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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

From the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

This document is provided as a service by UNAMI. The material is drawn from non-UN sources and does not reflect the opinions of the United Nations, nor can the UN vouch for its accuracy

Wednesday, 2 March 2005

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·         Day of mourning declared for Al-Hillah victims
·         Gunmen kill Iraqi soldier, wound two others south of Baghdad
·         Civilian driver killed in Al-Ramadi
·         Siege continues in western Haditha as curfew imposed
·         Iraqi forces assume "greater responsibility" in militant search
·         Iraq oil revenues reach 13.4bn dollars - minister
·         Army reportedly arrests Al-Zarqawi group member north of Baghdad
·         Iraqi army arrests Al-Zarqawi group member in Ba'qubah
·         Intelligence chief says Iraqi forces arrested Saddam's half-brother
·         Son of police chief kidnapped
·         Interior Ministry sets up electronic intelligence centre
·         Al-Diyar Satellite Channel In Arabic, Baghdad, 1 March 05
·         Al-Sharqiyah Satellite Channel, Baghdad, in Arabic, 1 March 05
·         Al-Iraqiah Satellite Channel, Baghdad, in Arabic, 1 March 05
·         Khabat daily issued in Erbil by the KDP
·         Kurdistani Nwe daily issued in Sulaymanya by PUK
·         Top leadership contenders to discuss government formation
·         Sunni parties discuss participation in drafting constitution
·         Elected Kirkuk council members hold first meeting
·         Turkoman leader reveals calls for single Turkoman party

IRAQI NEWS, 1 March 05
Day of mourning declared for Al-Hillah victims

The Iraqi cabinet announced on 1 March that there would be an official day of mourning on 2 March for those killed in the Al-Hillah explosion on 28 February. A cabinet source was quoted by Al-Sharqiyah TV as saying that Prime Minister Dr Iyad Allawi had allocated 1.5m dinars to the martyrs' relatives, and 750,000 dinars to the wounded. He stressed that such acts of violence would not go unpunished. (Al-Sharqiyah TV 1 Mar 05)

Gunmen kill Iraqi soldier, wound two others south of Baghdad

An Iraqi soldier was killed and two others wounded when gunmen launched an attack against a military roadblock set in south of Baghdad. According to a report by Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV, Capt Husayn al-Amari of the Iraqi Army said that the attack, carried out against a roadblock set between Al-Mahmudiyah and Al-Latifiyah, took place last night, adding that the perpetrators fled the area. In a related development, the blast of an explosive charge caused damage to the railroad near Al-Latifiyah, which links Baghdad to the southern governorates of Basra. An Al-Mahmudiyah police officer said that this railroad came under 20 similar attacks in the past. (Al-Sharqiyah 1 Mar 05)

Civilian driver killed in Al-Ramadi

US soldiers shot dead a civilian driver in Al-Ramadi on 1 March, reported Al-Sharqiyah TV. According to the channel, an eyewitness said that the driver was speeding toward a checkpoint, which prompted the US soldiers to open fire on him. The incident took place at 1100 local time (0800 gmt). In a separate incident, an explosive charge went off in central Al-Ramadi early on 1 March, killing three people in a civilian car. The circumstances of the incident had not been determined yet, said the report. (Al-Sharqiyah TV 1 Mar 05)

Siege continues in western Haditha as curfew imposed

US forces have been laying siege to the city of Haditha in the western Iraqi Governorate of Al-Anbar for the past six days, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported on 1 March. According to the report, they imposed a total curfew on Haditha after ending their siege of the adjacent city of Al-Haqlaniyah. Eyewitnesses said that there were food and medicine shortages and that the only hospital in the city is running out of medicines. (Al-Sharqiyah 1 Mar 05)

Iraqi forces assume "greater responsibility" in militant search

Iraqi Chief of Staff Babakir Zebari said that the military operations in the cities of Al-Anbar Governorate in western Iraq were being coordinated, step by step, by the Iraqi Defence Ministry and the US forces' command. In a press statement reported by Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV on 1 March, Zebari disclosed that the Iraqi army had information that many Arab elements coming from outside Iraq were in Hit, Rawah and Anah, and were being protected by Iraqi armed groups. He added that two Iraqi divisions were deployed in Al-Anbar and in the surrounding areas and that they had taken on greater responsibility in pursuing the armed groups. He stressed that Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi was in the Al-Anbar area. (Al-Sharqiyah 1 Mar 05)

