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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

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Tuesday, 15 February 2005

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·         Eleven Iraqis killed in separate incidents
·         Iraq TV reports clashes near Baghdad bridge
·         Some 400 Iraqis said released by US forces
·         Insurgents captured in Mosul
·         Iraqi oil exports via Turkey set to resume
·         Al-Zaman [daily, independent, Baghdad edition of London-based Al-Zaman]:
·         Baghdad [Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic published by the Iraqi National Accord Movement]:
·         Al-Bayan [Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic published by the Islamic Al-Da'wah Party]:
·         Al-Dustur [Baghdad, daily independent newspaper in Arabic]:
·         Al-Mada [Baghdad, daily, independent newspaper published by Al-Mada Media, Culture and Arts Corporation]:
·         Al-Manar al-Yawm [Baghdad, daily independent newspaper in Arabic]:
·         Al-Mu'tamar [Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic published by the Iraqi National Congress]:
·         ``Election results, no surprises''- Al-Adalah
·         ``A powerful government is needed''- Baghdad
·         ``No political force can alone monopolize power in Iraq''- Al-Dustur
·         Al-Sharqiyah TV news summary 14 Feb 05
·         Al-Diyar TV news 1230 gmt 14 Feb 05
·         Al-Iraqiyah TV news 1700 gmt 14 Feb 05
·         www.peyamner.com
·         Khabat daily issued by KDP in Erbil:
·         Jamawar, private political weekly issued in Erbil:
·         Kurdistani Nwe daily issued by PUK in Sulaymanya:
·         KurdistanObserver.com
·         Kurdistan satellite TV news summary 14 Feb 05
·         KurdSat TV news summary 14 Feb 05

IRAQI NEWS, 14 Feb 05
Eleven Iraqis killed in separate incidents
Iraqi police sources said on 14 February that 11 Iraqis, including two ranking Iraqi police officers, were killed in separate incidents in Baghdad, Mosul and Ba'qubah in the previous past 24 hours, Iraqi TV channel Al-Sharqiyah reported. An Iraqi Interior Ministry source said that two officers with the rank of colonel and two other soldiers were killed in the Al-Kazimiyah area north of Baghdad. The source explained that the incident took place when unidentified gunmen attacked the four military personnel as they were travelling in a car through the area. The source added that two other officers working at the Major Crimes Department were killed at the hands of unidentified gunmen in the Al-Amiriyah area west of Baghdad. The source confirmed that a police commissioner was killed on the evening of 13 February by unidentified gunmen in the Al-Sha'b area east of Baghdad, while walking in one of the markets. The source added that unidentified gunmen attacked an Iraqi National Guard colonel in the Al-Khalis area in northeast Baghdad. The source pointed out that the attack resulted in the death of his daughter, who was accompanying him. The source also said that another officer was killed by unidentified gunmen in the Buhriz area near Ba'qubah. In Mosul, two policemen were killed and two others wounded when unidentified gunmen opened fire on them, the TV quoted Maj Muhammad Fathi from the Mosul Police Department as saying. (Al-Sharqiyah TV 1913 gmt 14 Feb 05)
Iraq TV reports clashes near Baghdad bridge
Insurgents fired some 15 mortar shells on checkpoints set up by the Iraqi army on Al-A'immah Bridge which connects Baghdad's Al-A'zamiyah and Al-Kazimiyah districts on 14 February, Al-Sharqiyah TV reported. The TV's correspondent reported an "intensive" exchange of gunfire around the Al-Imam Al-A'zam mosque, which is located near the bridge. US forces stormed the rooftops of government buildings and schools in the area, using them as military posts and the Iraqi army patrolled the area in search of gunmen. US fighter planes, helicopters and reconnaissance aircraft were seen hovering at low levels over the area, the correspondent said. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 0903 gmt 14 Feb 05)
Some 400 Iraqis said released by US forces
US forces in Iraq have released some 399 Iraqi prisoners, Al-Sharqiyah TV reported on 14 February, citing the Justice Ministry. A source in the ministry said that a joint US-Iraqi committee set up to follow up on the prisoners continues to examine the prisoners' files and consider the necessary measures according to the charges levelled against them. According to the TV, hundred of prisoners have been released during the past months. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 0905 gmt 14 Feb 05)
Insurgents captured in Mosul
A special force of the Interior Ministry, Wolf Brigade, arrested a number of insurgents in Mosul on 13 February, Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) newspaper Khabat reported the following day. Among those arrested are Hamid al-Huwaydi, the leader of an armed group and a supporter of Ansar al-Sunnah group, and Mulla Mahdi, suspected of involvement in the killing of Mosul citizens, the National Guard and the police. (Khabat, Arbil, in Sorani Kurdish 14 Feb 05)
Iraqi oil exports via Turkey set to resume
Iraqi oil exports to Turkey were due to resume on 14 February after damage caused to the pipeline by sabotage in December 2004 was repaired, Al-Sharqiyah TV reported, quoting an unnamed Iraqi official. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 1000 gmt 14 Feb 05)
Later on, Turkish news agency reported that the pumping of oil through the Kirkuk-Yumurtalik pipeline had resumed. The operation will allow Iraq to resume its monthly oil sales from the Kirkuk area, it added. (Anatolia news agency, Ankara, in Turkish 1249 gmt 14 Feb 05)


