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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

From the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

This document is provided as a service by UNAMI. The material is drawn from non-UN sources and does not reflect the opinions of the United Nations, nor can the UN vouch for its accuracy

Monday, 7 March 2005

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·         Attacks on Iraqi soldiers near Baghdad and Samarra
·         Iraqi policemen kidnapped, two wounded in ambush on patrol
·         Unidentified gunmen kill five people, governorate council member
·         Iraqi government deports 10,000 "illegal Arab, foreign residents"
·         Iraqi paper says Allawi drops bid for PM post; Kurds back Al-Ja'fari
·         Iraqi president meets British parliamentary delegation
·         Syria provided Iraqi government, CIA information on Al-Zarqawi
·         Iraqi Islamic Party rejects role in new government
·         United Iraq Alliance list forms committee to support PM nominee Al-Ja'fari
·         Iraqi Shi'i list cites "positive" talks with Kurds, Sunnis
·         Syrian leader said planning improvement in Iraq ties
·         Al-Mada [Baghdad, political daily newspaper published by Al-Mada Corporation for Media, Culture and Art]:
·         Al-Dustur [Baghdad, independent general political newspaper]:
·         ``Could Association of Muslim Scholars put an end to the violence?''- Al-Bayyinah
·         ``Present Iraqi scene- Al-Sharq al-Awsat
·         ``All citizens are envisaged to be equal''- Baghdad
·         ``A memory of a great event''- Al-Zaman
·         IRAQI PRESS QUOTES, 6 March 05
·         Al-Diyar TV Arabic 6 Mar 05
·         Al-Sharqiyah Tv News 6 March 2005
·         Al-Iraqiyah TV news 6 Feb 05

