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18 January 2005

Iraq Elections Process Adheres to Strict Regulations

Rules govern candidate lists, seat allocation

Following is a fact sheet from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad regarding the regulations governing the formation of candidate lists for the January 30 elections and the allocation of seats in the Transitional National Assembly:

(begin fact sheet)

U.S. Embassy

Baghdad, Iraq

January 18, 2005


Candidate List Regulations

The following are excerpts from Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 96, THE ELECTORAL LAW.

This Order forms part of the legal framework for genuine and credible elections to determine the membership of the National Assembly of the Iraqi Transitional Government.

Rules Governing the Formation of Candidate Slates as set forth in CPA Order Number 96, Section 4

-- Any Political Entity may present a list of candidates for election to the National Assembly to the Commission so long as the candidates on the list meet the applicable legal criteria.

-- The lists presented to the Commission must have the candidates in a ranked order. Seats in the National Assembly shall be allocated to candidates according to the ranked order of the list. The candidates on the lists may not be reordered or otherwise changed after a date to be established by the Commission.

-- No fewer than one out of the first three candidates on the list must be women; no fewer than two out of the first six candidates on the list must be women; and so forth until the end of the list.

-- No list shall contain fewer than twelve or more than 275 candidates, except that individual persons certified as Political Entities by the Commission may present themselves on a list as a single candidate.

Rules Governing the Allocation of Seats to Candidates as set forth in CPA Order Number 96, Section 3

-- The election for the National Assembly shall be by direct, universal and secret ballot.

-- Consistent with Article 31 of the TAL, elections for the National Assembly will choose 275 members.

-- Iraq will be a single electoral constituency. All seats in the National Assembly will be allocated among Political Entities through a system of proportional representation.

-- The formula for the allocation of seats in the National Assembly will be based on a first calculation employing a simple quota (Hare quota) and subsequent calculations employing the largest remainders. The Threshold shall be the natural threshold, which is calculated by dividing the total number of valid votes by 275.

(end fact sheet)

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