the PUK
·         Iraqi Kurdish official denies Arbil airport shut down

IRAQI NEWS, 13 March 05
Unknown group claims Mosul funeral bombing
A previously unknown extremist group on 13 March claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack at a Shi'i funeral in Mosul on 10 March, which killed 51 people and wounded many more. In a statement posted on an Islamist web site, the Jund al-Sahaba fi al-Iraq group, or Soldiers of the (Prophet Mohammad's) Companions in Iraq, said it carried out "the Mosul raid" in order to punish the "rafidha" - a derogatory term for Shi'i Muslims used by Sunni extremists. "May they be cursed for pursuing plans aimed at eliminating the Sunnis in Iraq," the group said in the statement, whose authenticity could not be confirmed. The statement, signed by the group's "emir" Shaykh Abul Abbas al-Omari, said that the Iraqi national guard and police were "made up of Shi'is who hate Sunnis", and said that the group had formed in order to protect Sunnis from the Shi'i "invasion of Muslim countries".

Police accuse Yemeni of Al-Sharqat car bomb
Iraqi investigators have concluded that the perpetrator of the booby-trapped car that exploded in the town of Al-Sharqat, north of Baghdad, on Saturday in which six Iraqis were killed, was a Yemeni national. A report by the Joint Coordination Office said that the current investigations into the incident showed that a Yemeni citizen known as Abu-Dujanah drove the booby-trapped car, which targeted the commander of the Sixth Regiment of the Oil Security Force in Al-Sharqat. The report said the police are searching for three booby-trapped cars in the city, based on information obtained from two persons implicated in the operation who were arrested directly after the explosion. (Al-Sharqiyah TV 13 Mar)
Twelve bodies found south of Baghdad
Twelve bodies, three of which belong to Iraqi soldiers, were reported by a local chieftan to the Iraqi army in Al-Latifiyah south of Baghdad on 13 March. (Al-Jazeera)Al-Sharqiyah TV later said that the Iraqi army arrested six people after clashes with a number of gunmen who were planning to plant explosives near the railway in Al-Latifiyah. An officer said the railway had been attacked more than 20 times. (Al-Sharqiyah TV 13 Mar)
Baghdad airport engineer killed
Mu'ayyad Ibrahim al-Mislih, the chief engineer at Baghdad International Airport, was killed in an attack on his house in Al-Ghazaliyah neighbourhood west of Baghdad on 13 March. (Al-Sharqiyah 13 Mar)
Policeman killed in mortar attack
An Iraqi policeman was killed, and three others were wounded when a mortar shell hit a checkpoint in Al-Amil Neighbourhood west of Baghdad on 13 March. (Al-Sharqiyah 13 Mar)
Iraq army hails arrest of Saudi would-be suicide bomber
The Iraqi army announced it had prevented a suicide bombing on a base near the northern oil centre of Kirkuk on 13 March and arrested a Saudi national who had been preparing to carry it out. "Our forces succeeded in thwarting a suicide attack against our Kiwan base, one of the main Iraqi army bases, eight kilometres north of Kirkuk," regional commander General Anwar Hamad Amin told AFP. "The soldiers intercepted the car at 1130 am (0830 gmt) at a traffic control point as it headed to the base." The driver confessed that he was a Saudi national loyal to Iraq's Al-Qa'idah frontman Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi, Amin added. (Al-Sharqiyah 13 Mar)
Commentator says Arab-Kurdish accord should serve as model to other Arab states
In a commentary, Jabir Habib Jabir says that 16 March has been chosen for the opening of the first elected Iraqi national assembly as it commemorates the Ba;thist attack on the Kurdish village of Halabjah. "It means that a new Iraqi life is being born out of death, that the democracy Iraqis have always thirsted for has been very hard-earned, coming at long last at a price no other nation on earth has ever paid, and not thanks merely to foreign powers," he wrote. He called for all Iraqis to support the presidential candidacy of Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani, "if only to prove that tyranny and ethnic bigotry in Iraq have gone, never to return". He said it would set an example to other Arab states on how they should address the problem of their own ethnic minorities, "which their notorious failure to handle has justifiably opened the door for foreign intervention." (Al-Sharq al-Awsat 13 Mar)
Iraqi TV reports collapse of Shi'i-Kurdish coalition talks
Prominent members of the Shi'i United Iraqi Alliance List and the Kurdistan Alliance List said on 13 March that talks between the two sides on forming the next government have collapsed three days prior to the first expanded meeting of the elected Iraqi National Assembly. (Al-Sharqiyah 13 Mar)
Paper accuses Kurds of near-blackmail over Kirkuk
An Iraqi newspaper accuses Kurdish parties of using the Kirkuk issue to "corner, if not blackmail outright" the Arab parties over the formation of the next government. "They are pressing us to make a very difficult choice between conceding Kirkuk to them, in which case we will be compromising the principle of national unity as well as the dictates of justice to the ethnic diversity traditionally characteristic of the province, and letting them have the lion's share of the new cabinet portfolios, in which case we will be compromising the indisputable rights of those candidates who have won the absolute trust of the Iraqi electorate," it said. (Al-Bayyinah 13 Mar)
Reporter accuses parties of politicizing universities
A commentary by Fatih Abd-al-Salam has accused parties of politicizing universities nationwide despite protests to the contrary. "They are spreading factionalism in our university campuses without the slightest regard for the sanctity of academic life or the least respect for student, professor or learning," he wrote. (Al-Zaman 13 Mar)