IRAQI NEWS, 6 March 05

Attacks on Iraqi soldiers near Baghdad and Samarra
An Iraqi soldier was killed and nine others were wounded in two separate incidents that took place north of Baghdad on 6 March morning, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. Iraqi Army Capt Asad Sudad said gunmen riding four cars opened fire on an Iraqi army patrol in the area of Al-Bad'ah, south of Samarra, killing a soldier and wounding five others, the channel said. He added that the patrols later arrested four suspects who were at the site of the incident. Also: five Iraqi soldiers were wounded, one of them seriously, after an explosive device blew up against an Iraqi army patrol in the area of Al-Buqraj, east of Al-Dulu'iyah, north of Baghdad, Al-Sharqiyah TV added. (Al-Sharqiyah TV, Baghdad, in Arabic 6 Mar 05)
Iraqi policemen kidnapped, two wounded in ambush on patrol
The commander of the Rapid Intervention Forces in the city of Bayji, north of Baghdad, was kidnapped in an ambush laid by gunmen for a patrol, in which two of its members were wounded, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. A Bayji police source reportedly said that unknown gunmen kidnapped Police Maj Khamis Hardan while he was conducting a patrol in the centre of Bayji, in the Salah a-Din Governorate. (Al-Sharqiyah TV, Baghdad, in Arabic 6 Mar 05)
Unidentified gunmen kill five people, governorate council member
Five Iraqis, including a woman, have been killed by unidentified gunmen on the main road near Al-Hafriyah area, 50 km south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. The "source" told the channel that the gunmen closed the main road, which connects Wasit Governorate and Baghdad, for several hours and then attacked a civilian car. In another development, unidentified gunmen in a car assassinated Hana Abd-al-Qadir, a member of Ninawa Governorate Council, in northern Iraq, the channel added. Abd-al-Qadir, a professor of law, and 11 other members had tendered their resignations from the governorate council earlier, it said. (Al-Sharqiyah TV, Baghdad, in Arabic 6 Mar 05)
Iraqi government deports 10,000 "illegal Arab, foreign residents"
The Iraqi government deported 10,000 Arab nationals during the past days, within the framework of a "campaign to pursue Arab and foreign illegal residents in the country", Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. Maj-Gen Hadi al-Muthanna, head of the Travel and Citizenship Department, reportedly said the department had deported 10,000 Arabs of various nationalities to their countries, within the framework of a campaign to track Arabs and foreigners residing in the country illegally. He added that the deportation included those who were in the country illegally, as well as a number of residents holding valid residencies, the channel said. He noted that the deportation included all Arabs, except for Palestinians, adding that they will "distinguish between those proven to cooperate with terrorism, who will be deported immediately, and those leading honest lives dedicated to Iraq, which was embraced and provided them with the necessities of a decent life". (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 6 Mar 05)
Iraqi paper says Allawi drops bid for PM post; Kurds back Al-Ja'fari
"Political sources" have said that current Prime Minister Dr Iyad Allawi has given up his ambition to play a political role and keep the prime minister's post, Iraqi newspaper Al-Bayyinah reported. The "sources" added that during his five-hour meeting with Dr Ibrahim al-Ja'fari, vice-president and candidate of the United Iraqi Alliance for prime ministerial post, Allawi decided to maintain his position in the opposition in the transitional National Assembly, the paper said. Also: a "source" at the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), led by Jalal Talabani, said that the Kurds have given their votes to the United Iraqi Alliance "without any preconditions", the paper reported. The "source" added that this step came in response to the "shared history of struggle that links both the Shi'is and the Kurds". (Al-Bayyinah, Baghdad, in Arabic 5 Mar 05)
Iraqi president meets British parliamentary delegation
Iraqi President Ghazi Ajil al-Yawir received a British parliamentary delegation on 6 March, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. The meeting, which was attended by the British ambassador in Baghdad, discussed the political process in Iraq and the latest contacts to form a new Iraqi government, it said. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 6 Mar 05)
Syria provided Iraqi government, CIA information on Al-Zarqawi
"Information from the Syrian capital Damascus revealed that the Syrian security forces handed over to the Iraqi government and the US Central Intelligence Agency lists that include the names of Al-Zarqawi's group and their hideouts in Iraq," the Iraqi Hezbollah Movement in Iraq newspaper Al-Bayyinah reported. "Sources" hinted that the recent arrest of Sab'awi Ibrahim al-Hasan, ousted President Saddam Husayn's half brother, comes in the framework of this security deal, the paper added. "The Syrian security forces have recently prevented terrorist elements from Iraq carrying out any activities that influence the ongoing [political] and security process in Iraq." (Al-Bayyinah, Baghdad, in Arabic 5 Mar 05)
Iraqi Islamic Party rejects role in new government
The Iraqi Islamic Party on 6 March announced its refusal to take part in the new Iraqi government, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported on 6 March. The party's secretary-general, Muhsin Abd-al-Hamid, said that the decision not to participate in the new government did not mean that the party would refuse to take part in drafting the constitution. According to the report, the Iraqi Islamic Party's decision was prompted by the discussions between the United Iraqi Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance lists, to which other groups were not invited. (Al-Sharqiyah 6 Mar 05)
