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From the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

This document is provided as a service by UNAMI. The material is drawn from non-UN sources and does not reflect the opinions of the United Nations, nor can the UN vouch for its accuracy

Sunday, March 13, 2005

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·         Blast targeting oil security commander kills four in northern Iraq
·         Minister criticizes politicians for delaying National Assembly
·         Al-Sistani aide denies deal reached to annex Kirkuk to Kurdistan
·         US Hummer destroyed, occupants wounded in Al-Ramadi
·         Shi'i party leader elected governor of Basra
·         Police arrest six Al-Zarqawi group members near Karbala
·         Government denies 15 headless bodies found in Al-Latifiyah
·         Islamic Al-Fadilah Party leader elected Basra Governor
·         Al-Bayan analyses Iraqi economy's future prospects (26 Feb 05)
·         Programme summary of Al-Sharqiyah TV news, 12 Mar 05
·         Programme summary of Al-Iraqiyah TV news 12 Mar 05
·         Al-Mada [Baghdad, political daily newspaper published by Al-Mada Corporation for Media, Culture and Art]:
·         Al-Zaman [Baghdad edition of London-based independent daily newspaper]:
·         ``Freedom requires to be protected of playing with''- Al-Sharq al-Awsat
·         ``Forming the next cabinet''- Al-Zaman
·         ``Iraqi social and political spectrum - an image inspired by fear''- Al-Adalah
·         ``Mosul massacre will not be the last''- Baghdad

IRAQI NEWS, 12 March 05
Blast targeting oil security commander kills four in northern Iraq
A car bomb targeting a captain from the oil security regiment in the district of Al-Sharqat killed four civilians and wounded six others on 12 March, Al-Sharqiyah TV reported, citing a source in the Iraqi oil security regiment. The source, described as a captain from the regiment, said the car had targeted the house of Lt-Col Muhammad al-Juburi, the regiment's area commander, and that the regiment managed to capture two of the perpetrators immediately after the incident. (Al-Sharqiyah 12 Mar 05)

Minister criticizes politicians for delaying National Assembly
Iraqi newspaper Al-Dustur on 10 March carried an interview with Dr Wa'il Abd-al-Latif, state minister for governorates affairs and candidate of the Iraq List led by Prime Minister Allawi in the transitional National Assembly. Abd-al-Latif asserted that although the negotiations continue, they are lingering, and the real reason behind this lingering was the Kurdish politicians. He affirmed that the National Assembly represented a tent for dialogue among all patriots and nationalists, because all members were equal under the parliament's dome. Abd-al-Latif explained that the reason behind the delay in the political process that prolonged the Iraqi people's anticipation was the argument regarding who should get this ministerial post and to whom that post should go. Abd-al-Latif held the five prominent Iraqi political leaders - Allawi, Abd-al-Aziz al-Hakim (leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq), Ibrahim al-Ja'fari (vice-president and leader of the Al-Da'wah Party), Patriotic Union of Kurdistan leader Jalal Talabani and Kurdistan Democratic Party leader Mas'ud Barzani - responsible for the delay in the convening of the transitional National Assembly. Abd-al-Latif criticized the current government because 19 ministers were on official missions abroad at the same time and a female minister spent six months of a nine-month term of office abroad. He added: "There is a minister who has not reviewed his ministry's official mail for four months." (Al-Dustur, Baghdad, in Arabic 10 Mar
Al-Sistani aide denies deal reached to annex Kirkuk to Kurdistan
Ahmad al-Safi, representative of religious leader Sayyid Ali al-Sistani, has denied that within the current consultations before the convening of the National Assembly on Wednesday, the United Iraqi Alliance reached an agreement with the Kurdish Alliance stipulating that Kirkuk be annexed to Kurdistan region, Iraqi Al-Diyar TV reported. Al-Safi said in his Friday sermon in Imam al-Husayn shrine in Karbala: "The talk about an agreement to annex the city of Kirkuk is inaccurate. Kirkuk is an Iraqi city, like Basra and Al-Nasiriyah, and all the Arabs and Kurds agreed that issues related to Kirkuk will be studied carefully, away from struggles that do not serve the country." (Al-Diyar TV, Baghdad, in Arabic 12 Mar 05)
US Hummer destroyed, occupants wounded in Al-Ramadi
A US Hummer personal carrier was destroyed and its occupants wounded in a landmine explosion in western Iraq on Saturday (12 March), Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. Eyewitnesses said the US forces surrounded the explosion site in the Al-Kilu Khamsah area near Al-Ramadi and launched a search campaign in the surrounding areas, during which they arrested five persons. In another development, the US forces besieged the area of Al-Saqlawiyah near Al-Ramadi. The TV said they stormed through the area and arrested 14 people. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 12 Mar 05)
Shi'i party leader elected governor of Basra