Iraq oil revenues reach 13.4bn dollars - minister
Oil Minister Thamir Abbas Ghadban said that Iraq's total crude oil revenues since the fall of the former regime in April 2003 reached 13.4bn dollars. In a press conference covered by Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV, the minister said that Iraq's average production of crude oil during the past nine months reached 2.5m barrels a day. He added that the average export reached 1.5m barrels a day, mostly from the southern region. (Al-Sharqiyah 1 Mar 05)
Army reportedly arrests Al-Zarqawi group member north of Baghdad

An Iraqi army source today said that a member of a cell affiliated with the group of Jordanian Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi, who represents Al-Qa'idah Organization in Iraq, was arrested in Ba'qubah [northeast of Baghdad].
Iraqi army Col Isma'il Ibrahim said that the Iraqi soldiers arrested a member of Al-Tawhid wa al-Jihad group two days ago. He noted that the detainee is Iraqi and works as a general coordinator among the commanders and the elements that carry out the operations. He supervises the military operations and determines the targets of assassinations in the Diyala Governorate [north of Baghdad], the colonel said.

Source: Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 1705 gmt 1 Mar
Iraqi army arrests Al-Zarqawi group member in Ba'qubah

Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV quoted an Iraqi army source as saying on 1 March that a member of a cell affiliated with Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi group was arrested in Ba'qubah. Colonel Isma'il Ibrahim said that the Iraqi soldiers arrested a member of Al-Tawhid wa al-Jihad group two days earlier. He noted that the detainee is Iraqi and works as a general coordinator among the commanders and the elements that carry out the operations. He supervises the military operations and determines the targets of killings in Diyala Governorate, the colonel said. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 1 Mar 05)

Intelligence chief says Iraqi forces arrested Saddam's half-brother

Maj-Gen Husayn Ali Kamal, chief of the Iraqi Interior Ministry's Intelligence Service, said on 1 March that no party had informed Iraq of the return to the country of Saddam Husayn's half-brother Sab'awi Ibrahim al-Hasan, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. Kamal noted that the Iraqi security forces had arrested Sab'awi in Iraq and that he was under the surveillance of the Iraqi intelligence services, especially the Criminal Intelligence Services. Kamal said that Sab'awi had felt that Syria was putting pressure on him and he had therefore transferred his money and acquired a false passport. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 1 Mar 05)

Son of police chief kidnapped
Unidentified gunmen kidnapped the son of the Ninawa Police chief on 1 March, Denmark-based Iraq for All News Network web site reported. Initial reports said that the gunmen laid an ambush for him near his house. (Iraq for All News Network, Sonderborg, in Arabic 1 Mar 05)
Interior Ministry sets up electronic intelligence centre

The Interior Ministry recently confirmed that it had started to establish a centre for intelligence operations, communications and control using satellite telephones and modern computers. According to a report in Iraqi Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) newspaper Al-Ittihad on 1 March, a ministry source said that the ministry had changed the headquarters of the Rapid Reaction Police to house the centre. This project is the first of its kind in Iraq and it is expected to play a big role in combating sabotage activities and enabling the Rapid Reaction Police to receive immediate and direct reports from all over Iraq. Furthermore, continued the report, it will facilitate a direct line of communication with the Interior Ministry to provide important information from the outset. (Al-Ittihad 1 Mar 05)

Al-Dustur [independent general political daily]
§         Al-Naqib: In five years, we will have the most powerful interior ministry in the Middle East
§         Wide-scale incursions targeting illegal Arab residents in Al-Battawiyyin neighbourhood
§         Kurdish official expects Kurdistan parliament to hold opening session in ten days (Agencies quoted)
§         Head of Iraqi Islamic Party, Secretary- General of Kurdistan Union support Talabani as presidential candidate
§         Kirkuk Governorate denies Kurdish being imposed as official language
§         Students in Wasit demonstrate in protest of Saturday being made weekend holiday (Agencies quoted)
§         Terror ring leader arrested, Al-Iraqiyyah TV station offices in Mosul come under rocket attack.
Al-Mada [political daily published by Al-Mada Corporation]
§         Driven by desperation, terrorists turn more murderous, leaving 115 civilians martyred in Hillah massacre
§         Armed militants open fire at civilians in Mosul
§         Al-Iraqiyah satellite TV threatened by 'Al-Jihad and Da'wah' terror groups (AFP quoted)
§         Man charged with carrying out beheadings under Uday captured in Al-Nasiriyyah
§         Wrangling Najaf security officials cause rising tension in city
§         Al-Pachachi forming committee to probe means of participation in drawing up constitution, with Muhsin Abd-al-Hamid supporting Talabani's candidacy for president
§         Capture of Sab'awi considered as netting a big fish
§         US sources say Syria must do more, one swallow does not mean spring has set in Car bomb defused near Samarra, civilian killed, two wounded in Ba'qubah.