Al-Zaman [daily, independent, Baghdad edition of London-based Al-Zaman]:

Coalition race to win majority in National Assembly; Allawi the half-solution candidate; United Alliance to decide in days on Al-Ja'fari, Abd-al-Mahdi Islamic Party: We hold consultations ahead of participation in government; Barzani to become Kurdistan president, Al-Mufti parliament speaker Police arrest 52 suspects over attacks on Baghdad bakeries; Car bomb explosion on Al-Hillah-Karbala road (AFP quoted) Katyusha rocket attack on Ninawa city hall; Senior army officer among six killed in Samarra (AFP quoted) [Jack] Straw congratulates election winners; Amman hopeful of broader participation in new government Turkmen demonstrators protest election breaches Education Ministry, multinational forces rehabilitate 30 schools in Al-Sadr City [Hoshyar] Zebari receives credentials of Greek ambassador to Iraq Death sentence issued against three convicted of smuggling antiquities to Iran New era for Iraqi women in political process after announcement of election results [Intelligence chief] Al-Shahwani: Retaking Salman Pak requires real battle; Gunmen in Al-Mada'in search fingers to catch voters

Baghdad [Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic published by the Iraqi National Accord Movement]:

Election results announced Allawi supports Kurds' willingness to hold any top post (AFP quoted) Over 50 suspects arrested after attack on bakeries in Baghdad (AFP quoted) Amman may allow Kurdish refugees' transit, but not settlement on its territory (AFP quoted) Government clings to hope for reforming Iraqi economy Four explosions in Baghdad suburbs Mosque imam, preacher killed in Baghdad Health minister acknowledges: 80 per cent of health centres lack drinking water; hospitals suffer from acute shortages of medicine, medical staff Two killed in Al-Saydiyah, Zayunah districts of Baghdad Water resources minister: Tigris water level not worrying; no fear of floods Iraq expands medical cooperation with Ukraine
Al-Bayan [Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic published by the Islamic Al-Da'wah Party]:

Iraqi people take first steps towards democracy; Independent electoral commission announces official results of vote count Vice-President Ibrahim al-Ja'fari receives EU envoy Baghdad military commander: Plan to receive security in capital centre began (News agencies quoted) Iraqi security forces interrogate three Saudis for entering Karbala illegally (News agencies quoted) Italy, Saudi Arabia sign contract to implement projects in Al-Nasiriyah Iraq giant port to be established on 40m-square-metre area Planning minister: 2.5bn dollars expended from UN, World Bank funds for reconstruction Health Ministry signs agreement with Jordan to control border exits in field of food safety Jordanian port, hotels, residential projects on Iraqi border Voter turnout 75 per cent in Al-Diwaniyah

Al-Dustur [Baghdad, daily independent newspaper in Arabic]:

 Final, unendorsed results of transitional national assembly declared; United Iraqi Alliance in the lead, followed by Kurdistan, Iraqi lists Elected transitional assembly to meet in two weeks to select presidential council Turkmen demonstrate in protest at election violations in Kirkuk Political quarters nominate [Sami] al-Mudaffar to head next government US forces raid house of senior member of Al-Da'wah and Guidance Association Car bomb blast near checkpoint; 17 bodies found in Mosul, Baghdad (News agencies quoted) General meeting for Iraqi Sunnis to study participation in next elections, drafting constitution Justice minister stresses Saddam not guilty of Halabjah, accuses Iran of attack Annan expects difficulties to face peace-keeping troops in Iraq Salman Pak an outlaw city; terrorists cut fingers of ten voters Human Rights Ministry condemns oppressive measures, violations committed in prisons, detention centres Municipalities Ministry implements service projects in Al-Anbar.

Al-Mada [Baghdad, daily, independent newspaper published by Al-Mada Media, Culture and Arts Corporation]:

 Election results mark popular victory of democratic option Security forces arrest three terrorist leaders Twenty-five suspects apprehended over bakery attack Hayfa Street handed over to Iraqi army Annan does not rule out sending peace-keeping forces to Iraq despite difficulties (Reuters quoted) Association of Muslim Scholar condemns attacks on police, food trucks (AFP quoted) Iraqi security forces capture terrorist issuing fatwa to kill 120 citizens Iraq resumes crude oil export from Kirkuk oilfields Baghdad expects Russian LUKoil to resume work in Iraq Ninawa governor discusses with clerics security in Mosul Oil minister: Two 2m-dollar contracts awarded to study oil reserve.

Al-Manar al-Yawm [Baghdad, daily independent newspaper in Arabic]:

Iraq election: 48 per cent for United Iraqi Alliance; 26 per cent for Kurds; 13 per cent for Iraqi list US forces withdraw from Al-Adamiyah, Hayfa Street Vice-president Rozh Nuri Shawes: Formation of new government to be in agreement not vote; we support Allawi to remain as prime minister [Islamic Party leader] Muhsin Abd-al-Hamid: Election created sectarian divisions; if understanding fails, we will be in a disaster Iraqi Justice Minister Malik Dohan al-Hasan: Saddam not guilty for Halabjah massacre and we accuse Iran; party supervising election was not neutral CNN news chief resigns over Iraq Federation of Iraqi chambers of commerce pays ransom for release of kidnapped chairman.

Al-Mu'tamar [Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic published by the Iraqi National Congress]:

United Iraqi Alliance achieves highest results; wins 131 National Assembly seats National guard forces discharge 140 recruits from duty Believe it or not: Justice minister says Saddam innocent of Halabjah massacres, holds Iran responsible Food trucks are set on fire with no protection while officials' vehicles are well-guarded [Ahmad] al-Chalabi expected to reach pyramid peak; Al-Sadr promises support for his nomination for prime minister post Income tax reduced by 15 per cent Defence Ministry to buy weapons, equipment for army.


``Election results, no surprises''- Al-Adalah

Al-Adalah [Baghdad, twice-weekly newspaper in Arabic published by the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)]: [From editorial]

"Although the [election] results have not come up with surprises beyond the expectations of political entities, they have actually drawn up Iraq's new political map. Now, the political parties know well their weight However, those who have won the majority of votes should consider this as a responsibility. Each vote added in favour of a political party is in fact an added responsibility ... By putting focus on responsibility, we are only ruling out the notion that gaining too many votes means a privilege, higher post and presidency As a matter of fact, all these posts (parliament, state and government) involve a great responsibility towards a people who sacrificed, resisted and showed patience and who hope that all those holding these posts will rise up to the level of the sacrifices they made, the latest of which election epic".

``A powerful government is needed''- Baghdad

Baghdad [Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic published by the Iraqi National Accord Movement]: [From editorial]

"We do not want to get caught in the middle of the race between the main lists to form a new government nor do we want to tackle the distribution of ministerial portfolios, because our aim goes beyond the practices behind the scenes - which are linked to the electoral game and the coalitions of winner blocs - to something far greater and much more important, namely, the presence of a strong leadership of a stronger Iraq A powerful government is needed to preserve the respect of the state and its unity and stability. However, its legitimacy should be gained from people's consent and approval. It should be a just power; otherwise, it will become a brute force having nothing to offer more than an iron fist and a dictatorial rule whose hold on power can erode by time".