Programme summary of Al-Diyar TV news, 13 Mar 05
·         Vice-President Ibrahim al-Ja'fari meets a number of American media figures, reviews Iraqi developments and the mission of the next government...
·         Undersecretary of the Culture Ministry and chairman of the Independent Iraqi Women's Rally says forces that boycotted the election and others that did not achieve success in them are holding weekly meetings to discuss the political process and ways to ensure full representation of the Iraqi people in drafting of the constitution ...
·         Sources in Arbil say the Iraqi government refused to allow Kurdish Al-Shafaq Airlines, owned by a senior Kurdistan Democratic Party official, to operate or organize any commercial flights outside Iraq ...
·         US soldier killed in Al-Anbar; security report notes an increase in the number of armed attacks in Baghdad in the past two weeks ...
·         Three policemen killed in attack in Mosul ...
·         Two Iraqis killed in Tikrit ...
·         Police defuse bomb in Al-Musayyab ...
·         New York Times says thieves looted tons of Iraqi weapons, including equipment with components that can be used to make nuclear weapons ...
·         Karbala police arrest two armed people who confessed to planning and carrying out sabotage acts ...
·         Ukraine withdrew 150 of its soldiers in Iraq yesterday ...
·         Egypt says the Iraqi Interior Ministry denied a report that 90 per cent of the foreigners detained in Iraq are Egyptians ...
·         Muhammad al-Ziyadi wins the post of chairman of Al-Muthanna Governorate Council ...
·         Higher education minister says the ministry is working to reconstruct all universities, colleges and research centres ...
·         Video report on workshop on social and psychological support for teachers and students
·         Environment Ministry notes efforts to join the Vienna Agreements and the Montreal Protocol on the protection of the ozone layer and dangerous waste ...
·         Video report on overflow of the sewage network in Al-Musayyab.
Programme summary of Al-Sharqiyah TV news, 13 Mar 05
·         Negotiations between United Iraqi Alliance, Kurdistan Alliance list to form new government collapse ...
·         US forces storm house of chairman of Association of Muslim Scholars ...
·         US soldier shot dead in Mosul; two US nationals killed in roadside bomb blast while heading to Al-Hillah in southern Iraq ...
·         Iraqi army arrests Saudi "suicide bomber" reportedly heading to blow up a booby-trapped car in Iraqi army base near Kirkuk ...
·         Iraqi National Accord member seriously wounded in attempt on his life by gunmen in Al-Ramadi ...
·         Looters systematically stole tons of equipment from Iraqi weapons sites, including some with components which could be used in making parts of nuclear weapons ...
·         Ministry of Environment takes protective measures to control areas contaminated with enriched uranium in Iraq ...
·         Iraqi army finds 12 bodies near Al-Latifiyah ...
·         Two Iraqi shepherds killed, another injured when a bomb went off in Babil Governorate south of Baghdad ...
·         Iraqi policeman killed, three wounded in mortar shell attack on check-point in Al-Amil district in west Baghdad ...
·         Security employees at Ministry of Health demonstrate against reduction of salaries ...
·         Ministry of Planning provides new version of the story on attempted assassination of planning minister.
Programme summary of Al-Iraqiyah TV news 13 Mar 05
·         Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi says political process should continue regardless of poll result ...
·         Studio interview with Abbas al-Bayati, member of the interim National Assembly. He says talks between United Iraqi Alliance, headed by Ahmad al-Chalabi, and Kurdish Alliance part of continuing consultations, talks successful ...
·         Conference on Iraqi federalism held in Baghdad; member of interim National Assembly Muhammad Bahr-al-Ulum against division but in favour of federalism ...
·         Arrest of Saudi terror suspect, suicide bombing foiled; bodies of 12 Iraqis found in Al-Latifiyah. ...
·         Terrorist acts denounced by Iraqis in Mosul ...
·         Association of Muslim Scholars condemns Mosul attack; calls on Iraqis not take part in foreign-sponsored attacks. Sunni waqf denounces attacks in Mosul and Al-Hillah ...
·         Iraq National Security Adviser Muwaffaq al-Rubay'i calls on neighbouring countries to prevent illegal entry of terrorists into Iraq. Video report covers condemnation of terrorism by Sudanese envoy in Baghdad, looks at press report on celebrations of family of Jordanian suicide bomber who carried out Al-Hillah terror act ...
·         Three terror suspects arrested in Al-Muthana ...
·         Gangs arrested in Misan ...
·         Basra province council elects governor and assistants. ...
·         Ministry of Health staff protests against salary cuts ...
·         Syria agrees Lebanon pullout timetable ...
·         Israel defence minister calls for speedy evacuation of Gaza settlements ...
·         Iranian President Mohammad Khatami blames US for possible failure of dialogue with EU over nuclear programme. ...
·         Chinese parliament names new central military committee chief ...
·         Pensioners call on Ziqar local government to pay overdue pensions.