Al-Da'wah [From editorial]: "If certain political groups have chosen to make their willingness to join forces with others conditional on meeting narrow demands or promoting unworthy self-interest, then those elected by our terror-braving masses ought to rise to the challenge, be fully aware of the dire repercussions looming ahead and remember that anyone drawn into compromising national interest will be brought to account by the people of Iraq."
Al-Zaman [From commentary by Ali Dhia' al- Din]: "All that we need now is complete transparency and complete openness. If we can secure these, we will have got to the point where all the good in the world will follow."
Al-Mada [From commentary by Adil al-Amil]: "Every now and then, we have a new book or newspaper article in which a former coup leader recounts his memoirs of his alleged heroic role in staging some coup or other, of how he took over radio and TV stations or how he shelled an airport, relating every single detail of his exploits as if he were telling the story of a laudable patriotic victory over a foreign invader or a brilliant scientific achievement he has made to benefit not only his compatriots, but the entire human race."


Al-Mu'tamar publishes on page 6 a 1,700-word article by Dr Taysir al-Alusi wondering where the huge number of Iraq government properties, factories, central bank treasures, and former army weapons disappeared to after the downfall of the former regime in 2003. The article holds senior officials, regional and international forces responsible for embezzling Iraq's wealth and infrastructure. The writer calls for a strong government to eliminate criminals and infiltrators in the political forces and state institutions.

Al-Mu'tamar publishes on page 6 a 750-word article by Khalid Qasim al-Maliki criticizing the ongoing dealings, bargaining and alliances among the Iraqi political forces that achieved victory in the elections regarding the Kurdization of Kirkuk by force, ignoring Iraqi public opinion.
Al-Mu'tamar publishes on page 6 a 1,000-word article by Sarim al-Fayli discussing the dangers of terrorism and the Takfiri ideology on the democratic changes in Iraq. The article urges the new government to utilize the circumstantial foreign political factor that is currently available in Iraq to eliminate such ideology from the society. The writer also urges the government to eliminate corruption from state institutions.
Sawt al-Ahali publishes on page 3 a 1,000-word article by lawyer Tariq al-Ibrisam, member of the Central Committee of the National Democratic Party, criticizing those calling for deferring the implementation of democracy until the ending of the occupation. The article says that achieving independence cannot be based only on the call for ending the occupation, but it should be based on a constitutional and democratic regime that is qualified to negotiate with the occupiers.
Al-Nahda on page 4 publishes a 500-word article by Abd al-Muni'm al-A'ssam entitled "Rumours Everywhere." The writer discusses how fast well-documented rumours supported with figures and dates spread in Iraq. One says that "he saw Al-Zarqawi," and another swears that "Al-Zarqawi is not Jordanian but an Iraqi officer." Another one says that Izzat al-Duri was detained a long time ago and is being held at the house of a US officer. The writer concludes by saying that "Iraqis resort to rumours when they get confused."
Al-Mada publishes on page 1 a 500-word article entitled "why Saturday is a public holiday?" The article is explaining justifications for this step, but at the same time, it is criticizing the government for rushing to announce the weekend holiday without consulting others and that the current government is not authorized to make such decision. The article says that this step is similar to the decision made to change the Iraqi flag.
Al-Adalah carries on page 4 an 800-word article by Dirgham al-Shallah, discussing the "nature and kinds" of constitutions, referring to the Iraqi State Administration Law and the drafting of the upcoming constitution.
Al-Adalah runs on page 4 a 600-word article by Zuhayr al-Dijayli commenting on the cooperation of people with the Iraqi security forces, which led to "arresting a great number of terrorists and the notable decrease in the terrorist attacks." The writer says that the Iraqi Government must realize that "terrorism cannot be defeated by simply improving the security forces, but by providing better services to people and putting an end to unemployment."
Al-Adalah publishes on page 4 a 700-word article by Dr Ali Khulayf discussing the "decisive role" of the Iraqi people in "backing" the government, saying that the people's role "did not end with the elections, and they are required to activate their participation in making the government succeed in its tasks."
Al-Sabah al-Jadid runs on page 6 a 1,000-word article by Ibrahim Abd-al-Rahman commenting on the Arab summits, saying that the various summits held so far "did nothing for the Arab people except slogans and words." The writer calls on the Arab leaders to adopt "practical procedures that will end the suffering of the Arab people."
Al-Mashriq publishes on page 4 a 300-word article by Ahmad al-Bayati commenting on the "wish" of Iraqis to have a government that "adopts a reasonable policy, that disregards extremism, and that works to build the civil society institutions."
Al-Mashriq carries on page 12 a 300-word article by Hatim Hasan criticizing the Iraqi Government for making Saturday a day off, saying that "there is no need for this now." Hasan also criticizes those who object to this decision on religious bases.
Al-Mashriq runs on page 12 a 200-word article by Hadi Nu'man al-Hiti calling for holding a "reconciliation conference" in order to "put an end to differences and avoid any possible civil strife."