``No political force can alone monopolize power in Iraq''- Al-Dustur

Al-Dustur [Baghdad, daily independent newspaper in Arabic] From editorial by Chief Editor Basim al-Shaykh :

The Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq [IECI] announced yesterday, 13 February, the final results of the 30 January elections which were as expected by observers and the political arena. The editorial adds that despite the significant victory of the United Iraqi Alliance list, the election results indicate that no particular political force can alone monopolize power in Iraq. The editorial emphasizes the importance of involving all political forces in power and in the political process in the next stage in order to save Iraq from its current crisis.''

"Optimists and Pessimists in the Post-Elections Cooking,"- Al-Sabah al-Jadid

Al-Sabah al-Jadid[Baghdad, daily independent newspaper in Arabic] runs on page 2 a 500-word article by Sadiq Bakhan, entitled "Optimists and Pessimists in the Post-Elections Cooking," in which the author comments on the "two opinions" among Iraqis regarding the post-elections period. The writer says that some Iraqis are "optimistic, and feel that the elections were successful, and will lead to the drafting of a constitution that guarantees the rights of all Iraqi people," while other Iraqis are "pessimistic, and see that the current political process will only lead to a new dictatorship."

Al-Sharqiyah TV news summary 14 Feb 05
·         Former Lebanese Prime Minister Al-Hariri killed in explosion in central Beirut
·         Turkish government says results of recent elections in Iraq do not represent the various national and religious trends .
·         US President Bush describes Iraqi elections free .
·         Adnan Pachachi hopes those who did not take part in election to cooperate with the elected assembly to write the country's permanent constitution ...
·         Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi says he is interested in the prime minister's post ...
·         Iraqi official says oil exports to Turkey to resume today after repairing damage to pipeline ...
·         Rocket attack destroys headquarters of river police in Al-A'zamiyah north of Baghdad. Report over video showing US forces, body, blood, damaged car ...
·         Court sentences three people to death by hanging for smuggling Iraqi artefacts to Iran ...
·         US soldier killed, two injured in attack yesterday on military base near Samarra ...
·         Iraqis are showing great interest in Internet services ...
·         Three hundred and ninety nine Iraqis released from US prisons in Iraq ...
·         Iraqi police sources say nine people killed, including four soldiers, and seven injured in various attacks in Salah al-Din Governorate, north of Iraq ...
·         Iraq has begun to receive 90 MW of electricity from Iran after inaugurating power line between the two countries ...
·         Al-Rasafah police arrest five-man gang involved in smuggling children and demanding ransoms. Report over video showing gang members.

Al-Diyar TV news 1230 gmt 14 Feb 05
·         Lebanese TV says former Prime Minister Al-Hariri killed in Beirut car bomb
·         Electoral commission said yesterday 8.5m Iraqis voted in election
·         Iraqi politicians rule out sectarian quota system for next government
·         Adil Abd-al-Mahdi, a leader on United Iraqi Alliance list, stresses need for national unity and consensus among all forces
·         Iraqi Foreign Minister Zebari says Kurdish alliance will work to establish national government, says new constitution must approve federation in Iraq
·         Husayn al-Shahrastani says United Iraqi Alliance list does not believe in sectarian quotas or monopoly on power
·         Iraqi Vice-President Ibrahim al-Ja'fari calls for democratic, pluralistic Iraq, says election boycotters should join comprehensive national dialogue
·         US ambassador in Iraq says US will deal positively with any government formed after election
·         European diplomatic sources say American, French embassies in Baghdad in contact over possibility of France mediating with forces opposed to American presence in Iraq to ensure their participation in political process and drafting of constitution