United Iraq Alliance list forms committee to support PM nominee Al-Ja'fari
In a statement published on Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) web site on 6 March, the Unified Iraqi Alliance (UIA) list announced that it would form a committee from the UIA bloc to support Ibrahim al-Ja'fari's candidature for the premiership. (Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq web site 6 Mar 05)
Iraqi Shi'i list cites "positive" talks with Kurds, Sunnis
During a meeting of the United Iraqi Alliance list on 2 March, reports were presented on the "positive" discussions with the Kurdish List, the Iraqi List, and Sunni groups, Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) web site reported on 3 March. According to the web site, agreements were reached with the Kurdish Alliance list on matters concerning the election results, while another report considered steps to be taken by the negotiators of the United Alliance List to ensure the participation of Sunnis in the political process. (SCIRI web site 3 Mar 05)
Syrian leader said planning improvement in Iraq ties
Iraqi newspaper Al-Bayyinah on 5 March reported leaked intelligence information as saying that Syrian President Bashar al-Asad had expressed his readiness to "turn a new page" and change his country's foreign policies regarding Iraq. The information added that Syria may launch an initiative, as a good gesture, to establish "good" diplomatic relations with Iraq, in preparation for Al-Asad to pay a private visit to Baghdad. Al-Asad was reported to have made the comments in a secret meeting with the emir of Qatar, Hamad Bin-Khalifah Al-Thani. (Al-Bayyinah 5 Mar 05)
Al-Mada [Baghdad, political daily newspaper published by Al-Mada Corporation for Media, Culture and Art]:
·         Negotiations getting down to details, Barham Salih: Our point of reference is Transitional Administrative Law,
·         Jawad Talib says cabinet to be announced in a week
·         Bush promises to launch investigation into Italian reporter's injury
·         Booby-trapped cars, other explosives seized in Mosul garage (AFP - Quoted)
·         Al-Hillah residents continue demonstrating, demanding cabinet be formed without delay
·         Partisan feud, security forces behind explosive situation in Al-Najaf
·         Thirty-three gunmen detained, six tons of weaponry seized in Al-Nasiriyah
·         Six soldiers martyred, curfew imposed in Samarra (AFP- quoted)
Al-Dustur [Baghdad, independent general political newspaper]:
·         Al-Chalabi calls for dialogue with Iraqi rebels (Agencies - Quoted)
·         Al-Sadr calls for demonstrations to continue until decision to include Saturday in weekend holiday is cancelled
·         Al-Shahristani says reports are mixed about Dr Iyad Allawi's position
·         Negroponte vows US support for new Iraqi government
·         Signs of looming Shi'i-Kurdish crisis Four Iraqis killed in Al-Nahr Street, six missiles defused in Maydan Square
·         Fifty-six terrorists detained in Bayji, Mosul; Gang of robbers, carjackers arrested, major arms cache seized in Baghdad.
 ``Could Association of Muslim Scholars put an end to the violence?''- Al-Bayyinah
Al-Bayyinah [editorial]:
When a group of angry Shi'is, outraged by the gruesome Karbala and Al-Kazimiyah massacres, went to seek Al-Sistani's permission to repay the sectarian aggressors in kind, they were admonished by the wise holy man to practise self-restraint and solemnly warned against doing anything that would push the country towards the precipice into civil strife. I wonder how this noble attitude compares with the statements made by Shaykh Harith al-Thari in an interview he gave recently to the London-based, Saudi-financed Al-Hayat daily newspaper, boasting that the Association of Muslim Scholars had enough authority to rein in terror operatives in Iraq and put an end to the violence gripping the country. If true, this would amount to an open confession that the Association is closely linked to the terror groups wreaking havoc in Iraq.
``Present Iraqi scene- Al-Sharq al-Awsat
Al-Sharq al-Awsat [Commentary by Jabir Habib Jabir]:
Despite the conspicuous ethnic and sectarian polarization we are witnessing in the present Iraqi scene - due to the sense of insecurity created by decades of repression and lack of political and civil society organizations under the former regime - it would be unrealistic to assume that Iraqi Shi'is and Sunnis will continue to behave as separate political blocs in the foreseeable future. Not only do members of these two main sects belong to different classes, but are spread over a wide political spectrum encompassing Islamists, secularists and leftists. Besides, it is inconceivable to have sectarian-based political programmes, for no one can envision such things as a Shi'i development plan or a Sunni health care scheme.
``All citizens are envisaged to be equal''- Baghdad
Baghdad [editorial]:
In the new Iraq, where all citizens are envisaged to be equal, the first thing we should be keen to avoid is the tendency towards abolishing, side-stepping, excluding, eradicating or vilifying others. Otherwise, any flowery talk of equality would be nothing but nonsense.
``A memory of a great event''- Al-Zaman
Al-Zaman [Commentary by Sa'ad Abbas]
: To my mind, insistence on seizing the opportunity availed by the memory of a great event to make public speeches is a chronic disease that features high among the main factors responsible for generating and perpetuating our tragedies. It is also a major impediment blocking any local or regional effort to do away with despotism once and for all. Do we really need to sing praises to prove how great the March 1991 uprising was, or do we need to scrutinize that memorable event with a critical eye so as to draw the right lessons on how to do justice to the victims, and how to empower the new generation in such a way as to make sure our children's dreams will never be trampled by a future tyrant?