Al-Diyar Satellite Channel In Arabic, Baghdad, 1 March 05

·         In an article in The Wall Street Journal published on Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi criticizes US decision to dissolve Iraqi Army and government agencies after the war...
·         Iraqi sources say Allawi preparing to play role of an opposition bloc leader in elected Iraqi parliament. A statement by Adnan Pachachi's group says Sunni parties and figures set up committee to examine how to participate in drafting of constitution...
·         Patriotic Union of Kurdistan official says he expects Kurdish parliament to hold first session within 10 days...
·         Around 120 people killed yesterday in worst car-bomb explosion in Iraq since fall of former regime. Iraqi Government decides to deport a number of Arab residents for security reasons...
·         Iraqi interior minister says Iraq will have strongest Interior Ministry in Middle East in five years...
·         Jordan denies receiving new refugees from Iraq...
·         Iraqi criminal court issued a statement yesterday saying investigations into Al-Dujayl crimes in 1982 completed; statement says hundreds of people arrested after attack on convoy of former Iraqi President Saddam Husayn and that some were executed...
·         Human Rights Watch warns against US plan to deploy new anti-personnel mine system in Iraq...
·         Australian soldiers who fired at a civilian car in Baghdad acquitted. Australian official says the soldiers acted in accordance with military rules... Iraqi transport minister notes plan to build underground in Iraq...
·         Ceremony held in Al-Muthanna Governorate to mark accomplishment of a water project... Ministry of Municipalities warns against encroachment upon state property...
·         US official says about 1,000 projects costing 5bn dollars now being implemented in Iraq as part of reconstruction...
·         International conference on rehabilitation of Iraq's marshlands opens in Bahrain...
·         Report on controversy over meeting of dissolved journalists association...
·         Lebanese Government resigns under popular pressure...
Al-Sharqiyah Satellite Channel, Baghdad, in Arabic, 1 March 05