Al-Iraqiyah TV news 1700 gmt 14 Feb 05
·         Former Lebanese premier Al-Hariri killed in Beirut car blast Interim Iraqi PM Allawi sends condolences to Lebanese president, condemns killing Lebanese cabinet calls for emergency meeting Syria, Arab League, France and US condemn killing Unknown Islamic group claims responsibility for Al-Hariri killing for "his support of Saudi regime"
·         Adnan al-Pachachi says does not question poll result
·         Iraqis pleased with poll result
·         Iraqis in Baghdad and Ninawa hope new government will fulfil their demands
·         Iraqi poll result greeted by international community
·         Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq announced final poll result on 12 February
·         Iraqi Communist Party Chairman Hamid Majid Musa calls for co-ordination and alliance among all political groupings
·         US soldier killed, another hurt in attack on base

www.peyamner.com <http://www.peyamner.com>
¾         The total turnout for 275-seat Iraqi national assembly was 8,456,266 votes. Each entity needs 30,750 votes to get a seat and the votes of the entities that got less will be re-distributed to the winners, therefore the Kurdish alliance list may get an additional three seats to reach 74 and the Shiite list headed by Abdulaziz Al-Hakim may get 138 seats.
¾         The preliminary results showed that the Kurdistan Alliance List for Iraqi national assembly received 301,000 votes in Kirkuk with another 311,000 votes for Kirkuk fraternity List. On Sunday, the Independent Electoral Commission (IECI) announced different figures that surprisingly decreased the Kurdish votes to 237,000 for each of the lists in Kirkuk. A ``trusted source'' informed the website that the Americans and the IECI took voting tickets and boxes to Haweeja illegally a day after the election deadline and put 50,000 tickets in boxes in favor of the Arabs. We have reported earlier that the IECI intended to annul about 90,000 Kurdish votes. It seems that IECI succeeded in doing so.
¾         In an interview with Radio Sawa, the leader of the Iraqi Turcoman Front (ITF) Faruq Abdula expressed his party's dissatisfaction with the Iraqi elections results announced Sunday. ``We are considering other options to safeguard the rights of the Turcomans in Iraq. To this end, we are engaged in extensive talks with the Shiite Bloc,' Abdulla deliberated. The ITF got only 93,480 votes throughout Iraq, which gives them 3 seats of the 275-seat Iraqi national assembly.
¾         The turnout for the 111-seat Kurdistan National Assembly was 1,753,919 votes, which means that each entity needs 15,801 votes to get a seat. The assembly seats will distributed as following: the Kurdistan National Democratic List (of KDP, PUK and other political entities, including Turcomans and Chaldo-Assyrians) won 89.5% of the votes, which is equivalent to 99 seats. [Ali Bapeer's] Kurdistan Islamic group (KIG) comes second with 4.8% of the votes that gives them 5 seats and Kurdistan Toilers' Party (headed by PM Qadir Aziz) received only 1.1% and will get only one seat. The remaining 6 seats will be redistributed among the winners according to their proportionate results.
¾         The Kurds won elections in 6 Iraqi governorates. While in Kurdistan Region governorates of Erbil, Sulaymanya and Dahuk the competition was between the Kurds themselves, mainly KDP and PUK, the results that the IECI announced Sunday showed that the Kurds have also won vast majority for the municipal elections in each of Ninava (Mosul), Salahuddin and Kirkuk governorates.
Khabat daily issued by KDP in Erbil:
¾         UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan told BBC he would not resign despite the Oil-for-Food scandal
¾         The Independent Electoral Commission for Iraq (IECI) announced the official results from the three elections that were conducted last January. The Kurdistan Alliance List comes second after the Shiite list for Iraqi national assembly. The Kurds gained 26% of the votes, which means the Kurds will occupy 71 seats of the 275-seat assembly. At Kurdistan level, the joint Kurdistan National Democratic List (a broad alliance of most Kurdistani parties) is on top while at governorate level, the PUK won the majority of Sulaymanya seats and the Democracy Voice (an alliance of KDP and 13 political entities) won the majority in Erbil and Dahuk, followed by the PUK.
¾         A special force of the Iraqi interior ministry in Mosul captured a massive terrorist network and its leaders on Sunday.
¾         Kirkuk people celebrate their success in the governorate elections as the IECI announced the official results that showed the triumph of the Fraternity List, which won 59% of the seats despite all the obstacles and annulling 90,000 votes in the Kurdish quarters of the city.
Jamawar, private political weekly issued in Erbil:
¾         The President of the region will not have a deputy. Kurdistan Region witness a extensive movements and meetings in perpetration for formation of alliances at Iraq level, as well as the formation of the united KRG cabinet and nomination of candidates for both KRG and Baghdad governments. Commenting on a news report by Hawlati weekly that advised PUK politburo executive was nominated to be Vise President of Kurdistan Region, a position that will be innovated by Kurdistan National Assembly to be filled by KDP leader Massoud Barzani, a KDP ``informed source'' said the report was far from truth. The ``source'' further explained that the President of the Region would never have a deputy because having a deputy to the President will bring about the unfortunate 50-50 experience that the Kurdish people suffered a lot from.
¾         Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU - Yakgirtu) enters alliance with Iraqi political parties. Al-Watan Saudi based newspaper quoted Islamic Al-Da'awa Party politburo member Juad Al-Maliki that the Association of Muslim Scholars, Yakgirtu, Sistani's List and Al-Da'awa Party would establish a joint committee to unite their positions with regard to the writing of Iraq's permanent constitution.
¾         Terror actions continue against the Kurds in Mosul. Twelve bodies of Kurdish youths have been founded in Mosul during the last week. A leaflet distributed by terrorists in many Mosul quarters threatens that ``Islam will succeed completely in Mosul soon and then the Kurds will be evicted once for all.''
Kurdistani Nwe daily issued by PUK in Sulaymanya:
¾         Kurdistan people celebrate their success in the elections as the IECI announced the official results Sunday. Each of the US and UK officially congratulated the Iraqi people for the success of eth elections. At Iraq level, the Kurdistan Alliance List comes second with 25.7% of the votes for the national assembly after the Shiite list that received 48.1%. In Kirkuk, the Kurdistani ticket labeled Fraternity List won vast majority followed by the Iraqi Turcoman Front. Despite the curfew declared in Kirkuk as a security precaution, jubilant men and women in the Kurdish quarters poured into the streets dancing on traditional Zurna tunes to celebrate their success in the governorate elections. In Sulaymanya, three citizens were wounded by blind bullets, according to a medical source. Though illegal, some people shoot at sky as an expression of joy.
¾         In a press conference at Sulaymanya Place hotel in Sulaymanya Sunday, Halkawt Abdulla, ,member of Kurdistan referendum Movement (KRM) announced that the movement was attempting to include a provision in the permanent Iraqi constitution to recognize the right of Kurdistan people to separate from Iraq if they rejected staying as part of Iraq in a popular referendum. Abdulla further said that the Movement would conference a broad conference in March to change its discourse to independence in accordance to the January 30 unofficial ballot, during which 98% of Kurdistan voters preferred independence to staying as part of Iraq.
¾         The Iraqi cabinet approved Sunday a proposal by interim PM to declare January 30 of every year a national day and official holiday to commemorate the fist free elections in the country.
¾         Kurdistan Muslim Clergy Union expressed its support for the nomination of PUK Leader Jalal Talabani as the Kurdish candidate for a sovereign position in Iraq.
KurdistanObserver.com <http://www.kurdistanobserver.com>