Shi'i party leader elected governor of Basra Text of report by Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV on 12 March
The Islamic Al-Fadilah [Virtue] Party has achieved sweeping victory in the Basra Governorate elections over the candidates of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, the Badr Organization, the Da'wah Party and the Islamic Action Organization.
Al-Sharqiyah's correspondent in Basra today said that Muhammad Musbih al-Wa'ili, an Al-Fadilah Party leader, won the post of the Basra governor against competitor Hasan al-Rashid from the Badr Organization, who occupied the post until today. Lu'ay al-Battat was elected deputy governor.
The correspondent said that the elections which took place today resulted in the election of a head of the governorate council and his deputies from the Al-Fadilah Party, the Da'wah Party - Iraq Organization and the National Accord Movement.( Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV on 12 March)

Police arrest six Al-Zarqawi group members near Karbala
Karbala police on 12 March said they had captured six Al-Qa'idah members, Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. The station cited police spokesman Rahman Mashawi saying the six were captured in the Al-Want area outside Karbala and had confessed to carrying out two car-bombing operations, assassinating a Badr Corp leader and abducting and killing two policemen. He added that one of the six suspects was Syrian. (Al-Sharqiyah 1500 gmt 12 Mar 05)
Government denies 15 headless bodies found in Al-Latifiyah
A Defence Ministry source on 12 March denied an Associated Press report that quoted a ministry captain talking about the discovery of 15 headless bodies in the Al-Latifiyah area, the Iraq for All News Network reported on 12 March. The web site cited a ministry statement saying that the report was baseless and that the person called Sabah Yasin was not affiliated with the Iraqi Army. It added that both the interior ministry and health ministry also denied the report. (Iraq for All News Network 12 Mar 05)
Islamic Al-Fadilah Party leader elected Basra Governor
An Islamic Al-Fadilah [Virtue] Party leader, Muhammad Musbih al-Wa'ili, has won the Basra Governorate elections, Al-Sharqiyah TV reported on 12 March, describing his victory as a "sweeping" one over candidates from the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, the Al-Badr Organization, the Da'wah Party, and the Islamic Action Organization. Al-Wa'ili succeeds incumbent Hasan al-Rashid, from the Al-Badr Organization. The station added that Lu'ay al-Battat was elected deputy. (Al-Sharqiyah 12 Mar 05)

Al-Bayan analyses Iraqi economy's future prospects (26 Feb 05)
What specific economic projects can benefit the Iraqi economy at this current stage? asked the newspaper Al-Bayan (of the Islamic Al-Da'wah Party) on 26 February, with contributions from several Iraqi analysts:
Agricultural, livestock, and food production projects
Dr Sa'd Husayn from the College of Administration and Economy said: "We can speak briefly about some likely future economic projects, which the Iraqi economy needs because it provides foodstuffs and jobs for the people. These are agricultural projects that can produce food and provide some service jobs, including raising crops and livestock. They are profitable and attract much investment. Such projects need to be given priority in any economic plan. The private sector and foreign companies can invest in them. They can properly exploit the large tracts of agricultural land that we have and invest Iraqi human resources in agricultural and meat production especially as Iraq has a varied environment, different types of soil, and surface and underground water resources. Industrial food production including canning factories can spring from these projects also and in this way spare Iraq the need to invest large sums in importing canned food from abroad."
Construction and electrical industrial projects
Dr Fadil al-Ta'i said: "There are many important economic projects that Iraq needs. Building them will have a positive impact on the success of the Iraqi economy. These are the projects that use raw materials that are available locally and manufacture products that the local market needs including cement, doors, windows, two types of iron, and other building materials that the Iraqi citizens need. According to the experts' preliminary assessments, Iraq will soon need 2.5 million housing units. It would require billions of Iraqi dinars to import building materials from abroad if these materials are not produced locally. Iraq has the resources to produce them domestically and has the necessary human resources to do the job."
Chemical, mechanical, and electrical industries
Dr Salih Abd-al-Ali al-Fatalawi said: "Iraq needs to establish many industrial projects, especially in the sphere of petrochemicals. It has the necessary raw materials that come from petroleum. This is an important sphere of activity that can bring in large profits because Iraq is an important and large market. Iraq now imports finished petrochemical products from its neighbours, such as Iran and Syria, although it has more raw materials than they do." Dr Aziz al-Yasari said: "Iraq should establish mechanical projects including the manufacture of vehicles, agricultural tractors, motorcycles, irrigation machinery, and other products that the local market needs. There are other important projects like electrical and electronic industries. At this time Iraq does not have such industries although raw materials and trained people are available. The local market can absorb the product and provide the owners of such projects with large profits especially projects that manufacture various appliances like television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, ironing equipment, satellite dishes, and air conditioners. The local market needs all these products."
Projects to achieve self-sufficiency
Prof Ahmad Husayn said: "The Iraqi economy requires vast investments and needs hundreds, indeed thousands, of new production projects to achieve self-sufficiency particularly in foodstuffs and various manufactured products. It has numerous resources that can be the foundation for building economic projects. The success of any project depends on feasibility studies and local sources of raw materials. This reduces production costs and ensures competitiveness. Hundreds of agricultural and livestock projects can be set up because raw materials are plentiful. In addition, important tourism projects can be established that will have a significant likelihood of success because Iraq is rich in historical sites and has rivers, lakes, and marshes. Real estate, transport, and communications projects are also useful."
Projects to ease unemployment and increase GNP
Dr Iyad al-Sa'id said: "Several important criteria must be used in any feasibility study. First of all any projects that are established should increase the country's national product by making a profit. No project that might incur losses should be established, regardless of whether the owners are from the public or the private sector. Another criterion is the creation of jobs, especially as Iraq suffers from obvious and significant unemployment that might reach 40 per cent. Projects that can reduce unemployment should be established, including industrial, agricultural, or service projects." (Al-Bayan, Baghdad, in Arabic 26 Feb 05)