·         Iraqi Council of Ministers says 2 March to be national mourning day for victims of Al-Hillah suicide attack; Iraqi premier earmarks 1.5m dinars for families of victims; 750,000 dinars for injured...
·         Relatives of Al-Hillah victims begin to recover bodies from local hospital; some victims' relatives blame police for failing to prevent attack...
·         Latest estimates put number of casualties at 125 killed; UN secretary-general, White House, Canada, Australia, Japan condemn attack...
·         Iraqi oil minister says oil revenues since toppling of Saddam Husayn's regime reach 13.4 bn dollars; says average of Iraq's oil production in last nine months 2.5 million b/d; says sabotage attacks against oil installation cost 7bn dollars...
·         US soldier killed, two injured in road accident north of Tikrit yesterday; US army statement says injured soldiers transferred to nearby hospital...
·         Iraqi army units officers, multinational forces sign memorandum of understanding to identify positions of units...
·         Iraqi chief of staff says Defence Ministry, US troops command coordinate military operations in Al-Anbar Governorate cities; says Iraqi army has information on presence of many Arabs coming from outside Iraq under protection of armed Iraqi groups; says Al-Zarqawi in Al-Anbar... US troops besiege Al-Hadithah City in Al-Anbar Governorate; eyewitnesses say shortage of goods resulted...
·         Abducted French female journalist pleads for help; says her state of health deteriorating...
·         Bulgarian sources say dangerous disease begins to spread among foreign soldiers in Iraq...
·         Iraqi youth organization exhibits stolen artefacts, monuments collected in Baghdad, governorates in order to return them to Iraqi museum...
·         Jordan denies receiving new refugees from Iraq; interior minister says his country will not allow refugees to enter... Number of Georgian troops in Iraq increases...
·         US sources say human rights lawyers to sue US defence secretary...
·         Lebanese president accepts government resignation...
·         International conference to support Palestinian Authority begins in London...
·         Hundreds of South Koreans demonstrate in front of Japanese embassy in protest against claims over uninhabited islands...
·         Economic, business news
Al-Iraqiah Satellite Channel, Baghdad, in Arabic, 1 March 05

·         Iraq announces day of mourning for victims of Al-Hillah terror attack on Wednesday 2 March, orders compensation for families...
·         Iraqis protest at Al-Hillah terror attack. Video report covers protest...
·         Hilla terror attack sparks world-wide condemnation. Video report highlights condemnation by US, UK, UN chief, European countries...
·         Special force arrests more terror suspects in Mosul; criminals admit to kidnapping girls, taking orders from intelligence agency of neighbouring country. Video report covers security chief statement...
·         Iraqi army kills eight terrorists, two soldiers killed south of Baghdad; railway linking Baghdad and Basra comes under attack...
·         Husayn Ismail al-Sadr hails security forces for arrests of terror network in Mosul...
·         Minister of Defence says army now made up of ten military units, army force to protect oil installations. Video report covers his statement saying Syria cooperating more with Iraq, Damascus helped with capture of Saddam half brother...
·         Studio interview with Nazar Yasar al-Haidar, member of Manda'i Democratic Grouping. He speaks about irregularities in polls, which led to marginalization of his party representing minority. Party's complaint fell on deaf ears, small minorities should have been assigned quotas, he says...
·         Muthanna police seize antiquities. Video report covers operation that foiled attempt to smuggle antiquities...
·         Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih says move to form transitional government continues. Video report covers his comments saying consultations under way over coalition government, hopes it will one of national unity...
·         Ibrahim al-Ja'fari, candidate for post of premier, in Kurdistan for talks with Kurdish coalition...
·         Minister of Human Rights says Saddam half brother Barazan al-Tikriti to be the first to stand former regime trial. Video report highlights atrocities committed by former regime in Dijil, main culprits...
·         Schools mark teachers day...
·         Al-Qa'idah leader Usamah Bin-Ladin urges Abu-Musa'ab al-Zarqawi to launch attacks in US...
·         Business bulletin: Northern oil exports to be resumed within ten days. Iraq share market. Report on private universities. Airport to be built at Iraq-Jordan free-duty zone.

Khabat daily issued in Erbil by the KDP

Kirkuk's elected Municipal Council held its first meeting Monday. Ali Salihi, the eldest council member chaired the first meeting and will continue acting as interim chairperson until one is elected later.


A source from Erbil Municipality Department announced proposed distribution of 800 plots of residential land to teachers on lottery basis.
¾         The UK consular in Kirkuk visited Zakho town near the Turkish border and met wit KDP officials there.
¾         Erbil Director-General of Education Department inaugurated a primary school in Daratoo and an intermediate one in Binaslawa suburbs of Erbil on Monday. Other educational officials also attended the opening ceremony.
¾         Mines Advisory Group (MAG, British NGO) opened a risk education and awareness session for 40 clergymen in Soran town north of Erbil.
¾         115 died and 133 wounded in Monday's Hilla suicide car explosion in front of a health center.

Kurdistani Nwe daily issued in Sulaymanya by PUK

Our motto is human rights protection and implementing out tasks on basis of law and human rights principles, said the KRG-Sulaymanya new Director-General for security, who took office this week.