o        Moment of Truth for un-Iraqi Turkoman Front: By: Adil Al-Baghdadi adil_al_baghdadi@hotmail.co <mailto:adil_al_baghdadi@hotmail.co> Brussels 14 Feb 2005. It is official the un-Iraqi Turkoman Front has only managed 18.4 percent of over all votes in Kirkuk. Even if the ballots of 100,000 ethnic Kirkuki Kurds, which Turkey and its lackey are contesting, were to be discounted then this will leave the front with only 23 percent of the vote. No wonder many believe the result in Kirkuk is a nail in the coffin of the standing of Turkey's surrogate in South Kurdistan. For more than two years the un-Iraqi Turkoman Front other than trumpeting for Turkey's interference in the internal political affairs of Iraq and Kurdistan, has also bragged about massive numbers of followers and exaggerated figures of the population of Turkomans. That's why the elections in Iraq and South Kurdistan have been considered as a measure of the real popular support of each ethnic group and political party. The election results will perhaps make every political group in Iraq examine their position with this organization, which has always been on the fringes of Iraqi politics and only concerned itself with undermining efforts by Kurds to reclaim their rightful capital of South Kurdistan, the fraternal city of Kirkuk. Since when it was created by Turkish intelligence, the un-Iraqi Turkoman Front put out exaggerated figures about the size of Turkoman community and claimed swathes of Kurdish areas as Turkomaneli or Turkoman land. These unfounded claims have surfaced after the former Ba'thist racist regime emptied many regions from its original Kurdish inhabitants who never yielded to criminal policies of the regime, which were aimed at Arabizing Kurdish areas. These claims were further enhanced by Turkish Red Crescent which was assigned to carry out charity work by US and UK following the establishment of safe haven in parts of South Kurdistan. Turkey's main charity NGO not only scooped millions of dollars form donations but also ran a clandestine and unlawful racist operation on behalf of Turkish Intelligence Service, which is known with the Turkish acronym of MIT (MIT in Turkish stands for Milli Istihbarat Teskilati, which are made out of three Arabic words meaning National Intelligence Service). This supposedly charitable organization, which works hand in glove with MIT (In April 2003, a Turkish Red Crescent convoy was found to be carrying weapons and explosives, identified as humanitarian supplies, at a checkpoint), was more concerned with conducting an unofficial census of the Turkoman population in South Kurdistan rather than carrying out genuine charity work.. Against its mandate and certainly its internal constitution, which has been modeled on its parent organization the Red Cross, the Turkish Red Crescent only distributed food provisions and other materials to those who wrote their ethnicity as Turkomans. This has led many Kurds, who were eager to get some food and other provisions in an area strangulated by four hostile regimes and by economic embargo including that of the then Ba'thist regime, to register themselves as Turkomans in order to survive harsh economic conditions and extreme poverty. This sort of practice is considered anywhere else but Turkey as an overt racism and a clear breach of charitable mandate, which sadly went largely unreported at the time, barring an article by the friend of Kurds the writer Sheri Laizer. Subsequently, these records were taken back to Turkey and later were given to the un-Iraqi Turkoman Front to further its grandiose claims and disrupt the political process of rebuilding the state of Iraq. That explains why the un-Iraqi Turkoman Front has been instructed to cite the figure of 3,5m as a number of the population of Turkomans and to repeat the unfounded and implausible claim that Kirkuk is a city with Turkomani characteristic. With this un-Iraqi organization, Turkey sought to upset the orderly process of reincorporating other parts of Kurdistan and to drive a wedge between the two fraternal ethnic groups. Undoubtedly, the election results is a triumph of truth over falsehood and good over evil, and defeat for Turkey's apparatus for interfering interference in South Kurdistan, the un-Iraqi Turkoman Front. At long last the world's largest stateless ethnic group, who have suffered untold misery, oppression and humiliation at the hands of four of Middle East's most brutal racist regimes, namely Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iraq, are now taking confident strides towards establishing the first federal republic in South Kurdistan. The hope is this will herald similar moves in North, East and West Kurdistan to follow the same path and realize the aspirations of 30m or so Kurds who are still suffering from ultra-nationalistic and criminal polices in Turkey, Iran and Syria respectively.