Tariq al-Sha'b publishes on page 9 a 1,300-word article by Rida al-Zahir commenting on the ongoing political negotiations among the various political forces to form the new transitional government. The writer urges the political forces to maintain their political manoeuvres inside "the borders of the democratic game" in order to boost rather than violate the democratic values.
Al-Bayan publishes on page 3 a 500-word column by Salim Rasul discussing the outcome of the current negotiations among the Iraqi political forces regarding the formation of the new government. The writer says that according to the information leaked by political forces, some parties insist on obtaining a guarantee from [the Unified Iraqi Alliance] to obtain all of what they believe to be their rights at this stage, prior to supporting the Alliance's candidate for the prime minister post. Other lists, however, believe that some of these conditions and demands cannot be decided now and should be discussed in the next "constitutional stage." Rasul urges all political parties to favour the nation's interests rather than their ethnic and sectarian interests.
Al-Sabah al-Jadid runs on page 1 a 300-word editorial by Chief Editor Isma'il Zayir, commenting on the "withdrawal" of some members from the Unified Iraqi Alliance list. Zayir says that this "fragmentation" in the National Assembly alliances is "very dangerous" for the democratic process and the Iraqi people.
Al-Dustur carries on page 5 a 600-word article by Najm al-Rubay'i criticizing the Kurds for "putting hard demands" in front of the other National Assembly members. The writer says that the demand to make Kirkuk a Kurdish "territory" may lead to "fragmenting Iraq into small territories according to sectarian or ethnic affiliations."
Al-Mu'tamar publishes on page 6 a 500-word article by Zuhayr al-Dujali discussing why the Iraqi security forces succeeded in minimizing the terrorist attacks during the election period. The article believes that the joint coordination between the Interior and Defence Ministries and the cooperation with the political forces were the reasons behind this success. The article says that terrorism in Iraq is not only limited to Al-Zarqawi and other terrorist groups, the Ba'th Party followers, the intelligence agencies of a number of neighbouring countries, and the organized crime gangs, but the militias of both Shiite and Sunni religious parties, some of which are involved in the political process, are also contributing to violence in Iraq.
Al-Bayan publishes on the front page a 100-word report citing an official source at the Human Rights Ministry affirming that the Quartet Committee, which is responsible for studying the files of the detainees at the US-run prisons in Iraq, released 110 detainees for lack of evidence on their involvement in terrorist attacks.
Al-Zaman carries on page 3 a 50-word report on a statement by Wadah Hamid Abbud, head of the National anti-AIDS Program in Iraq, revealing that the ministry of health recorded 16 cases of infection among foreigners since the downfall of the regime.
Al-Furat carries on page 4 an 800-word report on a statement by an Iraqi scientist warning of an environmental catastrophe that vehicle exhaust emissions may cause, as they represent the main source of air pollution in Iraq.
Al-Mashriq carries on page 1 a 100-word report saying that the Ministry of Education decided to establish a committee to study the phenomenon of the spread of drugs, hallucinogens, and alcohol in schools in Iraq. A source in the ministry said that this committee has conducted a "field survey" in many schools in Baghdad and other governorates.
Al-Mashriq carries on page 4 a 100-word report saying that the Ministry of Industry and Minerals confirmed that it is studying the privatization of the companies that depend on raw materials such as cement and petrochemicals. This campaign should be accompanied by a rebuilding campaign in Iraq, an "official source" in the ministry confirmed.