Hawler [Erbil] International Airport will open offices for visa applications and ticket reservation in a near future, Deputy Minister of Transportations and Communications at KRG-Erbil Rashad Omer told the daily. The official further added that effective March, direct flights between Erbil-Frankfurt and Erbil-Baghdad would start to be followed soon by flights to each of Beirut and Istanbul. The fee will be $365 for Erbil-Amman trip both ways and $370 for Erbil-Dubai (also both ways). A foreign company is constructing a huge terminal on international standards. The project cost is $150 million. <>

Erbil is key to Baghdad Rule. After many delays, Iraqi premiership nominee Ibrahim Jaa'fari is expected to arrive in Erbil today (Tuesday) on top of a delegation of the Shiite list. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a KDP source confirmed the visit and said it comes in line with ongoing dialogue between Kurdish leadership and other Iraqi parties for the formation of the new Iraqi cabinet. Before Ja'afari, other notable politicians like Allawi, Pachachi and Muhsin Abdulhameed have visited Erbil, which reflects the Kurdish weight in the Iraqi political formulas. Commitment for the implementation of TAL Article 58 (which stipulates normalizing the extraordinary situations in Kirkuk) is one of Kurdish conditions for alliance with other political entities. Before the elections, Allawi has reiterated his commitment in writing. Ja'afari had said that Kirkuk was a ``very sensitive'' issue and an interim government was not entitled to settle it. Kurdistani New daily had quoted an ``informed source'' that Jaafari would visit Sulaymanya in few days for meeting with Talabani.

KURD NEWS, 1 March 05
Top leadership contenders to discuss government formation

Iraqi newspaper Al-Ittihad on 1 March reported a Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) source as saying that Ibrahim al-Ja'fari - one of the main contenders for the premiership - will visit Al-Sulaymaniyah to meet the Kurdish leader, Jalal Talabani, widely tipped for the post of president. The source said that the meeting would take place 1 March. According to the newspaper, the two sides are expected to agree on the fundamental principles for the formation of the national government and the convening of the first meeting of the National Assembly. (Al-Ittihad)According to an AFP news agency report, Al-Ja'fari is also due to meet officials from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) led by Massoud Barzani. "The purpose of the trip is to hold discussions with the KDP leadership and other members of the Kurdish coalition," said Mohammed Ihsan, who serves as the Kurdish party's human rights minister. Ihsan was quoted as saying that no deal had been struck with any other party. "We are still in the period of putting forward our proposals and examining the question of coalitions," he said. (AFP) Al-Ittihad is published daily by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, 1 Mar 05

Sunni parties discuss participation in drafting constitution
A statement by the Iraqi Independent Democrats Grouping, led by Adnan al-Pachachi, said that a number of Sunni political parties and prominent figures have set up a committee to study ways of participating in the process of drafting the country's permanent constitution. According to a report on Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) satellite TV on 1 March, the statement added that a consultation meeting had been held at the headquarters of the Independent Democrats Grouping. The meeting was attended by representatives from 23 Iraqi political parties and groups, as well as prominent politicians such as Adnan al-Pachachi, Minister of Planning Mahdi al-Hafiz and former member of the Governing Council Nasir al-Chadirchi. (Kurdistan Satellite 1 Mar 05)
Elected Kirkuk council members hold first meeting
The elected council of the Kirkuk Governorate held its first meeting in the Governorate's meeting hall, which was attended by all the 41 council members, Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) satellite TV reported on 1 March. The elected members of the council introduced themselves, took the oath, and pledged to secure public services for Kirkuk and its residents. (Kurdistan Satellite TV 1 Mar 05)
Turkoman leader reveals calls for single Turkoman party
The leader of the Turkomaneli Party, Riyad Sari Kahya was reported on 1 March as saying that there had been calls for the dissolution of the Iraqi Turkoman Front, in order to turn it into a single party. Quoted in Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) newspaper Al-Ittihad, he said that the next conference of the Turkoman Front on 22 March would debate this question. Regarding their future plans for resolving the issue of the disputed city of Kirkuk, Kahya said that the Turkomans would work with the Kurdish leadership towards establishing a joint administration in the city. He added: "We want Kirkuk to have its own independent federal status." (Al-Ittihad 1 Mar 05)

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