Programme summary of Al-Sharqiyah TV news, 12 Mar 05
·         Three Iraqi police killed in Mosul by unknown gunmen...
·         Iraqi police arrest three Afghans in Baghdad...
·         Egyptian government issues travel warning on Iraq...
·         Jordan, Egypt to supply Iraq with electricity...
·         Gunmen blow up pipeline near Samarra. Report over video shows thick smoke, blaze...
·         Four Iraqi soldiers wounded in clashes with gunmen north of Baghdad...
·         US soldier killed in accident in Al-Anbar Governorate...
·         Mine destroys US army vehicle near Al-Ramadi. Map of Iraq...
·         US Secretary of State Rice says she hopes Ukrainian troops to be withdrawn from Iraq without putting US forces in danger...
·         Conference opens today in Berlin on Iraq, US occupation...
·         Bulgaria says US troops acted illegally when they shot and killed Bulgarian soldier...
·         Karbala police arrest six member of Al-Zarqawi organization...
·         Iraqi group say it will not execute Filipino hostage...
·         Report over video on oil painting exhibition...
Programme summary of Al-Iraqiyah TV news 12 Mar 05
·         Vice-President Ibrahim al-Ja'fari says security to be government's main task. (0:28)
·         Interim cabinet spokesman denounces immorality of terrorists calling themselves Muslims. (0:26)
·         Prime Minister Iyad Allawi discusses with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder debt write-off. (0:22)
·         Member of Islamic Al-Da'wa Party, Walid al-Hili, says his party in contact with other parties to speed up government formation. Video report on his comments that talks are still going on between United Iraqi Alliance and Kurdish Alliance, calling for government to be formed as soon as possible, calling on Kurds to delay discussion of some of their demands. (2:16)
·         Iraqis hope government will be formed soon, urge National Assembly session. Video report. (2:08)
·         6. 0618 Close aide of Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi killed. Video report on arrests of terror suspects over last few weeks, arrest of close aides of Al-Zarqawi, key terror suspects under arrest. (2:02)
·         Ministry of Defence source denies reports on headless bodies found. Four terror suspects arrested in security operation north of Baghdad. Multinational force soldier killed; 15 terror suspects arrested in Al-Anbar. Terror suspects held in Karbala. Criminals arrested in Basra. Video report. (3:32)
·         Iraqis condemn terrorist attacks. Video report highlights reactions, Iraqis saying they are one nation. (2:15)
·         Mosul terror attack denounced in Al-Imarra. Video report. (1:43)
·         Heavy rainfall disrupts traffic in Baghdad; poor sewage blamed on unspent state funds. Video report highlights public grievances. (2:45)
·         Iraqi union of journalists holds forum on constitution writing. Video report highlights speech by journalist saying neighbouring countries backing loyalists of former regime. (1:19)
·         Report on Italian force delivering security equipment to Iraqis in Ziqar. (1:30)
·         Women in Baghdad mark International Women's Day. Video report. (2:05)
·         First batch of Syrian forces pulls out of Lebanon. Video report. (2:10)
·         UN envoy says Syria agrees to present timetable for Lebanon pull out. Video report. (1:27)
·         Palestinian Authority welcomes Hamas decision to take part in polls. (0:15)
·         President George Bush pleased with US, EU agreement on Iran. Video report. (1:44)
·         Venezuela's president says Iran has right to develop nuclear weapons in talks with Iranian president. Video report. (2:25)
·         Spain Islamic committee denounces Al-Qa'idah leader Usamah Bin-Ladin. Video report. (0:23)
·         House of Lords approves anti-terror bill. Video report. (1:52)
·         Volcano erupts in Mexico. Video report.
·         Business bulletin. Iraqi project to build tourist complex in Basra. Gas pipeline blown up. Iran, Venezuela sign trade agreements. International market report.
Al-Mada [Baghdad, political daily newspaper published by Al-Mada Corporation for Media, Culture and Art]:
·         Allianc, Coalition agree on 'ideas that are not final'
·         Transitional Administrative Law to be adopted as point of reference for all parties involved
·         Gradation-based mechanism to be drawn up for resolving government, national assembly disputes
·         Supreme federal court to be set up to decide differences at state level
·         Iraq to get $ 500 m World Bank loan
·         Group of detained Sadr followers released
·         Al-Sistani calls upon Iraqis to stick together,
·         Al-Ja'fari calls for striking terrorism with an iron fist (KUNA- Quoted)
·         Khalil Zadhe nominated as US ambassador to Iraq
·         Four Defence Ministry officials apprehended, security forces arrest numerous Zarqawi aides
Al-Zaman [Baghdad edition of London-based independent daily newspaper]:
·         Heavy rain floods Baghdad, exposing its ramshackle infrastructure
·         Iraqi Kurds of Iranian origin call for cancellation of reference to Iran-link in their official documents
·         Defence Ministry denies discovery of decapitated bodies in Latifiyah, with Al-Maliki denying his nomination for security post
·         Tehran provokes London by parading British sea vessels it is holding up (Reuters- Quoted) Al-Sadr persuasion: Washington must pull troops out of Iraq, United Iraqi Alliance denies having reached agreement on Kirkuk (AFP- Quoted) Mosul attack decried by Supreme Council, Association of Muslim Scholars, victims' relatives call off collective funeral amid wave of anger at bids to ignite sectarian strife