Iraqi press on reconstruction
Al-Nahdah publishes
on the front page a 400-word report citing Electricity Minister Dr Ayham al-Samarra'i affirming that due to the extraordinary efforts of his ministry's staff, the electricity supply in Iraq is now 5,000 megawatts. Al-Samarra'i informed the newspaper that despite the terrorist and sabotage acts against the electricity network and installations, beginning next month, his ministry will increase Iraq's electricity supply by an additional 1,500 megawatts, thus the people will be provided electricity power for 18 hours a day.
Al-Nahdah publishes on page 5 a 300-word report citing Water Resources Minister Dr Abd-al-Latif Jamal Rashid informing the newspaper that despite the deteriorating security situation and many problems that face his ministry, it continues performing its duties and implementing its projects. Rashid emphasized the importance of involving local and foreign investment in the water resources sector in Iraq according to specific regulations in order to speed up the development of agriculture in the country.
Al-Manar al-Yawm publishes on the front page a 100-word report citing Layla Abd-al-Latif, minister of labour and social affairs, asserting that her ministry decided to pay a salary of 130,000 Iraqi dinars - approximately $90 - to the unemployed people who are registered at her ministry until they obtain a suitable job.
Al-Zaman carried on page 2 a 150-word report quoting the British Embassy's Regional Office in Basra Governorate noting that the southern area reconstruction file will be turned over to the new Iraqi Government.
Iraqi press on health and human rights issues
publishes on page 4 a 100-word report stating that the Health Ministry instructed all health institutions to fully cooperate with judges and investigators to help them to perform their duties. An official source at the ministry explained that the aim of this decision is to facilitate the work of the Iraqi Criminal Court that was formed in accordance with Decree No 1 for Year 2003, which is in charge of trying those who committed war and genocide crimes.
Al-Nahdah publishes on page 5 a 120-word report citing an official source at the Health Ministry asserting that the Inspector General Office has completed the investigation of 29 cases of medicine theft from the ministry institutions. The source affirmed that those whose involvement in such acts is proven will be prosecuted.
Al-Mada publishes on page 3 a 350-word report saying that the Ministry of Health holds Baghdad municipality responsible for the increase of contagious diseases due to bad public service and "polluted drinking water."
Al-Mada publishes on page 3 a 500-word report saying that the price of medicine has doubled and most public medical clinics suffer from a shortage of medicine, and pharmacies in the hospitals are empty.
Al-Mu'tamar carries on page 1 a 200-word report citing Baghdad Council member Ahmad Hamid saying that the Al-Sadr City Municipal Council prepared a study on the health situation in Al-Sadr City that discusses the "health problems" in this city and suggests solutions for them.
Al-Da'wah carries on page 2 a 50-word report saying that several civil organizations have been established in the marshes. These organizations are playing an important role in studying this environment and rehabilitating the area.
Al-Bayyinah publishes on page 5 a 900-word report criticizing the Women Freedom Organization and its chairman Yanar Muhammad for anti-Islamic teachings. The report includes an interview with Muhammad, who explained her organization's goals and activities.
Al-Adalah runs on page 4 a 600-word article by Hamzah al-Shamkhi, discussing the role of the Iraqi women in the various activities. The author says that the Iraqi women must "be given their full human rights and emancipated from the cruel social and legal restrictions to practice their natural role in life."

Updates from the Kurdish Press, 13 March þ2005

www.peyamner.com <http://www.peyamner.com>

Kirkuk Fraternity List nominated the incumbent governor Abdulrahman Mustafa for the post once again. The nomination comes after a preliminary agreement between the Fraternity List and the Arab Gathering List that has 6 out of 41 seats of the Kirkuk Governorate Municipal Council. No agreement has been announced on other top positions in Kirkuk, but a source from the Fraternity List said on condition of anonymity that an Arab will become Deputy Governor and a Turcoman will head the municipal council.