Kurdistan satellite TV news summary 14 Feb 05
The Kurdish alliance list wins a big share in the Iraqi national elections ... US President George Bush, UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw congratulate the Iraqis on the occasion of the announcement of the election results. Report over video showing Bush addressing the media ... Insurgent attacks continue in various Iraqi cities. Report over video showing the Iraqi police and the US army personnel patrolling the streets of Baghdad ... UNHCR asks the Jordanian government to allow the Iranian Kurdish refugees stranded on its borders to enter the country ... Local tourism minister in the Kurdistan Democratic Party-led regional government discusses with the officials in the summer resort of Salah-al-Din ways of improving facilities to encourage tourism.
KurdSat TV news summary 14 Feb 05
Former Lebanese Prime Minister Al-Hariri assassinated in an attack on his convoy ... Patriotic Union of Kurdistan leader Jalal Talabani briefs Kirkuk-based party cadres in Qlachwalan on success of Kurds in Kirkuk elections ... Report over video on announcement of polling results by elections officials yesterday ... Report on coverage of polling results by Iraqi media and joy of Iraqis at the news ... Polish embassy delegation in Tehran visits PUK branch office; talks on success of Kurds in elections held ... Oil pipelines near Kirkuk to be restored ... Religious scholars in Kirkuk hail election success.

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