Al-Diyar TV Arabic 6 Mar 05
·         American, European, Iraqi sources say consultations among Iraqi political groups almost completed and that government headed by Ibrahim al-Ja'fari will be formed in next few days ...
·         Al-Sistani urges United Iraqi Alliance to stay united, speed up formation of government
·         Kurdish official Fu'ad Ma'sum says Iraqi constitution will reflect consensus of all Iraqis
·         Car bomb targets US patrol in Mosul. Eyewitnesses say two American vehicles destroyed. American spokesman says four US soldiers killed in clashes in Al-Anbar. Five Iraqi soldiers killed in mortar attack yesterday.
·         Armed group fires three mortar shells in Al-Musayyab wounding one person, damaging house ...
·         Elected Baghdad Governorate Council takes over responsibility from the old council ...
·         The new Basra Council has been formed ...
·         Concrete security barriers hindering traffic in many Baghdad streets ...
·         Basra Governorate reconstruction chief reviews services projects ...
·         UN inspectors report says 90 sites that in Iraq have been burnt or looted since April 2003
·         Hundreds of Italians demonstrate outside the US embassy in Rome to protest against the killing of an Italian intelligence officer in Iraq by American soldiers ...
·         Doctors and employees in Al-Musayyab general hospital stop work for one day to protest against the attack on a doctor by a National Guard officer ...
·         Germany and UAE sign agreement on training Iraqi officers in the UAE ...
·         Education Ministry sets the dates for final examinations.
Al-Sharqiyah Tv News 6 March 2005
·         Two mortars hit Green Zone today causing no casualties...
·         Al-Yawar receives British parliamentary delegation, discusses political developments in Iraq...
·         Iraqi deputy prime minister expects elected national assembly to meet 16 March. Still of deputy...
·         Iraqi government deports 10,000 Arab nationals for violating residency laws. Video of people...
·         Iraqi police and army forces launched campaign against illegal Arab residents in the last few days... High ranking police officer kidnapped in Bayji...
·         US and Iraqi forces stop hundreds of students in Samarra from taking part in their exams. Map of Iraq... Five Iraqis killed by unknown armed men south of Baghdad; female member of the Ninawa council killed in Mosul. Map of Iraq...
·         Thousands demonstrate, including families of Al-Hillah victims demanding investigation into bombing. Video of Al-Hillah bombing aftermath...
·         Bulgarian defence minister announces his government to decide this month the length of their forces stay in Iraq...
·         Video report on Iraqi musician...
·         Iraqi Interior Ministry forces and US forces begin joint operation against insurgents in Samarra... One Iraqi soldier killed, nine others injured in two separate incidents north of Baghdad...
·         US and Iraqi forces end military operations which lasted two weeks in Al-Anbar. Map of Iraq...
·         Higher Syrian-Lebanese council meets in Damascus tomorrow. Video report on Syrian announcement to withdraw from Lebanon...
·         Italy bestows bravery medal on Italian intelligence officer killed by Americans in Iraq; Italy warns citizens not to travel to Iraq. Video of arrival of body of killed officer...
Al-Iraqiyah TV news 6 Feb 05
·         New photos of Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi obtained by Al-Iraqiyah ...
·         Agreement reached on forming national unity government between United Iraqi Alliance, Kurdistan List and Iraqi List ...
·         Ibrahim al-Ja'fari, United Iraqi Alliance candidate to premiership, says all political forces should contribute in political process. Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih says National Assembly to meet on 16 March ...
·         Delayed meeting of National Assembly due to long discussions on forming cabinet-experts ...
·         Delay of meeting of National Assembly meeting draws mixed reactions in Iraq ...
·         Voxpops: man urging speedy formation of government, another saying long process of forming government good sign, woman wants elected government to assume office as soon as possible, speaks of task of restoring security as top priority ...
·         Iraqis call on winning political parties to create climate for meeting of National Assembly, make urgent decisions ...
·         Delayed meeting of assembly draws mixed reactions in Al-Immara ...
·         Studio interview with Sa'd Jawad, member of Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. He says talks going on with Kurdish parties to form government, plays down withdrawal of two politicians from United Iraqi Alliance ...
·         Minister of Interior Falah al-Naqib says Mosul police to resume security patrols on Monday 7 February ...
·         Iraqi security forces launch offensive in Samara to hunt down Al-Zarqawi ...
·         Over 400 terror suspects arrested in security operation by multinational force in Al-Anbar
·         Key terror suspect arrested; car bomb seized in Al-Anbar. Iraqi soldier killed, nine others injured in separate attacks; five killed, two hurt in terror attack south of Baghdad ...
·         Basra police free abducted man ...
·         Mada'in clans protest in Baghdad, call on security force to crack down on terrorism ...
·         Baghdad elected city council takes office ...
·         Minister of Expatriates and Immigration Pascal Ishu Wardah says new legislation under consideration, problems of Arabs and foreigners discussed with neighbouring countries ...
·         Two-day weekend greeted with mixed feelings in Basra ...
·         Technical medical college students in Baghdad on strike, demand better status after graduation ...
·         Body of Italian security man killed by US troops in Iraq arrives in Italy amid anger.

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