Hundreds of Sulaymanya University students staged a peaceful demonstration in front of the university campus this morning and dispersed after two hours waiting in vain to see a senior government official. Backed by large numbers of high school students, today's demonstrators demanded closure of Ayinda private university that is accused of accepting admission of high school graduates having low grades. The demonstrators warned they would march on Monday either to Qalachwalan to see PUK leader or to Erbil to prolong their demonstrations in front of Kurdistan Parliament. The police provided protection to the peaceful demonstration.
¾         The KDP-PUK politburo meeting continues since this morning and no results to surface yet. The Kurdistani negotiation team in Baghdad (comprising Barham Salih, Rozh Shawais, Fouad Maasoum and Hoshyar Zebari) also participates in the meetings that aim at reviewing the drafts of a parliamentary alliance agreement with the Shiites. A source close to the meetings stated on condition of anonymity that the participants had serious remarks on some provisions of the draft, particularly those related to Kirkuk settlement. The meeting is expected to raise nonnegotiable Kurdish demands from the Shiite alliance regarding Kirkuk. The Kurds want to make sure that the special commission established to settle Kirkuk issue according to TAL Article 58 will have a proper budget and starts action immediately after the National Assembly meeting and cabinet formation. The other demand is to ensure that the permanent constitution would include a clause that stipulate sending back Arab settlers from Kirkuk to their original places [in central and southern Iraq].

Khabat daily issued in Erbil by the KDP

The Shabak Kurds in Mosul demonstrated Saturday to protest against Friday's terrorist explosion that killed about 50 of Shabak Kurds and wounded more. The KDP's 14th Branch in charge of Mosul also issued a condemnatory statement.


Commemorating the first anniversary of the Amuda Uprising, the Syrian Kurds in Dahuk staged a peaceful demonstration in front of the Municipality Department on Saturday. The same day in Erbil, the Syrian Kurds studying at Salahuddin University a held ceremony to recall the anniversary and a group of writers gathered in another hall and lit candles to commemorate the Uprising.
¾         The Iraqi government will soon start implementing a plan to settle the internal displacement issue, the federal Minister for IDPs and Immigrants said.
¾         Kurdistan Green Peace Organization plants 3,000 seedlings in Erbil and its neighborhoods.
¾         Erbil Electricity Department is implementing 17 power projects in rural areas.

Kurdistani Nwe daily issued in Sulaymanya by the PUK

The PUK leader Jalal Talabani chaired a politburo meeting Saturday evening to study the latest developments regarding a Kurdish-Shiite parliamentary alliance. The participants also considered the agenda of a forthcoming KDP-PUK politburo meeting on the same issue. Earlier the day, Talabani and his politburo comrades received a delegation of the Kurdistan Communist Party. The two sides discussed promotion of bilateral relations.


The PUK politburo issued a statement condemning Friday's terrorist explosion that killed 5o Shabak Kurds in Mosul and wounded about 100.
¾         The KRG-Sulaymanya Council of Ministers issued a statement promising to settle all the problems of university students. The statement refers to a series of meeting between the Council of Ministers on one side and students and professors at Sulaymanya University. Students at Medicine, Dentistry and Engineering colleges of Sulaymanya University staged a series of demonstrations against the opening of a Ayinda private university accused of accepting admission applications from high school graduates with low grades.
¾         The KDP and PUK politburos are expected to meet today with the joint committee of Kurdistan Alliance List to study the latest development on a forthcoming parliamentary alliance with the Shiites.
¾         An informed source announced that the two KRG administrations in Erbil and Sulaymanya received $80 million from Iraq's accounts that were frozen in international banks. About $20 million of the received funds are allocated for power projects. Iraq is expected to retrieve about $ 500 million frozen in international banks since August 1990.
¾         Speaking on condition of anonymity, an informed source announced that the governor of Dyala Abdulla al-Joboury is advocating for the release of 15 terrorists arrested by the MNFI and Iraqi police. Al-Joboury has visited the Arab villages near Khanaqeen, Jalawla and Sa'adiya recently but the MNFI forces did not accompany him this time.

Iraqi Kurdish official denies Arbil airport shut down
Arbil Regional Transport and Communication Under-Secretary Rashad Muhammad on 13 March denied that flights to and from Arbil airport were suspended. Quoted in Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) newspaper Al-Ta'akhi on 13 March, Muhammad said that airport came up to the "required security and technical standards at all levels." (Al-Ta'akhi 13 Mar 05)

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