``Freedom requires to be protected of playing with''- Al-Sharq al-Awsat

Al-Sharq al-Awsat [From commentary by Zain al-Abidin al-Rikabi]:
"True love for freedom requires that you protect it from being played with, exploited or trivialized, firstly, out of respect for freedom itself and, secondly, lest it should boomerang to the detriment of whoever happens to be conducting the game. Time and space always provide room for more than a solo player and there is always more than one investor having stakes in the game. And human beings have enough pride, sobriety and self-esteem to resent being treated as mere pawns to be moved around by others, no matter how alluring the justification. Put briefly, wisdom dictates that you should never meddle in what you can neither control nor guarantee."
``Forming the next cabinet''- Al-Zaman
Al-Zaman [From commentary by Fatih Abd al-Salam]:
"Observing the process of negotiations between the winners of the last Iraqi elections with the aim of forming the next cabinet, one cannot fail to notice that the main gaps preventing the negotiators from reaching agreement are due to common distrust... In fact, there are two types of distrust at play here: political parties not trusting one another, and the general public not trusting them. Only when everyone has enough trust in everyone else can we say that we have really embarked on a new post-election era."
``Iraqi social and political spectrum - an image inspired by fear''- Al-Adalah
Al-Adalah [From commentary by Khairi al-Qurawi]:
"Part of the legacy the demised regime has left behind as a result of its long monopoly of power is the distorted image every component of the Iraqi social and political spectrum has come to form of the others - an image inspired by fear, misgivings and distrust. This explains why the minority is now so fearful of the majority and why smaller ethnic and religious groups have such qualms about the prospect of being trampled by bigger, more powerful ones."
``Mosul massacre will not be the last''- Baghdad
Baghdad [From editorial]:
"The barbaric massacre in Mosul will not be the last of its kind. It may even signal a marked shift towards far more horrendous attacks. This is only to be expected as long as the evil schemers behind it have so far failed to spark off the civil war they are so desperately trying to stoke in this country. Let this sound the alarm for all Iraqis, Muslim clerics in particular, to rise up to the challenge and face up to their responsibilities in averting the daunting prospect of what our foes are trying to prod us into."

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